Please watch: “360 Video Off Road – Modded JEEP Wrangler Rubicon Off Roading & Exploring Trails”

My 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon HR VS Hummer



aww man i thought this would have a demilitarized humvee vs a jeep

geekmaster123playsmc says:

To be fair that’s not a real hummer

paul culpepper says:

Ha! The jeep never spun it’s wheels! nice

Narumi says:

It was pretty sad trying to watch the Humvee try and go off-road. What are they good for?

us army says:

jeep did not have trouble going up shit hummer did

Josh Medina says:

What this is is a comparison of two totally different vehicles. One stock base Hummer against a modified Jeep with lockers. To say an H3 can’t do this is misleading. Google H3 Alpha and Moab and you will have your proof. My Stock H3X Alpha with factory locking 4:56 front and rears would have a field day. My nephew just bought a 2017 Rubicon and we just tied the two up and it was awesome pulling the Jeep around! Hummer- Like Nothing Else!

zach bourque says:

Jeeps are so much better

ramesh rai says:

Rubbish Humber

jino h says:

Yeah wrangler is more capable, but looks like they didn’t take the same line

Jake Wilson says:

that jeep is lifted and plus font think I’m defending the hummer because I hate gm products the hummer is to low and bad traction plus that’s not a real humvee at all that a souped up Chevy trail blazer that nothing but and expensive piece of shit that ppl buy for the name

Kyle Brown says:

I love when hummers ride with us on jeep rides so I can drag them. Makes a easy trails more difficult

randy higgins says:

Im sorry an H3 with open diffs or anything with open diffs will follow a Rubicon that is obviously locked

Chiraq Weezy says:

The hummers wheels basacly stocks had no gripp compare to the jeeps

Aron Sullivan says:

Hummer Fanboys will talk a lot of shit about their Hummer being better but when it comes down to it, Jeep is the way to go off-road.

flybyav8tor says:

At the end of the day this is a small wet incline, lockers or not its not hardcore wheeling so what does it matter. There are a lot of things a jeep can do that a H-1 cant, and an H-1 will smoke a jeep in the mud, but who likes to play in the mud when i can climb a mountain!!!

Efrain Suarez II says:

LMAO. That’s not a Hummer…H1 Alpha or go home, RAH!

dnort4343 says:

Jeep front and rear lockers. Obviously no prob

JORDAN P says:


Mike Hawk says:

Jeep vs Over Glorified Chevy Trailblazer* —title fixed

Father and Son says:

What kind of snorkel is that

MrMacedonian88 says:

wrangler is beterr

Ahoohi says:

it wants to be a jeep

Sam Sollars says:

vs h3? Doesn’t count.

The_USTo Creator says:

jeep wrangler is way too better than HUMMER but If you can do the same in this video but with jeep wrangler two doors will be good

John Madsen says:

nothing worse than someone that cant drive using the tech. brake it to lock it

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