The Hummer H2 Is the Most Embarrassing Vehicle You Can Drive


I think the Hummer H2 is the most embarrassing vehicle you can buy today — and here’s why.


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no one H says:

Man this video is ridiculous, there not ridiculous compared to many other vehicles that are on the road. I tow planes with a F-650, do a video on those

Longhorn Channel says:

Gas mileage is so terrible that you’re looked down upon. If you get a hybrid, because yes, there’s a hybrid version, you’ll get laughed at so bad, you can’t be taken seriously. You still don’t get great mileage with a hybrid as well AFAIK.

Jeff Leishman says:

i laugh at the driver every time i see one driving on the streets you can thank your local moron rapper drug dealer nba star nfl star and any other black for this fucked up truck car suv what ever you call it any way you look at it is just a Chevy over priced Chevy but a Chevy never the more

Rising Embers Gaming says:

5:37 it has the same vent design (if you can call it a design) as the Pontiac aztek

Robert Kunze says:


GiovanniRomano says:

This guys a quack

DPS says:

Extra visibility not required.. It looks good the way it is

Ali Leung says:

ooooh god! hahahaha u’re sarcasm is really god tier xD

David Vermillion says:

Now I see why cartman hid all the votes at the hummer dealership.

Johnny Deluxe says:

Multipla, Prius,… and the H2 is ’embarrissing’?

Bharat 007 says:

I am surprised to hear that, is it true???
Coz I am big fan of Hummer, I want to have that one in my collection.

TheGooglySmoog says:

I was cut off by someone driving an H2 with an InfoWars bumper sticker. It seemed appropriate.

Alberto Jr Valencia says:

A hummer h2 is not the most embarrassing thing to drive because I got two hummers and they drive like a champ

acidtone says:

lol this guy talking and bitching about whats cool and looks good.

Götz von Berlichingen says:

Wait wait wait, there is a column on this I can read? Where???

Nuno Sousa Dias says:

I respectfully disagree. The H3 is worse! I spent a week driving one and the thing it does best is turning gasoline into noise. It does not go. It’s huge one the outside and cramped on the inside. Plus, it’s the smallest Hummer. A car that succeeds only in being big and ridiculous. So by choosing the H3, you fail in it’s key objective. The quality inside is by far the worse i’ve seen in any car. I honestly think the fiat punto (my car at the time) was a smarter choice.

delete666yourself says:

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of watching a Hummer go up in flames

compactc9 says:

How about the H3 with the 5cyl? Big, heavy, and under powered…

Nicky Surr says:

greedy jew talking about cars that he cant afford, even that 10 year old 20k hummer with a lot of scratches

Tangels Turner says:

It’s for punks who think they are cool like gangsters

tringdigital51465158 says:

I wish I had One

Jesse Boddaert says:


Judson G says:


Caleb Barnett says:

Hummer the Invicta watch of vehicles

Will Viljoen says:

A red Ferrari is the most embarrassing vehicle you can drive. Actually scrap that a Porsche Boxster is the most embarrassing car you can drive.

Cars n' Bikes says:

I think the H3 is much worse.

Ian V. Raybeck says:

A former friend of mine has a drunk father who owns a Hummer H3. He was very proud of it, to the point where he claimed it was the only one in New Jersey (a load of bullshit, since I’ve seen several others in the state). Unfortunately, the friend was enough of an idiot that he thought it was just as good as a real military Hummer. They still drive it on a daily basis, somehow…

smithraymond09029 says:

Back in 2005 I banged a 40 something year old cougar in one while in Vegas for the weekend. So to me, the H2 Hummer will always be a special vehicle 🙂

I am Pranee says:

Before this video when ever I see a hummer on road I just feel wow it’s hummer H2.
But after this video I feel pity on owners of hummer H2.

tonyman2c says:

Well, it wasnt that long ago this car was considered a cool and a fasion brand.

Peter Friess says:

Nothing says “sorry about your penis” then an Hummer.

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