Old vs New: Best Overlander? Toyota Land Cruiser vs World’s Most Hated Truck

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Goerge Ibrahim says:

You already know the awnser I would choose the land cruiser perfect tank

Eduardo Salido says:

For 85k it better be reliable and have all those cameras lol

The Fast Lane Truck says:

Thanks for watching! You can also check out….Useful or Useless Toyota Land Cruiser Tech? How to Make a Big Truck Turn Tight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GM76AmRGYM

iJimmy the Kid says:

Toyota has went soft. The Hummer will go places the LC can’t. The Hummer LQ9 6.0L V8 is a legendary engine, engineered to last much longer than the LC 5.7L V8. I’ve personally seen LQ9 6 Liter V8’s with 600,000 + thousand miles, not kilometers, that haven’t ever been apart. Yes, they last that long.

Abdullah khokhar says:

Suzuki Jimny 1988 can eat this trail

John says:

You guys need to get some russian 4wd vehicals on here!

Lavabreaux669 [Kingofthenether says:

I would still drive a hummer but just the h1 humm we cuz it’s classic

boggs2005 says:

Toyota LC all the way. They are more reliable and durable than H3. LC round the planet from Artic to Antartic plus their serviceable cause they have a lot of service center than the H3.

MazdaPride89 says:

Skipped through the entire video looking for the off-road parts and didn’t see it. You went to a dirt lot with some bumps? What a terrible comparison video. I have a local construction site with more obstacles. Can you re-do this on a real “trail”?

Digidi4 says:

this is probably going to be a painful question, but why is there a third pedal in the hummer?

Randy Rasmussen says:


Miguel Carrera says:

Yes HUMMER. ..

De Tour says:

Legends say the Land Cruiser was used to build the Great Pyramids of Giza

Brady Smith says:

I’d rather get a hummer while driving the land cruiser

michaeldublg says:

I’ve had my 2008 Hummer going on over 10 years now and I had a 2005 for three years before that…… I’ve only encountered one person that had any hate for my vehicle, and that was some 23 year old tree hugger Hillary Clinton voting liberal who created a delusional reality for himself in which electric cars actually pollute the world less than my H2 sut. So, I don’t understand this narrative that Hummers are hated.

jeffreythewolf says:

Hummer for me

Adam B says:

Is the V8 diesel not available in the US?

misterfunnybones says:

MC Hummer Can’t Touch This…

jeffreythewolf says:

someone need to make them Chinese people build back hummers

Andrea says:

What is the H2 MPG?
Wich brand is the LC transmission?

WatchMeStress says:

85k? As in $85,000?
For that price I could buy a used CJ turn it into an offroad beast and a new Honda Accord for the city driving and maybe have enough left over for a Rolex.

Toyota is smoking crack on this one.

Derek aka Derek says:

the landcruiser and hummer have identical fuel consumption

Jon Samuel says:

Dont insult the land crusier by having it near the hummer.

colin Menai says:

They are not funny…. Don’t try to be…..

Karam Singh says:

Do review on mahindra roxor pleaseeeeeee

levi yaakubov says:

Land Cruiser great car. With bicycle tires. In fairness it is time for the manufacturer to change the dimensions to 35 inches

Uncle Brr says:

LOL 🙂 get them both into dust!

ugly asia car never not buy says:

of course hummer…. ugly asia car toyota sudden acceleration.. not buy no more… hyundei kia too not buy…

Vladimir Pakhomov says:

Andre has funny russian)

David G says:

Fj Cruiser Will beat them both even the jeep

Oldbmwr100rs says:

Yes, the H2 was better off road in this condition. But if the same mods, wheels and suspension work had been put into the land cruiser it would be better in many ways. H2’s were kinda crap, and were marketed to women for the most part. The classic suburban assault vehicle, soccer mom special. A well set up suburban was a better deal. Even in Nevada I rarely see H2’s ot H3’s on the road anymore, and damn near every other vehicle on the road here is a truck.

harry punjabi says:

you messing with Toyota have a bad day

decentbarrel says:


Joshua Erlandson says:

What about Toyota Sequoia for Overland vehicle?

• NightmareGod • says:

We got the Hummer H2 and it was really bad its big and doest fit in other places
EDIT: We also have the new Toyota Land Cruiser lol we have that both cars and the land cruiser is the best

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