Tech Update #105 Epic Hummer

If it’s Friday, it’s tech update and this week we’re kicking things off with the meaning of Art and how the hell is an external hardrive with 5 million dollars worth of pirated software on a pedestool an art piece? Other pieces of knowledge nuggets include east coast earthquakes, some bull semen spillage, even some HP and Samsung Shennanigans. In Video game news we got some first impressions of Deus Ex, Dishonered screenshots, and a look at Hard Reset. So much tech news even Steve Jobs had to retire so he could have enough time to watch.

Meaty Links:


Browsing the web improves work efficiency

Ap Charts Police Movement:

Track the Quake:

10 Biggest East Coast Quakes:

Deus EX first impressions:

Dishonored screens:

Hard Reset:

2021 gaming:

HP news:

Samsung might buy HP’s PC division:

Sony A77 24 DSLR camera

OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2 480GB PCIe SSD

Seagate GoFlex Satellite Mobile Wireless Storage

Kingston Wi-Drive 32GB

Corsair Hydro Series H80 Liquid CPU Cooler


Google+’s New “Verified Profiles

HP Is Refunding You All Your TouchPad Money

Kid Gets Super Soaked to Doom Theme Song

Greyhound Bus Accidentally Dumps Bull Semen

Sol Republic Tracks Headphones Review

Samsung Reveals New Line of Laptops for Gamers,13251.html#xtor=RSS-181

AMD’s Bulldozer,13272.html#xtor=RSS-181

Intel Cedar Trail Delayed Until November,13264.html#xtor=RSS-181


quigon87yt says:

Betty! Stop walking in the shots!

Phúc Nguyễn Thế says:

WiDi = WIreless Display :)) lol Albert

steven4570 says:

@pauuuuul87 ok? so?

JtGorospe90 says:

I like how tigerdirect deleted my comment when the title was all weird.. w2g tigerdirect

Michaelmop says:

12:08 Naughty office pornstar.

roflgl says:

is it just me or does it look like here is a face in the computer on the top right hand side of the video o.o reply to me if you see it aswell 😮

Sir Rah says:

I have a RevoX2 and it screams at 780MB/s . It would have been nice to hear a little more detail on the internals of the Revo3. The Revo X2 is also a PCI-e drive that uses a Sandforce controller and memory in a raid 0 configuration. While this is fast its drawbacks are the trim command does not function with this SSD, is that also true with the RevoX3? How many disks make up the Raid array, what kind of controller? This was your best tech update to date but more tech please.

wildboyz322 says:

lol i wonder if they’re bffs xD

Zebra says:

@MegaDeathwarrant Have you seen the BMW he drives? He does not need our donations.

Holcombi says:

Logan is awesome. I don’t get tiger direct has survived his leaving.

Jesse Jeffery says:

can you say where is a good place to get a destop

inuysha360 says:

wasnt logan wearing that shirt during the ghost pepper vid? LOL how did u guys survive it?

skimyy says:

I’ll be waiting at the Vernon Hills Tiger Direct store!

12hullc says:

25:49 = dog bark

funtube99999 says:

All I want to say is that Sony DSLRs suck.

Flubadoodoo says:

to be honest i haven’t watched a tech update since … i dunno years … i just wanna know what happened to bauer?

falubii says:

I say heckno to techno.

Teddy Kim says:

surrey is in vancouver, canada

UltraVert says:

That Betty is not ugly 😉

kineticenrage198 says:

12:10 dat ass

jebuskiller says:


Venom Emperor says:

thats a damn long lasting hard drive

blink180heights says:

@bilalk85 at 1499 it might as well be to 590’s don’t ya think

Ðeathly says:


kineticenrage198 says:

What, y’all can’t make fun of people any more 🙁

songmonkeyman says:

Logan, I love your Spy Vs. Spy shirt under your jacket. That’s completely awesome!

Benji Rush says:


bengay16 says:

okay great ending lol

MattZildjian says:

that would be redonkulous 10:25

extremepsychogamer says:

so what is exactly the epic hummer? it has nothing to do with cars right?

Jeff Hanshew says:

I have had the GOFlex Satellite for a wail now its awesome! 5hr battery life btw

Sam Alt says:

the new set looks sick

HairyDONG69 says:

Woot for Spy Vs. Spy shirt! 😀 Yay Logan!

Snailed says:


Jeff Hanshew says:

mmmm mmmmm Betty….

adminmovie says:

you guys are far better than Newegg gay lame hosts !!! keep up the good work guys !!!

Eric D says:

OMFG unbox the mars 2 Logan!!!

TDNGaming says:

Wow I just checked into this site again, havn’t seen tech update since it aired in 2009, and havn’t seen logan since 2008. THIS IS AWESOME! 😀

aterack833 says:

ok , i didnt know that , i cant believe they block sites , well i already got my cpu so i guess i can get the rest elseware because thats just awful , and if tiger benifets from subscribers then im unsubscribing till i get positive conformation , btw any one know of a good am2+ motherboard , and a 4gb single stick ddr2 ram? since im boycotting till i get positive conformation about them being able to use facebook then i guess money is no object , im buying all my pc needs elsewhere till they can

aterack833 says:

oh and im starting so by the 26th of december , im gonna purpously stand alone on this one because i dont wanna have tiger direct close i just want them to hurt a bit , like when you want your friend to be emotionaly recked but not to the point where they kill them selvs , you jump in front of a car , any ways if it comes to it i think i can , ive had companys close down before , ive been working on wallmart but i cant help it i keep going back any ways im not buying anything till dec 26

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