The Hummer

In this video you’ll see us attempt to replace a power steering pump on a 2006 H2 hummer.


Svend Holme says:

Thanks for the demonstration of the puller. I have 4 or 5 pullers but never had to remove a power steering pump pulley. The tip of chasing the threads on the shaft before attempting to use the puller is good because it is a real bitch or sometimes impossible to replace a ruined part from a kit. And of course the repair job comes to a screeching halt. Paul, you keep that Canadian Kathy tool polished, well oiled and treated with respect, they are really hard to find and you won’t find them at Harbor Freight.

conantdog says:

Omg the puller pulled its threads even after your preparation !!!!! Bless the parts store !
You almost moded that fan ! 🙂
Looking forward to your Kubota repair.
I have to do front axle pinion seal on my B1700 for the second time . I replaced a axle swivel seal last year and noticed s drip at the pinion at first glance without a indicator but it looked tight so we will see what’s in there again soon .
Great video Paul , great repair story.

Potskie says:

this helped me out!

Arthur Furr says:

Thank you for the lesson.

Wes Summers says:

also tool u used to take fan off of 2006 Hummer H2 . Can i rent that from autozone. etc.

luckyh2 says:

YOU MY FRIEND ARE TRULY A MASTER OF YOUR CRAFT !!! I wish I had a franchised dealership near me that had half the knowledge and precision that you have. Very impressive !!!

Brian Campbell says:

Paul: That was a ton of work, but you obviously knew what to do. I feel for your back working on something like that. Tks for another great vid.

intn14 says:

That bx was really loaded up with front suitcase weights.  The limit on a B is around 165 lbs.  Is that ok on the tractor to exceed the limit like that?

Wes Summers says:

on the 2006 hummer h2

musha 9279 says:

love’d this video,,,keep it up

Noah Ries says:

Paul could u send me stickers??

cliff ohandley says:

Hello Paul and Kathy;A new subscriber here! You have amazing talent,with the camera and the tools. My best friend is also a Newfoundlander,lives here in Nova Scotia now.I am so happy to have come across your channel. Hope all is well on the Rock….Your new friend Cliff

Jake Schisler says:

Those Hummer’s look to be very ruff riding. It was interesting watching removal of fan and pulley, I had no idea on that, good to know! Keep the video’s coming, I’m still doing ketch up there are so many. Thank you both for your time

sccastor1970 says:

Thanks y’all. I needed to do this on my hummer h2. I am not a mechanic but after watching this video, I did it myself. You were very helpful.

AboutMy FathersBusiness says:

Replaced a radiator and a water pump on a H2 climbing behind the hood. It is a pain in the arse…

mi2tn says:

That’s what I tell people “with the right tools it’s a lot easier”. But you just showed me a fan tool and a pulley puller that I not only never seen but I didn’t know even existed. And using an impact, I can see me using that for other things then what I bought it for after watching this. Learning, that’s what I just did by watching your video. Thank you for the learning and thank you Kathy for videoing it. What do you say I send you my address and the next time you want to throw a tool of any kind you can just mail it to me and I’ll let you know if it wants to stay with me. 🙂 Well it’s 4:55 pm, Friday so you must be done for the week-end. Sooo, Have a great week-end and God Bless you both. Levi~~   

Bob Kelland says:

Another interesting video Paul… Hummer owner must be happy!

Yalalt Dorjsuren says:

Greetings I am writing this comment from Mongolia, your video helped me a lot and learned new things, I have an 2005 H2 hummer and the power steering pump wasn’t working, and when i watched your video also i learned how to install and uninstall the steering pump and now it works, Thank You very much. And there is one thing to ask, there is a light popping up saying “auto training” on my daughters 2007 Ford Edge, how do i fix it ? can you help me on how to uninstall? In Mongolia, American cars are rare and its not easy to get help and auto service is only one in Mongolia and that one doesn’t know how to do it, so that is why I watched your video and commenting on this video. Thank You and Good Luck.


hmmmmmmm telling meeeeeee self to never ever buy 1 of those vehicles,
great job , sure hope you didn’t do it for so called  free as in you under charged, good customer or not, here he would of had to pay as saying goes a ” arm & a leg ” for that kinda work , got to pay for tools there not cheap to get job done right ,
if so i’m going to have to become your agent .
1 of us has got to make money after all that hard work ……lol 
 i myself never seen that kinda pulley remover before , i always seen & used 3 legged kind , but not much room there to use it i seen . ALSO i am no mechanic by far and i seen you did have the fan backwards . and if that’s all that would’ve went wrong , you was in good shape . i really enjoy these kinda vids 
thanks for making them 
t.c. & be safe 

P.S.  i almost forgot , you mean you don’t do window’s also as in cleaning , not changing ? .   lol.


WS Moorleys says:

Spent most of an afternoon a few weeks ago stripping out the oil coolers, radiator, front PTO shaft etc on my tractor, just because i couldn’t get access to the bolt holding the fan in place. Seeing that there’s a tool just for that job is incredibly annoying haha. Could of saved me loads of work 😛 Keep up the great vids, really enjoying them 🙂

Rick Anderson says:

This must be a union shop.  I see management having to do the heavy lifting.  LOL!

Great video Paul.  Enjoyed it immensely!

Micheal Sousa 559 California says:

Paul, you do good sound effects! Lol that ps pump put up a fight.

Richard Butterfoss says:

5 Stars for your Lovely Assistant … do you realize how very special she is? They are so rare! Thanks for the tips!

DoctorOfPhilosophy says:

I watched the whole video better than watching a movie and I am not into cars or mechanics but to see you two talking and having fun it’s inspiring.

quietmale00101 says:

i like what you did with the monitor stand i bought 2 of them years ago when all you could get was a tv sized monitor i made one into a laptop stand for my peterbilt now you have given me an idea for the second one thanks its a good thing you caught the fan being backwards im sure the owner would have been upset when he had to put it in reverse to go forward lol

jrob65 says:

Very interesting work that you were performing here Paul, you’re very well informed on how things are done and how to perform them. That pulley was just giving you fits wasn’t it. I am amazed of the array of tools of the trade that you have acquired for yourself over the years that you have been doing repairs, the right tool for the right job and the qualified person to do it. Tools don’t make the man, but they surely help you do the job at hand. And thanks also to Kathy for letting you buy those tools. Trying to put that fan back on the frenchmans way Paul?? lol. Great repair guys. Kathy i know you made Pauls job a lot easier doing the fine job of filming and documentary of this repair along with you and Paul joking got to love it.  Love those Blue Jays very pretty. Stay well and safe friends.:-)

Rdrake1413 says:

Having the right tool for the job make a world of difference. I worked as a mechanic for a local John Deere dealer. The dealership is required to have specialty tools but our dealer didn’t have them. Because of my welding/fabrication/machinist experience I was the one who had to made a tool to get the job done. Was a challenge at times but did learn a lot. When I worked in the oil field we had a bulldozer operator that when he got mad he would throw tools. Whenever he started cussing you had to watch out for incoming projectiles


Paul – good stuff as always! I am fascinated with your depth of knowledge and broad skill set. You put out great videos that are not only entertaining but also with educational value. More orange machine videos? Absolutely! But any video of yours that pops up on the subscription list is always a treat. I sure do enjoy the banter between you and Kathy. You are a fun couple and I appreciate you sharing adventures from the shop.

Penny Alexander says:

You guy’s were great thank you….I wanted to see every little detail when things go right of course….I feel sorry for you your husbands driving scares the crap out of me…otherwise awesome video…1st video for myself a learning student…..

Noah Ries says:


Psychopath CALI says:


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