Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Hammer & Knife Scratch Test

The Samsung Galaxy S8+ durability test is finally here!



Ahmad Nasseri says:

Stop hitting it. Video finished

العبيدي العبيدي says:

خرب ربك

Ian Grech says:

6 times stronger than the S9+ you tested lately.

Golden_ Is_live says:

2:10 was when hammer hit it is gud

Rosemarie Evangelista says:

This man has a thing for phones… Not good

Khairul Ilmi says:


Pandu Thota says:

Boka em kadhu my
Phn broken

Michael Brady says:

Dropped mine once it a plat n bang smashed…

alin moisa says:

nu il vinzi ?

SORN SYL says:

มืงติ่งไอโฟนหร่อ ฟายย!!

GeraldGamer 872 says:

fuck you why you destroy why you never give to me that phone

severdjan ibraimovski says:

stop doing that to the phone Mother pukka

บรรลัยยนต์ ซิ่ง'งง says:

มึงเบล๋อม่ เสียดาย

Sijin Chandran says:

Samsung’s first curved display phone launched @3:58

Pronobesh Biswas says:

Pagla choda naki gud maranir beta.. Sala poisa nosto koris

Suryanath Surya says:

Hi my name is suryanathsurya but my phone is huawei plezz test it full name is huawei Y3|| huawei LUA – U22 and you all testing the phone and breakit but plezz give me a phone plezz my phone is not good plezz bro you call mee 8137831956 plezz give me I phone I like your channel

Shrim's 24 fun videos says:

For phones you are HULK !!!!!!!!!

nao yoshi says:


Corey Burns says:

Such a beautiful phone lol I hate this video

GoldenRipper says:

Rip table

Jason Jason says:

It’s a strong phone better then apple.

Bishwa Ranjan says:

Chutiya hm ko de deta

NPL 83 PRIMOS haha says:

That phone is fake

Lee Dan says:

U guys are rich af I need one of these phones

toshiro ryuu says:


Luv15 Brown says:

I think Samsung s8 is so cool in the sense that I have had my s8 fall from the top bunk, slipped from my hand screen on the ground.And surprisingly I still don’t have cracks on my phone.
PS. My phone doesn’t have a screen protector. Love the s8 because of this.

drzyzgamotorsport says:


Rogor fong says:

what the fuck you are…

brwin says:

My heart hurts srsly!

Al awa says:

Orchid. (Or-kid!)

하늘 says:

날 때리고 새폰하나줘ㅠ

레먼레몬 says:


Francisco Ramos says:

u need buy a new table

max jeesus says:

Eres culero

Mjljacob187 says:

That’s what Hillary Clinton did to her phone after the Acid Bath she gave it.

Golden_ Is_live says:

:210 was a gud part

Ks-man24 says:

Stupid a** video what’s the point Of course is gonna crack smash any phone him It will most likely crack

Steinar Arason says:

That table is weaker then the phone.

Luca A says:

Te biztos milliomos lehetsz , mert ez után vehetsz nyugodtan egy új telefont

Δημήτρης Σμυρνιός says:

You monster

The Avenger's says:

I can’t see this

Александр Калякин says:


Jacob Magnusson says:

Is that IKEA ?

Nepali gamer gurung says:

Give me

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