Johnny Magic “Motorhead Messiah” 4 Wheel Steering Duramax Hummer Hline Conversions

Johnny Magic “Motorhead Messiah” H-Line Conversions. Johnathan Goodwin and his company H-Line Conversions, Inc. pioneered “The Conversion” of the H1 and H2 Hummers from gasoline, 325 hp, and 8-12 mpg to eco-friendly biodiesel 650+ horsepower and around 25 miles per gallon. Hybrid, electric car, fuel savings, fuel economy.


Rolly Bucago says:

Can you convert Mine??

John Doe says:

I want one to test

fredericoRocha _ says:

Hello how are you ? I discovered his work through a car magazine, sold here in Brazil, and was impresionado with the work of Johnathan Goodwin, I wonder if the diesel conversion vegetable oil is only possible Duramax engines GM or of to do in any diesel engine? because here in Brazil the hummer very expensive, but there are other similar cars to it, and the conversion itself is hard to be done? Thank you!

Jason Carpp says:

I’ve always liked the idea of 4-wheel steering, particularly for a vehicle as big and heavy as this bad boy. I also like the Duramax diesel.

ben Dordoy says:

I would love to have Duramax diesel Hummer H1 with 4 wheel steering how much smaller is the turning circle with 4 wheel steering compared to H1 with only 2 wheel steering

rcairforceone says:

Is the rear steering fully manual? I only ask because I’m curious if it can self center if there is fault or damage to the system, like GM Quadrasteer setup.

artementy says:

Johnny Magic – the GM Quadrasteer only turns up to 15 degrees, and your implementation seems to turn it much more. Are you using the original Quadrasteer system or has it been modified? I also wonder if you control the rear steer by having mounted the steering wheel angle sensor on the console and just turning that thing by hand?

Tsrif Tsal says:

I feel like with the 4 wheel steering not connected to the front steering, you’re going to get some terrible tire wear

txturbo930 says:

Love that steering! Nice set up!

mixflip says:

where is this rear steer hummer at? I’d love to film a video review on it.

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