The reason why the U.S. Army is replacing the Humvee

The famous HMMWV’s days are numbered. The Army has made its fifth order for the new Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, officially coming in four versions: the M1278 Heavy Guns Carrier, the M1279 Utility, the M1280 General Purpose, and the M1281 Close Combat Weapons Carrier.

According to a release by OshKosh Defense, this order consists of 748 vehicles and over 2,350 installed kits. The vehicle is currently in Low-Rate Initial Production, and the first units are expected to be equipped with the vehicle by the middle of Fiscal Year 2019,with a planned Initial Operating Capability by the end of 2020.

The HMMWV has served for over 30 years, but like the Jeep it replaced in the 1980s, it was proving to be incapable of meeting the demands of a modern battlefield. For the Jeep, the problem was keeping up with armored fighting vehicles like the M1 Abrams tank and the M2/M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

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Сергей Калашников says:

Хаммер всё равно лучше!

Li U MAAA says:

humvee its not heavy its made from aluminium, diesel its low price, whats the point of chnaging, because humwee replace jeeps not tanks

victor bayardo says:

damn motor t is about to be the safest mos in the marine corps

zofe says:

The killer argument is this:
The armor’s weight of the HMMWV squashes its suspension, leaving litte range for the wheel to traverse.
Most naturally, having changed the requirments so drastically, to incorporate effective armor,
necessitates a new vehicular concept.

Agent 47 says:

The US government wouldn’t be buying these things if they didn’t plan on being in Iraq/Afghanistan for a long time.

A LovedOne says:

there’s a reason this country is over 20 trillion in debt.

Walter Smith says:

see a problem with the doors the ring they have at the handle i see in many vid a horseshoe can be dropped into them and lock the doors from the outside preventing exitting from the inside

nic jones says:

Because it gets blown the F UP

Shannon Losie says:

the army was told not to buy the hummer by people that tested it junk then junk now never intended to protect like tank all these replacements are just another waste of taxpayer money

E. T. says:

Oh so thats why they left all those humvees to the terrorist

svenmega10022 says:

The last thing any terrorist will see are the head lights of the JLTV coming right at them.

J Horne says:

Should have used the Cummins engine in it coupled that Allison transmission. Perfect!!!

Batman Bailey says:

i like it but they should keep humvees

Awesome Hotdog Videos says:

The hood looks very flimsy. Is it made of plastic or fiberglass? I looks like the engine could be destroyed by small arms fire.

Aaron Davis says:

Can I get one with a .50 on the back?

Usman Ali says:

Ya in case humvee wasnt big enough

Alb says:

because money

Frank Cessna says:

Hate hate hate the damn sound track. Stop it,

Brian Harrison says:

They should have never stopped using the Jeep

Kurt Rüssel says:

And how much fuel does it need?

Phillip Chalabi says:

All robot channels get blocked…..

Richard Booth says:

So it uses the same engine as the NEW humvees and same trans…

сергей андреев says:

это не грязь.

I don't Give a rats ass says:

We could do without the annoying techno noise.

Amol Patel says:

like the video but hate the voice, no human touch to it.

Сергей К says:

Fake offroders for fucking country.

Shoe Shine Boy says:

Now that’s a Ghetto Blaster.

Ángel says:

i prefer a warthog

ISAFMobius18 says:

Anyone know what those red and blue hook ups on the front and rear are for?

bande d homosapien du perigord says:

c est bizarre que tout c est voiture américaine ressemble fortement au voiture russe .

Charlie Wolf says:

Why ruin this video with the terrible synthetic voice? Unforgivable. Unwatchable!

Billy Two Knives says:

Dear Santa………

TheManelich says:

The hummwv was not made for battle: no armour, exposed the tourette soldier, incapable to protect against land mines, high fuel consumption, vulnerable against light machine guns and assault rifles, no air conditioning (It is important in hot places).

oly o says:

the more time u drive and get the job done less tim u have to cumm up w/ stupid nick names if u were to work instead of naming u balls ud get work done get her done .

Daniel Esen J. Oliviėr says:

It looks fucking ugly but function is better than looks

Bahdini Kurd says:

Long live Kurdish forces YPG YPJ SDF in syria Peshmerga in iraq and PKK PYD in turkey

Matthew Smith says:

The humvee served us well, but its time to retire her. Time to upgrade to something more modern.

Matthew Smith says:

the old humvee can go to 60mph, i think 0 to 60 in 36 seconds too

Sam Ting Wong says:

One reason why replacing the Hummve? HMmmmmmm….to justify the $650 billion WAR BUDGET and get the 1% richer and to make it impossible the country will have FREE HEALTHCARE! Don’t you know that 5% of IRAQ WAR EXPENSE CAN PAY FOR A FREE HEALTH CARE FOR ALL!! Now you know the real answer.

Tony Chen says:

But…….the new model is so freaking ugly……..

Bruce Burns says:

The Queensland government in Australia bought the Hummer for the prison system for some reason maybe because its not their money and don’t care about extravagance one bit , they were so unreliable and were out of action so often that in the end they abandoned using them , so I hope the Yanks have got these new vehicles down pat , also you have a shocking trade deficit because of Americans buying foreign goods .

John Elton says:

To be specific: The JLTV is replacing ONLY the Up-Armored Humvee; standard Humvee’s will still be in use and manufactured.

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