US Military’s latest technology 2018

IMPRESSIVE new technology has emerged that can transform a wheel into an all-terrain track in just two seconds.

The invention is being developed for the US military, to make it easier for their vehicles to tackle different driving surfaces.

Created by the Carnegie Melon University National Robotics Engineering Centre, the device would mean vehicles can transfer from hard to soft ground instantly without even having to slow down.

Called the “Reconfigurable Wheel Track” (RWT), it starts off round and uses a thin rubber cover over a robotic wheel.

The driver is able to convert the spinning wheels into a triangular shape, creating tracks where the centre remains still and the rubber moves over the outside.

Being able to quickly change the type of wheels a vehicle uses could prove vitally important for military vehicles needing a quick getaway.

And if the technology ever makes it into regular car production, it could entirely transform off-road motoring.

Drivers of 4×4 vehicles could take their adventures to new heights and tackle all-new terrains without the need to manually change over to tracks.

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Hsauce says:

Or just get a Toyota tacoma


USA that’s why all your infrastructure is crumbling. .. to pay for all this stuff

ZenZaBill says:

It reminds me of Fred Flintstone’s car.

Stan Da Man says:

China gonna wanna steal this one

Tyler Collins says:

That’ll be interesting, to see those on armored applications.

John Skrelnik says:


DwarvishPasty says:

Cyka blyat

Denoo Daniels says:

So much money for nothing we humans are the biggest mistake in evolution destroying this planet killing each other for no reason one day when armageddon starts this planet will become a good place

Naveed syed says:

United snakes of terroristica will provide her terrorist groups (taliban, boko haram, alqaeda, isis) with these vehicles soon. Fuckmerica

vjeran vlahovic says:

stupidity only americans can think of

Vik says:

A tire that probably costs more than my car.

Kamil Bury says:

Because The Sun has access to U.S millitaries confidential files and projects..

Aidan Cusack says:

Them tires though

dan s says:

we are about to get some freedom

Simply Vague says:

Pretty cool actually, but we really have to stop creating things for war.

From Russia with Love says:

From the thumbnail I thought it was going to be a parody in which the vehicles can now get flat tires easily

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