2015 Hyundai Genesis Sedan Preview Video @ Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS)

The all-new Genesis Sedan was revealed at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show and Autobytel was on hand to talk to the Chief Designer. Christopher Chapman who is the Chief Designer at the North American Hyundai Design Center gives us some insights into some of the new elements that have changed on the 2015 Hyundai Genesis Sedan.

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Jason Biscocho says:


Matthew Frederick says:

Let’s see the grill looks like an Audi. The lights defiantly ford and the badge maybe bently

sgtcojonez says:

It looks a lot like the Fusion.

HarDeep Singh says:


elementalpuck says:

Was he speaking English because not a word made sense. Artistic Word Salad

hypervigilance1 says:

come on blow hard show us the ugly car and stfu

xxthehuskycaboosexx says:

Knocked off Audi and Mercedes i see….


Hyuandi and kia always make their cars look like every other mamufactuers. They dont come up with their own. This thing has audi written all over it with an Aston Martin badge

Ali Shaat says:

Audi A8 styling in the front

hoho hi says:

who liked it

hoho hi says:

hyundai ㅡㅡ who liked it ?

Alvin Venson says:

The guy who designs most KIA cars is from Audi

Matthew Frederick says:

Wow Hyundai

Tony M says:

Biggest bunch of snooty car shits I’ve seen anywhere. Remember Lexus and Infinity beginnings. God forbid…….Korean not German.

Ohknows says:

I don’t think you can have short front overhang look on a front wheel drive car. I do like cars that do have short look, but I don’t think it shows it engineered better. Lol

huss1205 says:

Genesis has a logo similar to that of a Bentley?

hoho hi says:


Ant V says:

The wing logo has in fact been on genesis models previously. Honestly, this logo looks as much like the aston martin logo as does the bentley’s. Just because it has wings doesn’t make it a copy. The hexagonal grill has been used on other, older hyundai models as well. As far as the copying of other manufacturers style, that’s what car companies do when they want to grow and be competitive in new segments. They benchmark the successful makes and models from that segment (mercedes, audi, etc) and run based off of them. The fact that those other models are crazy successful shows that they have what the public consumers want. I’m no hyundai fanboy, but there’s nothing wrong with making a car that shows similar aspects of other brands that have proven to make money and be popular.

Rhaseanw says:

First lol nice ride

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