2015 Hyundai Sonata Review | Consumer Reports

The new Hyundai Sonata exchanges some style for more practicality, aiming right at the heart of the family sedan market. Don’t worry, this Hyundai still remains a good value.
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DevPack says:

not as sharp as a Fusion or Mazda. Probably doesn’t as drive as good either. Still a solid car though. 

TheLifetraveler1 says:

It’s hard to break habits. For me that meant Honda or Toyota. So when I purchased a new car in January, I grabbed the 2016 Civic. Within days, I realized I made a mistake. Tried to trade it for a new 2016 Accord, the dealer wanted me to take a 25% loss. No way, so I looked at the Sonata, which a year earlier was at the top of my list. Compared it to the Accord and realized I get so much more for my money. Bought the Sport version, and got what I expected. A smooth ride (similar to my old Lexus ES), great fuel economy (250 mile road test this week at 70mph, yielded 41mpg on the highway). Lots of extra’s liked Android Auto compatibility, good, simply laid out entertainment system, supportive seats with power lumbar and more. Plus a huge bumper to bumper warranty advantage. So far, so good! I’m really happy with it. Oh yes, it cost less than the 2016 Civic.

chuckwalla says:

I’m beginning to see a little bit of that premium look they are going for with this redesign.

Sigrafix says:

I actually think this one looks better than the last one.. I was saving up for a ecoboost or a v6 2015 Mustang but now this car has really caught my attention.. looks great, cheap and comes pretty well equipped and from all the reviews I’ve seen so far they say it feels significantly better on the road and a lot quieter.

King Jack says:

I already see these on streets.

tochjo772 says:

NO MORE POLITICS~!! just review as is<33

Ronnie Pierce says:

They offer a 10 year bumper to bumper also. This is what i have.

Rafael Caminero says:

The most impressive sedans for 2015 are the new Volkswagen Passat and the new Chrysler 200. This model looks form the 90’s.

Mike Frost says:

The interior looks a little bland. .

Sabri Mo says:

It looks nice but I’m not sure about the quality of the car compare to Honda accord. 

shapingo says:

Is it better than its sister car, the Optima?

TheSpritz0 says:

BIG mistake not to go to 8-speed or CVT…
Look at the new Chrysler 200, a 9-speed!!

Realtime Reviews says:

Hyundai is getting EXPENSIVE as most cars are. It’s sad

Iexposeyourlies says:

More high class German look inside and out….the old model looked like a fad design  out of a Korean video game.

GBraidi78 says:

Consumer Reports or anyone on here can help me out. I am thinking of buying this car do you guys recommend this over the accord? Please give me your honest opinion I will appreciate it. I have a 2007 Honda Accord EX-L that I want to trade!

Realtime Reviews says:

Its nice to see what the base or mid level sonata looks like vs everyone who reviews the overpriced loaded models


Retail Hold? Boy oh Boy.

Marc M. says:

We own 5 (five) Hyundais, and have been loyal customer at least since 2006. The sunroof on my 2013 Sonata Turbo SE shattered in my driveway, a car with barely 4000 miles on the clock – you can see the video here: New 2013 Hyundai Sonata Turbo SE 2.0 Shattered Sunroof – No Reason
Hyundai is not the company I thought it was: when I tried to contact them they refused to talk to me, banned me from their Facebook page and relegated me to twitter. For such a big company they behave like sheep, cowards they are. The bottom line: don’t buy a Hyunadi. Save yourself the trouble and go with another brand. No one in my family will buy a Hyundai product ever again.

juan tafoya says:

The previous one had a more premium looking exterior but this one ain’t bad either. I’m glad most of the torque is now delivered on lower rpm.

Tim Joseph says:

The 2015 Subaru Legacy with standard Symmetrical AWD has styling cues exactly from the 2015 Hyundai Sonata, except that chrome line that extends from the headlight to the rear door. The Legacy has Limited Slip differentials standard in all trims, paired with the only Lineartronic CVT, in both 2.5 and 3.6 Liter Boxer engines. However the 2.5 Liter Boxer 4 cylinder engine has active grill shutters to get 26 MPG city and 36 MPG on highway. Also Subaru Legacy models with EyeSight automatically brakes and has color cameras, instead of black and white cameras from the first generation.

