2015 Hyundai Sonata ECO FIRST DRIVE REVIEW & Sonata Hybird – Hybrid Plug In PHEV PREVIEW

MotoMan demonstrates the MPG & differences of the 2015 Hyundai Sonata ECO by circumnavigating the stunning Palos Verdes peninsula in Los Angeles’ South Bay. Along the way he previews the specs, details and tech of the upcoming 2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid & Sonata Hybrid Plug In PHEV. Last but not least, he throws in some unique history, architecture and tourism that is home to actors, CEOs and racecar drivers . . .

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Omario says:

I would get the hybrid just to get away from the hassle of the plug-in one.

Parker Tedrow says:

I think I would get the regular hybrid because it has the best fuel economy and more power than the 2.4 and 1.6 engines. Thank you so much for putting out these videos man!!

Thomas Bertilsson says:

I just bought an Eco and I love it. The others are too expensive for my budget, or I would have considered a hybrid. I agree that driving dynamics are not great. But 99% of the time I really don’t need it, so not a big deal.
Great review. Subscribed.

George Travers says:

My 2015 Hyundai Sonata Sport with the 2.4 Liter engine 6 speed gets 28 city, 36+ highway@70 MPH with plenty of power to go. So what is the real advantage to the Turbo 1.6 Liter ECO?

Guy Portmonteau says:

There’s a lot of tangents in the video and lots of detail lacking. A DCT shifting too fast (even though it’s an opinion). It’s an ECO model. It’s definitely designed to do that. The 27 mpg attained in city driving – most likely he buyers for the 1.6 ECO won’t chirp the tires on every take off. History is out of place in the video (it’s not in the title). The 0-60 on the ECO is 6.7 seconds (someone reading this comment will want to know). Usually buyers for this type of car will want excellent economy and the EPA numbers for most drivers will be obsolete, meaning exceeded. A 1.6 w/out a turbo in a 2016 Accent for instance can get up to 48 mpg with a skilled driver (same engine block) and that car is two classes under and without a DCT. There’s lot of dynamics and the ECO is a class act.

Family Fun and Kids Entertainment says:

Great Eco

MacSaab93 says:

I completely disagree with the comment about the driving dynamics. I own a 2012 Sonata and considered trading up to a 2015. The 2015 drives a hell of a lot better…the suspension is much better sorted. Drives more composed than a Camry or Altima.

cocacoladog10 says:

motoman ur the best car reviewer

Dante Barnett says:

with that being said I cant wait until I get my equus lol

jileel says:

Wow I live in redondo beach; usually you review cars in exotic locations. I didn’t expect a review so close to home. 😀

Glenn says:

Good review. Based on this web based hybrid vs non hybrid cost of ownership calculator at http://www.money-zine.com/calculators/auto-loan-calculators/hybrid-car-calculator/ , it would take me approximately 5 years to break even if I was to buy a hybrid vs ECO model. So unless I had some hybrid incentives to bring the price down closer to the ECO, I am more inclined to go for the ECO. Goes 0-60 in under 8 seconds by the way. Some websites clock it at 6.7 sec in power mode, which is better than the Sport model.

So unless of course I planned to own my car for say 10 years, I might go for the hybrid because it has the lifetime lithium ion battery warranty. Not even the Prius has that! kudos to Hyundai for having a lifetime hybrid battery warranty. In conclusion, if your a price driven consumer like myself, wait for the hybrid incentives to save big and get great fuel economy and still get a very enjoyable car to drive with some nuts to it. Hyundai has incentives on right now to clear out the 2015 hybrids. Personally I would wait for the 2016 Sonata Hybrid deals, then make my choice. It has 193 net horsepower &  an estimated 44 hwy mpg. The fastest non-hybrid appears to be the ECO according to Motor Trend. Hard choice!

One last thing, like many, I’m not sold on CVT’s for longevity or ride. Altima’s have not fared extremely well although they claim they are built better now. We shall see. For now, I like the idea that Hyundai & Mazda aren’t jumping on the CVT band wagon just yet.

 2016 Sonata Hybrid…

Smokey BEAR says:

only 4k views…

ajayjabaieh says:


Kyle Whisman says:

awesome pocket square 

wagsbass says:

Hybrid for the gas mileage.

Shane h says:

I love the idea of a plug in hybrid. However how long will it take for the plug-in hybrid version to pay for itself? And, how much would it cost to have a charging station installed at home ? Also, I would love to see more range with the plug-in hybrid system. Like anywhere from 30 to 50 miles. Actually, the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid version is the model I would get (not for myself, but for my father). He is a Toyota Camry fan, but i think he would prefer the Hyundais style over the current generation camry.

David Cuccia says:

I miss PV – my old stomping grounds.

cocacoladog10 says:

u look like saul goodman

Liam Ross says:

He likes using his hands … 🙂

Plagick says:

after averaging over 100 mpg per tank in my accord phev for 21 months I cringe at sub 30mpg averages 
 PHEV for me. 
The luxuries on the sonata sweeten a change from my accord. BUT i love my Accord.

MrGovenator1 says:

The 1.6T, because DCT,

geosh10 says:

Is this the travel Channel or a car review channel? Lol Just Joking!
As far as handling and smoothness of the new Sonata I have to disagree with you. I find the Sonata to be very well composed over rough road surfaces now. However, 2011-2014 did have bad road manners compared to other Japanese family sedans.
Hyundai is building excellent vehicles now and have been for awhile now.
P.S. I just subscribed to your Travel Channel/Automotive Review Channel!!!
Good Reviews though!

speedrcer1 says:

As the happy owner of a 2013 2.0T Limited (2nd one) I would buy none of them. After a revolutionary design, they have gone way too vanilla. Just look at a 2014 and older. Look at the side crease line that goes from the front wheels, through the door handles to gently wrap around to the rear license plate opening.
Look at the new one, It’s nice, just not as striking. IMHO.

Joshua Matus says:

I bought a sonata sport 2.4 L and I love it. The best car I’ve ever owned. Even better than my Avalon and Camry.

Jordan Hilman says:

The most boring video I have watched recently unfortunately.

Eric Gimmaka says:

t the fuck it smjfkg

TheMirageowner says:

First off, Hyundai has done a wonderful job on these cars. I commute over 100 miles a day, so I would probably skew towards the hybrid/ or plug in model. However, the eco model is quite appealing if you want a no nonsense fuel efficient model. 

chris taylor says:

Not a bad car! My sister owns a Kia Hybrid and she gets better MPG then this car! Good episode buddy! When can we see you behind the 2015 Z06?

George Travers says:

He’s driving the ECO 1.6 with the tech package ($4,100.00 extra).

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