What’s Better in the Sand Dunes: Hummer vs Jeep TFLtruck Celebration

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Ricardo Quezada says:

What is 85octane?

Mike Swankhouse says:

That’s not a hummer. It’s a re branded Tahoe!!!!

Matt McDonough says:

My 2008 JKU with a hard top 35’s and a winch and a steel bumper weighs 4820 . I was surprised to see how much the two door jeep weighs

husaberg power says:

Thumbs up from a German RAM driver. You are the best.

Hilmi Al-Kindy says:

Hi, I just wanted to say that your tires were way over inflated for the sand dunes. Over here in Oman we deflate all the way down to 12 PSI for sand dune driving. That way, even my 3.2l turbo diesel Ford Ranger PXII Wildtrak manages the tough climbs and diesel engines are known to be bad performers in sand dune climbs. Good work on the videos 🙂

UnlimitedMatt says:

I kinda figured Mr Truck was ‘that guy’ that brings the loud generator…there is always one.

namibgtv6 says:

What a stupid comparison. The Hummer is heavy, old, and has independant front suspension, AND it’s a full size SUV. The jeep is lightweight, newer, has live axles all round, and is a 2 door. Thats like comparing a Golf GTI to the Jeep, its faster than the Jeep, but cant drive off road for shit..

N R S tv says:

Kick out Maratha muja na brk

Marshall Hall says:

Congratulations on 5 years I have used your information many many times

Eagle Lawn Care says:

Happy 5th Year Anniversary TFL Truck! I honestly have no current suggestions at this time. I’m personally enjoying the adventures you guys are having, though! The overlanding and the off-roading videos are top-notch, as is the camerawork. Additionally, towing tests are always a hit with the Ike Gauntlet. Keep up the great work, guys!

james0611847 says:

I can’t believe they aren’t pitting these vehicles against the real offroad heavy weight, the Honda Ridgeline.

Drax68 says:

All these comparisons are not as relevant as the H3 vs Wrangler. An H3 with front and rear lockers like the 2009 H3 Adventure Model would be more appropriate….please do this comparison.

Benjamin Leggett says:

Does anyone know where the scale that they used is at??

Shawn Riddle says:

yup, typical Ford. lol Glad it didn’t catch on Fire.

Dennis Jacob says:

Wow, 5 years already… crazy man, time flies when having fun. Ever think about doing a tug of war challenge? the auto makers probably wouldn’t be too happy. Lol

Jose German says:

GM PLEASE!!!!!!!!! Bring the HUMMER BACK!!!!!!!!!!

John Billy says:

how about a pulling contest h2 vs jeep

titanicwhiz says:

tom is not funny

Pech Michael & Christina says:

Where’s the boss Roman?? Great job TFL, I’ve learned so much about trucks watching your videos for the last 3 years.

namibgtv6 says:

I am a hugh Jeep fan, but, for a good comparison put a 4 door JK, hell, even the new problematic JL head to head with a Merc G professional. The Jeep has no chance..

Nick Davidson says:

ya’ll tire pressure is still too high. Drop to 8-10psi.

MONSTA says:

One of the Top 5 best informative automotive channels on YouTube period. Salute to you gentlemen.

gullf1sk says:

Suggestion: Go for long overland trips with heavy offroading, i dunno if you guys have seen Ronny Dahls videos and Aussie Fourwheelers, if you try and make a mix and match between those two kinds of videos, it would be hella awesome.

Dont go all balls to the wall like aussie fourwheelers tho, those dudes are nuts.

Phillip Lancaster says:

Bring Sarah over to the fast lane truck for a couple of videos!

Mitchell Long says:

Happy Anniversary TFL been watching for 4 years

Michael Brown says:

The H1 was actually designed with Europe in mind not the deserts.

Barry&Maze Greenen says:

do you compair tires?

N R S tv says:


Ben Wolod says:

Tires looked like they had too much air, have to take them down to 15-20 PSI to walk on sand. Would make a huge difference.

keechmabreeks says:

Hummer ? Chevy Tahoe more like

Brilliant channel . First time I saw this channel was a Grand Cherokee, a woman was reviewing it 4/5 year ago

jook13 says:

Love the channel and all you guys who are part of it. You are also making me like the h2 more and more as I watch.

aj06bolt12r says:

Are we ever going to see an Ike Gauntlet video again? Or has this channel devolved into a bunch of gimmicky useless stuff like this? Honestly I think a lot of us want to see Ike Gauntlet videos and loaded/ unloaded MPG loops and that’s it. To me the rest of this stuff is not useful.

Michael Ouderkirk says:

5 years old man that’s sick good job guys

Devil Dog Hog says:

Suggestion for TFL Truck: Ultimate OFFROAD midsize truck comparison once the Ranger Raptor is released to the USA. I would love to see the Ford Ranger Raptor, Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro, and Chevy Colorado ZR2 face off (I will admit I’m  rooting for the ZR2) and any other truck you can bring to the fight. As for location, I suggest one of these locations in the Colorado area. 1 – Cactus Ridge 2
2 – Rangley
3 – Die Trying
4 – Independence/Patriot
5 – Carnage BV
6 – Calamity Canyon
7 – Billings Canyon
8 – 21 Road
9 – Topless
10 – Holy Cross11 – Blanca Peak*WARNING* Stuff might break.

Michael Ouderkirk says:

Take your off-road vehicles to a more difficult spot bigger rocks if you guys like jeeps and off-roading you know what I’m talking about

Michael Smith says:

Congrats on 5 years of great work! Looks like you guys had a great time, it really shows through that you all are good friends. Talk about the best day at work ever!

And once again, as I comment on pretty much all your offroad videos, what an amzing part of the country you live in! As a New Englander (where there’s hardly any offroading and zero open land like that) I’m very jealous! You guys hiring???

moparredneck says:

I remember back when Andre didn’t speak English! “Andre the Russian”
Love your videos!

tbw automotive says:

amazing video thanks for so much!!

Gerardo Vargas says:

2018 chevrolet suburban z71 up cliffhanger 2.0

Casey Guches says:

I’d like to see you guys review some of the different mud and A/T tires. Maybe start by comparing the Mickey Thompson’s that you have on big green VS the BFG’s you have on the hummer. Put the Mickey’s on the Hummer and the BFG’s on Big Green for comparison.

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