Iexposeyourlies says:

CVT cost more to maintain and 3 times more to repair….yuck

Brian Michaelson says:

City: 9.8 L/100km
Highway: 6.7L/100km
Combined: 8.4L/100km 

Pedro Pedrosoy says:

Just bought one last week, amazing car for the price, I was a Jap car, GM fan boy, even had  BMW 3 series in the past… I used to be on of many ignorant haters. Now I am a believer.

tasev1 says:

Sorry CR, I think the 2015 looks BETTER than before.

Camerons Car Reviews says:

Love the new Sonata! 2015 Hyundai Sonata Start Up and Review 2.4 L 4-Cylinder

David VanHouse says:

I have a 2012 2.0T and is easily feels like 274 hp

Gene T says:

Six months and I am still enjoying my 2016 Hyundai Sport. The only issue I had with it was the infotainment system kept blinking out. Took it to the dealer, they ordered a new one and put it in under warranty. The mileage seems to be getting even better. Now on the highway for long runs I can achieve between 39 to 41mpg (running at 70mph or 65mph, respectively). The worse that I’ve ever gotten with mainly city driving is about 29, but on average I achieve at least 34mpg per tank.

It is a quiet cruiser than sounds even quieter than my previous Lexus. The only issues are:
1. The steering is kind of loose. You can aim it in a straight line on the highway, but it won’t stay that way if there is even the slightest leaning to the road. 2. Acceleration is leisurely. So if a fast moving semi truck is coming up on your butt when you are at a light, you will not be getting out of the way fast enough. Strangely, the sister car with the same drivetrain, a 2016 Kia Optima, has faster acceleration (tuning I guess) and much more linear steering. But you sacrifice about 2 to 3mpg, for the extra oomph. I felt the simple lines of the Hyundai would look better over time. Also, you get more equipment in the Hyundai for the same price of a Kia Optima (including Android Auto and Apple Carplay). You have to get an expensive extra package to get that in the Kia.

elton john says:

I’m glad to see a return to at least some knobs and buttons rather than fully electronic HVAC and audio system controls.  

Swat Katz says:

I have a 2013. I should have gotten a 2015 brand new. It looks amazing. The new on, 2018 is ugly esp in the from omg wtf

Rohan says:

This look better than the previous gen which look like it had a cleft lip

Brandon Friesen says:

Hopefully, this new Sonata won’t age as terribly as it’s predecessor. A 2013 Sonata looks like it’s from 2004 or something. That’s the problem with over designed cars, like Kia and Hyundai. They’ll get a wake up call though. 

denis dixon says:

Hi Guys, I just came across this new website togethersave – it seems you can buy many Cars and Trucks here at a reduced price through people Group Buying as a ‘Crowd’ – I’ve had a look and it looks good 🙂

Scott Campbell says:

3 min vehicle reviews suck

MrKyungSeo says:

I hate this guy’s reviewing style

Vivek Patil says:

Are all the various AWD systems the same? Or are some better than others? Subaru symmetrical AWD vs bmw xdrive vs Benz 4Matic, etc. Which is best for snowy northeast roads. Thanks.

任戰 says:

0-60 mph is two seconds slower than the previous model and yet fuel economy doesn’t have a meaningful improvement. Hyundai sucks.

jvrdlc says:

Hey Tom;
How strong is the new turbo with less power, is it peppier since its got more torque? and the new 1.6T is it better than the 2.4L

Graham Roth says:

the regular interior has a busy entertainment unit 

C63LEO says:

