Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Hammer & Knife Scratch Test

Samsung’s new flagship device is here and its time for me to give it the durability test!



lurker of shadows says:

I wish I had a great brand new phone that I can just find in my closet.

Toan Dang says:

Gun Iphone 8

Aimee Keith says:

I don’t understand these videos like who’s going to hit their phone with a hammer????


I see some of your videos, you always destroy the phone that I can not afford it, even if I have to work 1 year old. why no give it to me?

E. Wesley says:

you break this phone like you’re breaking my heart
i couldn’t even afford a simple “touch screen” phone
and you smashing that expensive, hq peice of equipment without hesitation…
bless people that admire this

christopher quijano says:

Do a shatter test with a CellHelmet Liquid Glass Screen protector!! I WOULD LOVE TO WATCH THAT

Изат Елеман says:

Далбайоб лучва мне дал

Anonimous Ranch says:

Destroying phone with a knife is stupid as fuck!!!!.Do drop tests because phones dont get killed by a knife too often

Claudiceia Martins says:

Achei um canal que me deixa triste , Me da um iPhone 8 cara , onde eu moro ta por 4.900,00 tenha piedade.

Ahmed Farhan says:

اي اذا يضرب هل مطرقة ع الانسان بيخرب بقى ضل ع التليفون

AKU X says:

Broke it!!!!!

Jerhico Lopez says:

What r udoing,unless u broke give it tome


What the health this is not real this is fake fuck you and your team madarchot ke bache gando

隊長群馬軍 says:



4:10 “im just speechless” * hits it again*


Oh! My heart!!!

Ali Mohammady says:

بیا این چکش رو بزن تو سر من ولی کاری به این گوشی نداشته باش

vrutik soni says:

Super hit test on iPhone x

Abubakar Khan says:

Dam kind of surprised at the medium regular sized hits with a steel hammer

Dominik Krejci says:

Is Note7 Name Note8

Hans Moleman says:

you’re going to “reinstate”?

جهاد الغيثار مصارعهHD 1 says:

واتساب قايز

Laksh Taneja says:

where do you get money from I don’t think utube pay this much what is your real profession plz tell

Steven Cuarzo Universe says:


Bayu aShiddiq says:


Mukarram Bohra says:


PsyGGeR says:

Fils de pute

Guo Xiaoran says:

Cop! This guy has a bomb in his house.

Jaiven Spence says:

I still have a 6s and your just destroyed a phone that’s $1,000???? Wtf dude!!


Just why??

Ajay Kumar says:

one pis me dileve plz sir

Oleg sell says:

NICE Strongest Samsung Salaxy Note 8. Good product!

MAK says:

I m dying to get this


Sale gand me tata maro you are fuck someone koos ka dhakan this is fake

Rakesh1 Rakesh says:

pagla hai sab

Chocolata Crunch says:

I don’t understand this dumbass. Pretty much all phones use gorilla glass 5, which is immune to any house knives due to its level 6 on the mohs scale of hardness. Also, why the he’ll is he surprised by the metal hammer breaking the screen with light hits. ITS GLASS BEING HIT BY A METAL HAMMER! THERE IS NO OTHER POSSIBLE OUTCOME!

Supun Dissanayaka says:

I’m watching this with a s8 +

Brando Evil Gomez Arias says:

Test to moto z2 force!! Like for video

Irwan Santoso says:

You should’ve continued with the blender test

Umar Akram says:


Drone 'sic says:

DAMAGE to screen at 3:00 from the small hammer drop! Look at the temperature 🙂

Brother Hood Story says:

It’s damn men your smartphone you destroy it, give me bro your note 8

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