Jeep vs Hummer Snow Run

Snow run with Wind River 4×4 Club in Wind River Mountains outside Lander, Wyoming. Two Hummer H3s all stock, modified Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ, modified Jeep Rubicon, modified Jeep CJ7.


A. Ovation says:

I’ve had a stock jeep with spacers so it can handle 32s (Only mod). 1993 Jeep Yj, the thing was a beast with the 4.0 straight six. I have a hummer h3 now though. From my experience off road, and from a perspective of handling both vehicles stock off road in Colorado I would without a doubt say the H3 outperformed the jeep in almost every aspect. The only things better than the jeep compared to my H3 was the power and and the slimmer profile for tighter trails. The hummer though is so much better in snow and in mud due to weight distribution and the Dynatechs are mean. Love both jeep and hummers though. Both have areas where they dominate in.

Andrew Steel says:

thats not a hummer. try real hummer next time.

Angel Rosales says:

wish i could experience something like that. but no chance here were i live. keep posting!!

aye bro says:

Cool vid!! But just so you know, that wasn’t an xj it was a zj

Off road Kent-Uk says:

I can beat you very easy with my LR 110

Lummox says:

hummers still ugly tho haha actually same with those jeeps get fucking JK’s geez only kind of jeep there is

God says:

Why H3’s? Shoulda brought the real Hummers, H1 and H2. Yes, the H2 is based off a modified GM 2500 platform, but its considerably more powerful. 29 hp more than the Tahoe.

Josh Saulnier says:

its a zj not xj dumbass

Angel Rosales says:

awesome video!!

Mike Brown says:

Passed though the Wind River Reservation back in ’96 and loved the area and the people. Have a blast out there and total props from someone who spends my winters in the Appalachians. We are equally stupid in the snow and, like you, get it done when we need to………….

Darren W. Taylor says:

Now that looked like some fun! Thanks for sharing…

RichB says:

In snow that deep I would take my Mercedes ML ..

Adebowale Adesida says:

The Jeep, Hummer are both off road vehicles! The success on the off road depends on the experience of the driver not the off road vehicle!

Michael Kirst says:

My JK would tear that shit up

Patrick Simmons says:

Guy goes to get in Rubi. Kicks snow off boot. Sticks foot back in snow. Kicks snow off other boot. Sticks foot back in snow. Gets in Rubi with snow covered boots…lmbo…

Michael Kuzma dutton says:

It’s pretty funny how the chrysler jeeps and the hummer just gets stuck when the little yellow AMC jeep just eats the snow.

David Whitehouse says:

old cj jeeps with v8s stump pullers

Emerald Videos says:

Hummer’s tend to hate Jeepers, its just a true fact………….

Subaru STi says:

It’s all in the tires you have, and how well you control your vehicle. Just because you have four wheel drive doesn’t mean you own the road. Even the biggest 4X4 will flip over if you go too fast.

Carlos Ortiz says:

Jeeps are better and way better on gas lmfao

Muddy Grimes says:

i get stuck in a wad of gum. not after I get lockered tho. 2.5 xj

Mark Mcdonald says:

Jeeps are for the wives of those that can’t afford Hummers….

Lewd C-Mar says:

it’s all about the tires but, moat of you are clueless of course. ALL of these vehicles are great off road machines…

desert shadow says:

Why use the wimpy hammers use the real hammers the h1 and h2s

gary mcfall says:

that Jamboree Cj7 is sick. send it to Toy box in Deland Fl for a resto. to rare to let rot.

Jezabel says:

HUmmer H3 Alpha, the only way to go with a V8. leather seats and all the bells and whistles (heated seats, sunroof, GPS, all power seats @ windows. Love the Jeeps also but the ride is bumpy, no leather unless u pay out of your teeth, it’s a basic vehicle that is way overpriced. The only reason they stopped building Hummers is because of the public perception of gas mileage, but the H3’s gas mileage is the same as a 6 cyl Jeep and way more truck for the money. I will never sell mine nor pay 40,000 for over priced bucket with no A/c

joey fridline says:

can I get the build info on the Jeep zj?

ucnhtmenow1 says:

Just when I was going to say, “I think the Cherokee had the best off-road capabilities”. lol

JKDAN S says:

The hummers look to have their torsion keys turned up with a little bit more oversized tires than stock on them but the CJ7 seems to get around just as well with way older technology and possibly smaller tires, it’s hard to tell by the video. One of the best jeeps in the snow is the WJ v8 I think but a lot has to do with tires.

Rosco says:

Can I throw a 911 body on my scirocco and call it a Porsche ?

MrJumbolegz says:

that’s not a hummer

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