Why The Hummer H2 Deserves More Respect Than You Think! World’s Most Hated Truck Ep.3

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7captmjh says:

I finally have to put my 2 cents worth in for all the negative Nelly’s slamming the H2. I just bought my cherry ’03 and no vehicle has ever thrilled me like this. It’s a Sunday driver ’cause I believe it’s collectible. But my point is simply this: When it won Car & Driver “Truck of the Year” in ’03, the last line of the article said: “What could be more American than driving a Hummer”? I rest my case. All the haters are likely liberals anyhow; Come see my ‘AR’ in the rack in the H. Peace


I’m guessing the people that gives a thumbs up for the H2 helped built it. What a useless piece of doo doo.

TheEyeTeaMan says:

These are total junk. my samurai has a faster 0-60, better turn radius, better offroad performance, better better better!

army man says:

The one and only reason why hummer went out is because the jewish owend jeep family paid the news media to demonize hummer….the hummer h3 is way cooler than any jeep wrangler.

jon b. says:

they ought to replace the bald headed guy>>>> he sucks

HillbillyBob says:

H2’s were designed to be the ultimate soccermom vehicle. GM took a perfectly good Blazer and managed to ruin it.

ArizVern says:

Bought 2004 H2, Built on one ton Suburban SUV drive train. Had to buy front one ton Eaten E-front locker, duel lockers and Heavy duty tie rods 30,000 miles. Parked next to wife’s Tesla. Used front locker three times.

utubefckd says:

My wife is 5foot 2 and she drives an H2. In Edmonton Ab. Traffic and parks in a lot!!  If you cant you should not have a drivers lic.  And Yes I upgraded the front.

Jason Taylor says:

I like jeeps but I choose a h2 with 36’s and I love it. I’m a corvette owner also I am more excited about my Hummer than my vette even.

Glock4u says:

H2 what a waste of 50 Grand, Nothing but a Hybrid 2500hd with a gas hog 6.0, even though that engine is bullitproof. (i have one in my 2006 2500HD), and dont get me started in on the Colorado baised H3 with that 5 Cylinder. The only vehicle that gets my respect is the H1 with a proper 6.6 Duramax Diesel. TFL should do an H1 Alpha vs their in house slightly modified H2.

michaeldublg says:

the short bald dude has nothing but opinions.
I’ve owned a 2008 Hummer Sut for the last 10 years and a 2006 for two years prior to that. honestly the 2006 was very poorly designed power-wise, but my 2008 has been bulletproof for 10 years. I have no problems being able to see. I’ve had no problems off-roading. I’ve had no problems Towing and doing 4 x 4 rescue with it. I have no problems reaching every part of the engine. I don’t have any problems parking it…. the detractors gripes based on my experience is for lack of a better word delusional

James Inscoe says:

I have a 100% Stock 2003 H2 that slightly over 80k and I honestly love this vehicle more than any other vehicle I have Ever owned. Its comfortable, Handles nice on the roads, Plenty of room. I am 54 years old and had a few cars in my day. In a different category I owned a 1992 Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR 4 and for the time it absolutely was the baddest car on the road PERIOD. Back then hitting a 159 mph topped out and it felt like you were going 60 mph but If you have never owned a Hummer H2 you really should before you slam it.

Lukas Hibbird says:

Alright in defense of weight. The Toyota LandCruiser 80 and 105, Nissan Patrol GU/Y61 are heavy as heavy has those hummers and are monsters 4 wheelings.

Ronan Barthon says:

What vehicles these days don’t have plastic dashboards! Think before you say something.. dummy%

A fine Murican says:

H2 is pure crap

Dean S. says:

I love the H2 and love the jeep its not for everyone its cool AF it got way too much hate from people


The only reason I hate this is the mpg

relentlesschaos95 says:

Does the front air vents in the cab almost resemble a pair of tits?

Sherith Noorey says:

Makes vidio about the Hummer H2 needing more respect, Insatlls Ricer muffler.

The Fast Lane Truck says:

We already had to fix the H2, after taking it off-road. See this episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kx1GuDXpOM8

Omarr Darr says:

Hi guys I have a h2 and my passenger side blows hot air while ac runs any tips thanks.

Marco Subero says:

Wrangler is better. Nuff said.

ETH3N/Metal-1 says:

What the strongest hummer?

bakhteria says:

Wow. Who mixes a car review with their own psychological hangovers. Dude ur picking on the truck based on who drives it. U really r in the wrong business.

Tamiym Yisrael says:

Nathan you are such a cry baby. If you don’t like a vehicle doesn’t mean the next person doesn’t like it. I love the Hummer trucks. They a unique (different from the cookies of other trucks). I like it and you don’t. Shut up and stop your childish scoffs.☹️

American Patriot and Loyalist says:

Jeeps are for queers, doesn’t Barbie have one?

HR Brown says:

Admittedly the front end suspension could have been more heavy duty for the weight but overall its still a great truck for what it was intended to be. The 2008 gas prices killed it but in hindsight GM should have made it into a diesel.
BTW: Any gas model F-250, Ram 2500 or Chevy 2500 will get the same fuel economy…Hummer got a bad rap but it was GM’s fault.

Wolfy Kun says:

Car enthusiasts… I have a question for you… would you rather drive…

The Toyota Prius


The Hummer H2

Make your decision now. And you have to pick one or the other.

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