Nobody Ever Cheers For Hummer to Win – GLITCH PLEASE #24

This week join Ashley, Gus, and Cole as they speedrun the news (23:48), discuss Call Of Duty WWII (47:08), and put the Xbox One X to the test (1:02:30). This episode is brought to you by Blue Apron (

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ImmortalInflames says:

I enjoyed the Ghost in the shell movie!

Cons Mercado says:

the guy on the right is so awkward. wtf! it sounds like he is not playing anything just trying to mimic others. i just cant finish watching this coz its so painful to watch

Baila con los negritos says:

Fire Emblem echoes was utter garbage. good story and voice acting but it’s barely FE and the gameplay is zzz….
They stuck too close to remaking Gaiden, should’ve revamped it completely.

Purefoldnz says:

Can someone explain RTX to me. Why is it in Australia?

V2Blast says:

Special appearances by Ed(ward Stockwell) and Eddy (Rivas)!

Christopher Beahn says:

The link to the post show in the end card links to the wrong episode of the post show. Here is the correct link.

Gabe Puratekuta says:

Cole rocking that Mega64 Neuro shirt! I’m a little jealous…

MandaloreIV says:

I remeber when my xbox’s hard drive was only 8gb…

Viiv SYN says:


okay so 5% of players are the ones who are spending the money on these games, so the way to counter this is that us players who don’t spend money on microtransactions to just stop playing those games entirely, 5% isn’t enough of players to hold up a healthy gaming community and the games will die as a result, so we need to now vote for our disgust of microtransactions by simply not playing the games, i know it sounds rough on us but its whats gotta be done to show these developers enough is enough

Eddie Morales says:

This is boring get rid of these videos

andy de jong says:

My Xbox one X I don’t even hear it’s not a closed of area and for me this is a lot better the fan was always a jet engine normal

H says:

I love The Know !!!

Cee says:

Reasons for me owning physical games.
1. I collect games and want a collection I can access without a connection (even if it needs patches)
2. I like being able to lend friends games Who can’t afford or are unsure about them.
3. Physical games are about 20-30%% cheaper for me.
4. I lost a ton of games on my xbox one/360 account and all my 360 digital games/dlc and all my games upto 2016 because of a unknown issue with MS. They managed to recover about 40% of the lost games but couldn’t recover anymore as most of my account history doesn’t exsist anymore.
5. I don’t like the idea of my having a digital license that can be revoked at any time.

65Reidlos says:

Persona =/= shin. I would research before buying

Sleepy Taylor says:

I don’t update my pc or drivers unless a new game requires an updated driver, and games auto install updates. I never have any funky issues with games(unless it’s a bad port, looking at you cod ww2), but I’m also not using windows 10.

That Ginger Guy says:

7:14 So Cole essentially became Endeavor from MHA.

Mk Ultra says:

the queen is back

Xollas says:

I love Gus little quips. Dude I would so add you to friends if I played on your platform.

Arman Talwar says:

The only part of the podcast I don’t like is the intro music :/
I usually skip it, but it’s worth a mention :p

Modzy's Retro Collection says:

@ 42:40 They literally are describing what current MMORPG games like Wow use. Buy game + Expantions + On going Pay to play.

Justin Quarles says:

Tokyo Mirage Session #Fe is the game cole was thinking of.. if anyone cares lol i liked it a lot.

AltoValSol says:

Guuuuuuus….your an animal my dude

ikkedansk says:

Gus is probably a very nice guy, but please don’t display him, I rather have very nice looking girls!

alahad says:

I love Ashley, she’s so funny… Guz is amazing too

yer251627 says:

maybe they can connect bluetooth headset to cast spell instead through the phone mic

Icy Psychosis says:

I love Cole hope they have him on again ^_^

Marcellus Fab says:

Guess its time to build a review bombing farm!

chris streissguth says:

i want hummer to win

No1Survivalist says:

SO Glad i found this. Thought the patch was dead,i think everyone else is on the same boat, only 50k views. Rebrand back and youll get more views haha

Death Grips says:

I’m in the middle, glad they acknowledge that spectrum of the market. I don’t spend cash on microtransactions. I just enjoy the base experience of the game and that’s it.

And I also agree with Gus, to a degree it is very exaggerated. single player narrative driven games aren’t going anywhere. I constantly play em and those multiplayer titles (those a bit less)

(These updates aren’t huge…) lol geez and my X is dead silent AF unless downloading a game…

Alex Kang says:

Just don’t buy games with microtransactions. Whales won’t support games if there is no one to play with/against

123Actionful says:

Ashley <3 🙂

Andrzej Malyszko says:

Judging by poster photo on youtube channel… do you think that Leonard and Penny are in place?
Please comment 😉

Woodrow Cooper says:

Once you see 4K and HDR together its almost impossible to go back its like swapping from VHS to DVD.

Michael D'Orazio says:

ROFL down by the river

Yungstar says:

Ashley asks if its well built, mine died on the 8th day and is on its way back.

chanman4rings says:

You can play 3 hours of the battlefront II campaign… so essentially you can play the campaign right now

Dayrahl says:

Aussie internet sucks

Heart Puppet says:

I really hate games as services. Micro-transactions ruin great games.

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