I got this car last week.  Let me give you guys some feedbacks.
Overall the car drives quite well for a 4-cylinder turbo.  Noise level of engine and drive is somewhat in the mid range.  My previous car was a 2012 Genesis and this 2015 Sonata is not better but doable. 
The car doors were not aligning correctly. Doors were a bit off from the quarter panels and rear passengers door.  I was not able to open driver’s side passenger the door.  I have to pull the handle twice in order to open the door.  Dealership had to take my car in for a day to fix these issues.  I got the car on Friday and return to dealership for repairs on Monday, go figure.  Hyundai Alabama must be rushing to get this car out of factory because their QC is way below par.  I was told the car was also inspected when it arrives at dealership before it can be sold to me.  The QC level at the dealership must be the same as factory, below average.  How Hyundai is able to miss all doors alignment is beyond my comprehension.  I really hope the doors are the only problems and nothing on the brakes or steering as they have a recall earlier when they roll out the 2015 Sonata 2.4s and SEs.  My advice to all my fellow buyers: Beware and please check all the doors alignment, make sure they are flushed with quarter panels and rear passenger doors.  Oh BTW, even after they fix my doors, one of the doors is still not aligned correctly.  I will need to take the car in again.  OMG.  What is waste of my time. 
Bluetooth Audio Streaming:  All 2015 Sonata has this problem and their engineers are working on a fix.  If you try to stream your music from your phone to the car’s Bluetooth system, get ready for a break/pause every 15 seconds.  I was told Hyundai knew about this problem but they will still sell the car anyway.  Currently I’m waiting for a software patch which will fix this but who knows when.  I suggest all buyers to stay the away from this car until maybe a year later till they fix all defects.  If you have a iphone 5 or better, wait for Apple Carplay to be installed before you get the car.  I kind of regretted getting this car so early in the game as Carplay cannot be retro to the current 2015 Sonata models.  Plus I’m not sure what other problem I may encounter.  Better wait then be sorry like me. 
Window Lock:  Yesterday I found a new problem.  Window lock function is not working.  There is a window lock button on the driver’s side left armrest.  Supposedly when this function is on, other passengers in the car is not able to open their windows.  Mine doesn’t work.  This function is broken for my car.  Sad story, Hyundai miss it during their under par QC. 
With so many current problems, my pros are clouded with the cons so there is nothing good to say about the car now.  Until they fix all my car’s existing problems, I may update this review with some goods.  Thanks for reading and hope you all buy other cars for now. 

tankapples says:

They rated great in every category from best in class interior to great mpg, luxury, style, class, maturity and design. Having the countries best warranty is a huge plus, this cars are legit

TheLifetraveler1 says:

3 months now with the new Sonata. I’m very happy I traded in the 2016 Civic for it. Now with 5,000 miles, I can say this Sonata is very much worth the money. Good: huge interior and it feels like a full-size, quiet ride (quieter than my old Lexus), excellent gas mileage (I’ve done 3 measured runs at 70 mph over 350 highway miles with cruise control and have gotten between 39 to 42mpg). WOW! City miles are less impressive, but vary from 26 to 33, depending on the mix. Bad: I keep my Sonata sport in the eco mode, but even in sports mode, it is a tepid accelerator. Strangely, its sister car the Optima with the SAME engine, accelerates much faster. But it also doesn’t get as good mileage. So you want speed or frugal. Entertainment is fantastic in its ease to operate. I can get music thru mp3 cd, mp3 encoded flash drive, Android Auto interface (standard on Sonata, optional on Optima) and blue tooth and Siri XM trial. By accident, I found that Siri provides some data services too, like finding out the gas stations and prices near you. My sport version (two muffler tips, flashing side mirrors, chrome accents, etc.), was a great value at about $21k. Want the most for your money, get one of these!

Matthew Caughey says:

I’m willing to give up some MPG for a proper transmission that really has gears

Jarl Ballin' says:

Always thought the previous Sonata was ugly…

stvnburg says:

Drove a ’17 Sonata last week and it blew my ’14 Camry out of the water. More features for less money, better build quality, better riding car, better everything. The ’18 redesign also looks fantastic. Hyundai is a step ahead of the competition.

Robert Schneider says:

Thank god Hyundai didn’t go with a CVT. I would take an automatic over any CVT.

Nischint Ramesh says:

What? It isn’t a looker as the old model?

The old model looked like a grasshopper… The new one definitely looks better… In fact I never thot I’d say this about a Hyundai… It’s the best looking family sedan out there now… The previous model was yuck… for 2015, they’ve nailed the styling…!

esd67 says:

I have the 2015 Sonata .. Very quiet, good handling . Like the new look. Well done. A/C Will freeze you. Good power. Smooth ride. Just what i was looking for. 5 stars. 10 year Bumper to Bumper  protection plan.

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