Not Even Close! 2018 Jeep Wrangler vs Hummer H2 vs BMW X3 Drag Race

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What’s faster? 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL or Hummer H2 or the new BMW X3. Watch this TFL drag race video to find out. We also test the new Wrangler from 0-60 MPH.

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Peter Ohsnap says:

Not one of you has a truck that you can throw a plow on?

“Its only a four speed” i bet that 4 speed will be working long after that 8 speed dies.

katy donawether says:

GMC cars are all junk lol, USA VS GERMANY haha

jrbbikerx says:

“spuskat’sya” means “come down”

lukes 2777 says:

can u put times of quarter mile???

M7 Machines says:

Hummer H2 is horrible

Corvette z06 says:

Its a jeep not a race car

Luca Titzenthaler says:

Wtf this is the old Hummer h2 cop the Hummer h2 2009!!!

عراقي وافتخر says:

Hey grandfather’ try new 2017 baic bj40 turbo he will distroy all jeeps

Zachary Verschoor says:

They’re coming out with a 4 cylinder with a single turbo in the JL soon

Jon May says:

2019 Jeep Wrangler vs 2019 Ford Bronco on road & off road test

brandon wright says:

Not a fan of jeep I am a fan of the h3 I drove one off road and loved it lots of room confidence and smooth

abed alaarab says:

I would go with the JEEP

Ian Klug says:

I think the wrangler might have a closer chance of beating the BMW if you shed some weight from it. Get a 2-door and remove the doors, top, and rear seat. Putting the windshield down might even help.

Andre Tremblay says:

Gros cave

The Fast Lane Car says:

Thanks for Watching. You can also watch this fun TFL Hellcat vs Civic Type R Mashup Drag Race:

RichieT5 says:

Cool video and funny comparison. The engine in the BMW is so soulless and dull despite the power. Jeep anyday

Brian Stewart says:

Really want to see the Wrangler vs BMW with a Sahara with the turbo 4 and fulltime 4wd.

Carnel Jr. Faulkner says:

why a 4 door and not a 2 door

consaka1 says:

Put a hopped up LS7 with a blower in that jeep. lol

Andrew Philcox says:

just, hilarious!! love it!!


Is no one gunna mention how good the H2 sounds?

WYL P says:

I like Andrei and Nathan they’re both funny.

james curtis says:

I want to know why are they CLEANING THE TRACK??? These are all wheel drive SUV’s— DON’T CLEAN THE TRACK

Bruno Marado says:

6 cyl. beats the 8 cyl. And then the 4 cyl. beats the 6 cyl. I€That is why the trend is Europe is to use small 4 cylinders turbocharged with aerodinamic bodies to get better performance and better economy (better range). Mith busted: big is not always better. I’m glad to know that the Wrangler will get the new 2.0L turbo soft hybrid.

Don Goble says:

The comparison is lame no one buys a Jeep Wrangler or a H2 to be fast.

hayabusa sun says:

All the three guys need to lose some weight.

Romeo jan says:

H2 is not to race. It is to go over other vehicles 🙂

Daniel Mecham says:

Nice mash up. Maybe since you bring up price difference, also can quickly note the 6 mpg better combined MPG that the X3 gets over the jeep. Also no one is going any more off Road in a stock Sahara than they would be in the x3. And the Rubicon trounces the Sahara off road and is almost same price as the x3 and even slower. I would take the x3 over the Sahara and Would buy the Rubicon if I needed to traverse stumps an boulders. I’ve watched X3’s traverse snow up to their windshields and can take corners at speed, who needs a Sahara.

tom thorn says:

They have a tendency to put out some really stupid videos.

Wally Fronzaglio says:

I like your videos! I have a question I have a 15 jk my 3.6 has 285 go and 260 ft lbs of torque with 10 .20 compression how could the 18 jl have 11.30 pounds of compression in the 3.6 and have the same horsepower and torque it sounds like fiat is lying to justify the 8speed or they don’t want the 4 cylinder turbo overshadowed because I think that 3.6 has to be putting out at least 310 hp

2k Snip3r says:


Steffan M says:

Completely pointless comparison. Put that gay BMW on a rough trail and you will see……

Craig Schmude says:

The Hummer has all wheel drive all the time which requires more lag on take off verses a liter newer jeep that was in 2 wheel drive . i would have liked to see them put the jeep in 4 wheel drive and try the race again . the jeep probably would have still won but not by as much LOL . Still a nice video guys .

MrBenzboy11 says:

I love your videos you guys are fun. Thanks for your hard work.

insider 4life says:

Best team for reviews for automobiles!!!

Salvatore Ciraolo says:

Come on get rid of the new guy….

einar says:

a volvo xc90/60 with t8 would probably win

TJ Park says:

What happens to the time if the jeep is in 4H instead of 2H? Wouldnt it have better traction off the line? Is the drive ratio different?

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