Old vs New: Nissan Titan vs Hummer H2 vs Cliffhanger 2.0 – Titan Trials Ep.3

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( http://www.TFLtruck.com ) Old vs New: Nissan Titan vs Hummer H2 vs Cliffhanger 2.0 – Titan Trials Ep.3

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themn04 says:

Why does Andre seem out of breath coming up truth?

LaTisha Livingston says:

That H2 is a beast… love it and I want 1. Lol thanks TFL!

apache4541 says:

I love your TFL show it better than Cable Tv!

Jacob Gaytan says:

Why they both breathing as if they stumbled upon a Twinkie buffet.

Mark Bartniski says:

How about a inexpensive truck. Ford xl/stx 4×4?

Lamb chop says:

You know I always thought the h2 was a mall crawling douchbag-mobile, but it actually impressed me off road

monster FZ09 says:

Why do you need a cargo box on the roof? It’s one of the largest SUV’s on the road.

elcaminomant says:

calm down there a little, Andre, lol

Christopher Nabours says:

You need to end every sentence with ey.

Eternal Thread says:

I didn’t even realize that Nissan copied the windows from the f150 too that’s pretty sad lols like an off brand f150

mike W says:

I’ve done trails like this in a stock 2008 Ford ranger 4×4 and in 4high …..I wouldn’t call this difficult

arquettelr1981 says:

He’s driving a hummer and sounds a bit like Arnold, I like it…

Jason Padgett says:

Great video! Give me the Nissan Titan with a 3″ lift and a set of Good Year Duratracs and it’s even easier!

Ramy RDJ says:

I wonder How your Engin heat is about when doing this !!
My car is a 1.4L 8Valves 4Cyl Engin 2008 Renault Clio Sedan , in the traffic it get very hot and the Rad fan switches on every 2 or 3min to cool off the engin ! Thats pretty normal
But with a 5.7Liter Engin !!!
Do you have a switch the Rad Fan permanetly or what !!????

9&45 RC says:

I really like the Titan. More people in the truck market should give them a serious look.

Collin Favor says:

That good old 6.0L Vortec has such a nice torque curve, it pushes that hummer along nicely, but a supercharger on it would make it REALY awesome!

Eddie211979 says:

Take the hummer up the ike gauntlet

Josh _5oh says:

What channel was Steve from? He looks so familiar.

Nicholas Ewert says:

Of all your off-road videos so far, this one gave the clearest impression of the steepness and condition of the trail. Good job.

MrBluedreams420 says:

This channel has went to shit…I used to enjoy the content,now it’s garbage

Broken Medic says:

You guys make me want to live in Colorado! Omg, those hills and all the scenery. Florida SUCKS

KyleTVProductions says:

Titan looks like its from 2008

Joel Brand says:

Would love to see a video of going down Cliffhanger. Going up is always easy, going down is were it gets sketchy.

Jacoby Noctis says:

I don’t think id ever buy a Nissian Titan but that yellow is a popping colour for a pickup.

Ken Lewis says:

I’m a huge Nissan fan Stephen, but they really messed up the front end by increasing the size of the grill. The approach angle is also messed up on the titan because the front end is so long. You did great with the vehicle though. It could use a lift. A PML (Poor Mans Lift) with a couple of shock toppers in the front and an add a leaf kit can add 2-3 inches of clearance for less than $1000 installed. That lets you put on some taller tires for a little more clearance as well.

Andre, there really is no comparison to American power and ingenuity when it comes to off roading. Bigger tires, bigger engines, much beefier rear ends, and having weight in the rear isn’t always a bad idea.

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