Model X blocked by Hummer and Honda

A created scene where a Hummer and a Honda blocks a Model X. This is not uncommon situation. Fortunately, Model X and later Model S has summon feature. This allows the user to remotely move the car back and forward.

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Bajacross says:


Luis J. Nuñez says:

perks of owning a Tesla hahaha

E J says:

What douche is still driving an H2?

MA KA says:

Lol this was my idea for project loveday, u should submit it!

danwat1234 says:

Great video except for the gay music.

thenaimis says:

Bjørn, you ruined all my pre-conceptions. I saw the tweet and thought you’d been iced at first, then at the start of the video I thought, no, he’s going to demo the falcon wing doors, but summon would be better… Then you used summon. 😀

Mascot says:

Just do what everyone else in Norway does. Slam your door as hard as you can into the car next to you, get in, and drive off.

Literally takes less than a week after I get a new car before the marks on the doors start appearing. And that’s with parking with half a dozen empty spaces on each side of the car every time I dare take it out of the garage.

George Hawley says:

Onviously a set up job so you could exercise summon command. BTW you didn’t need the phone app. You could have summoned your X with the fob. Nice looking car.

RB26DETT says:

This is going to be viral

Mustafa Alles says:

almost smells viral

Skibble Dazzle says:

so satisfying to watch that

eduardoig17 says:

I hate it how people always park next to another car. I mean even when there are a lot of open spaces they still park right next to you. Why do people do this? if there are a lot of spaces open I always leave at least one space inbewtsween me and the other person

etbadaboum says:

Why do you need advertisement when you have Bjorn?

Ramon Balster says:

I want this car

ysesq says:

you could also open the rear and crawl through it.

Special channel - NQT says:


Robert Steich says:

I hope this is your commercial idea! As this shows one of the best features of the Tesla line up.

mravecsk1 says:

😀 They could do something like…look at the plates…ahh…EV…lets fuck him and park as close as possible. 😀

Stim Orol says:

Det blir lettere for deg i fremtiden hvis du ber kompisene dine om å parkere som oppegående mennesker og ikke som noen jævla idioter.

Og så er det jo dessverre sånn da. At uansett hvor mange knapper bilen din har så er det fremdeles en Tesla. Jeg solgte min P90 etter tre uker og kan ikke under noen forutsetninger forstå hvordan noen kan eie en sånn uten å skamme seg over egne valg.

Johann Rohn says:

Would the falcon wings open in a space that narrow?

Terry says:

Falcon wing doors are not designed to be used in a incredibly tight space that you cannot get your own body in their. That’s why Tesla and now BMW have the summon feature where you can remotely pull the car forward so your not climbing over things or getting into confrontations with incompetent people.


finnaly summon is useful!!!

Tooomps Challenge says:

I would have been pi**ed! This guy has a lot of patience…

Honza Kuchař says:


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