Jeep vs Hummer vs Cummins Off-roading

Trial competition. Riverton, WY. Ford Bronco vs Dodge 2500 with Cummins Turbo Diesel vs Hummer H3 vs Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ competing in Euro style Trial Competition.


david foreman says:

i own a stock toyota fj 40 and i would be ashamed if if was as bad as any of these guys

Plyxrs says:

i love my wj

bill2526 bill2526 says:

my cj7 would have kicked ass

The Mighty Grinch says:

Nice vid. I live 30 minutes away from riverton

Tyler Morris says:

Its not even that the dodge is heavy it that its a longer body

Mary Lynne Alston says:

Juju. JFK, fifth ire oil. A tprglk, ,fddvc

Geordo1960 says:

The guy driving a truck didn’t do too bad considering he didn’t lockers and the large size of the vehicle. That jeep driver had some skills!

bill2526 bill2526 says:

the Jeep’s got the shortest wheelbase….Jeep wins

fpromax02 says:

It’s a jeep thing..u wouldn’t understand

Kostelnick says:

The jeep is the only vehicle set up for offroad use if the bronco was lifted and had decent tires it would have done the best that cummins wouldnt do that great even with good tires the wheel base is just too long for this course

All Out Throttle says:

great vid!

Ap3xglide says:

Im surprised a 4×4 cummins would have an open diff in the rear. mine is lsd

Rex Houseo says:

That may not be an H1 but I think we can all agree that those are a HUGE improvement over an H2.  The H2 was the worst thing to happen in automobile history since a 4 cylinder mustang.

gerard ojeda says:

Bald street tires, no lift, no lockers! Come on for real?

fmxinsane says:

I just keep getting impressed by the H3…. good job

Diesel truck Fanatic says:

That cummins must have some bald ass tires I know my 97 with my ko2s on it would have done that with easy

TheVintagetamiya says:

Wj for the win

ted s says:

jeep wj anyday

joseph pinela says:

The hummer didnt do bad. Honestly would have done just as good as the jeep if it would have had the same suspension and tires. Pretty close to wheel base and fairly light. Not bad. Da

WiCk3dNUtsak says:

Hummer should not be city vehicles

Joe g says:

Way to go John Deere

hondamxboy12 says:

ohhhh true true, good decision lol

MrAgnostic says:

I think the wannbe hummer and the jeep were the only ones with locking diffs. Both in the rear.

Upstate Fab and Outdoors says:

Hes saving up for tow mirrors so he couldnt get better ones

Jonhy Marquez says:

“Narrow ass productions”


Wish I could have been there with My truck!

930GearHead says:

awesome WJ, Love the flatbed cummins too

Hillbilly Smith says:

That cummins is heavier too so i wont do so good in mud like that

Michael Marr says:

You know that Dodge RAM classic can’t be off road?

mitmaks says:

Jeep was best equipped for off-roading, had decent tires compared to Ram.

Bradley Walters says:

bruce jenner the ford pussy

Jordan Fleenor says:

I thought u said a hummer? All I see is a glorified colorado…

Dud Dud says:

Was the fords diff locked.

Logan Curry says:

getting pulled down from going up

MrAgnostic says:

Thats the wanne be hummer

brian logue says:

those little h3’s are really good off road. there really bad on gas though.. full time 4wd. less tire pressure would have helped a bunch, of course mud tires would have made it less work also..

madmanownzall says:

That cummins sounds great but I’m really here for the Jeep

crashandburnbirner says:

if you guys ever do this again send me a message.

Dud Dud says:

P.s rather have the bronco

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