Old vs Old: Which of These Two Trucks Is The Bigger Turd? Hummer or Disco?

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Joe says:

i like the sound of reliable and cheap to repair lol

kMizo whats says:

Yes a better piece of shit…but I love Rovers….that is if i was rich!

Philip Attwell says:

Which one is best? None of them, try a land cruiser of the same year and it will leave them in its dust. Or get a 110 ex mil Land rover.

Kawz C says:

Disco all day everyday

MongolK1Ng L0G1C says:

LOL. Finally a real life off ROAD.

twitch7771 says:

Hummers are actually kinda cool

ian ball says:

pop a land rover 130 defender body station wagon on a mil spec humvee and all a ls3 engine and it will blow your mind. modified body of course. hum vee base floor. pop in a ls3 in a discovery and mil spec wiring. . a disco was driven from hong kong to london. through russia etc ie the northen route.

Russ H says:

Take the Landy any day. Reliability rumours are trash. I’ve had a Landy for 50k kms, never died. Had a Magna for 255K kms, never died. Yet people say they’re both unreliable. pffft.

ajdmir zendaki says:

Rovers are more off road capable since the have solid axles front and rear. Landry all day 🙂

01GTB Daily says:

Realistically they are both better than the outback .

ggutierz , says:

You guys need to do a H3

glem chally says:

Still waiting for the “Big 4wd” stuff a Subaru couldn’t do? These lightweights need to see what real drivers can do, remember its not the tools its the carpenter 😉 I bet a rusted out 80’s Subaru loyale would put both these cuckmobiles to shame.


bonob0123 says:

Roman’s banter is viscerally annoying. I feel it physically. In my bones.

Filip Hörnqvist says:

I’d rather have a -REAL- HMMWW over a H2 piece of shit look alike

Timothy Isenhart says:

I would take the Hummer because they are much more reliable. Land Rovers are well known for having poor reliability and that’s not because of their affiliation with Ford and Jaguar. Land Rover has had overheating issues since 2007.

furnace3 says:

H2 dwarfs 35s

Sgt G says:

I’m British and as such have never owned a Hummer. I have SADLY owned LandRovers. And given the choice of the two, I would have the Hummer all day long. I got so pissed off with my last Discovery that I sold it and got a Jeep Commander followed by a Jeep Wrangler. Now I’m a happy camper. Screw LandRover, over priced rubbish.

Steve Levesque says:

great show, love the old trucks

Tommy O Donovan says:

The ’04 Chevy Avalanch Z71 is the best all round truck.

usquanigo says:

Everything is plastic. “Reviewers” only resort to that bullshit when they want to come down on a vehicle. They ignore it when they want a positive review.

The Fast Lane Truck says:

How does this old Land Rover Disco compare to the new Discovery? Find out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYDZIDk-X1s

D R says:

LEXUS LX470, and LX450 would absolutely dominate these two in every aspect imaginable.

Tommy O Donovan says:

One word…. *FUK-YEAH!*

Karim Alameddine says:

Would you please consider LR3/4 videos and comparisons?
Thanks for the videos
Best of luck (-:

Duneger says:

H2 has got a stigma, but it is a much better vehicle. A simply better design, better built and as Roman said, easier to maintain.

Ateo forever says:

I’ll take the Land Rover BUT only in the diesel , i have that one ! and it’s a beauty !!

Davids Adventure says:

Should of had a Toyota

Alan Chihuaha says:

Both are money pits, but I vote Hummer

JasnoGT says:

I’ve always found LR Discos to be beautiful but this video made me respect the H2 so much more than I used to. -Jeep WJ owner.

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