2016 Hyundai Tucson First Look Review: Most Improved Crossover of the Year

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) This third generation 2016 Hyundai Tucson is all new. In this TFLcar First Drive Review, Roman walks away impressed by a new car that in his opinion is the most improved new car that he’s driven & reviewed this year.

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karma Ocean says:

Not bad so nice look

Torrack Alba says:

Good job putting out an incomplete review of a vehicle….

quietguy1948 says:

Hyundai…. Wins Again

niceguy60 says:

I like this car allot , and is well within the vehicles I can afford , Sadly Hyundai/Kia customer service is APPALING and their extended warranties don’t worth the paper they are wrinten

Jon Hettrick says:

I want to see this car off roading

mark williams says:

Hyundai Santa FE sport

ECDT1089 says:

I love the color!

Walid Elsayed says:


tigerbalm says:

l’d buy one just for dat blue!

Kareem Rose says:

Roman is horrible review host

Noah Park says:

Hahaha lol

Adventure Biker Scoda says:

awesome design best midsize suv looks like bmw x3 , but you fools review like a shit , hyundai 4th largest manufacturer in the world , you ordinary bafoons learn to respect hyundai and kia , its 100 % better cars than your US shit cars

cuterebornmilo says:

This is more beautiful than CRV and RAV4.

Arthur.Preetham Singh says:

New Hyundai Tucson gets 5-star Euro-NCAP rating

Hyundai Motor’s new Tucson compact SUV received the maximum five-star safety rating from independent vehicle assessment organization, Euro NCAP. Thomas Schmid, chief operating officer of Hyundai Motor Europe, said: “The new Tucson introduces a wide array of safety technologies, such as autonomous emergency braking, at an accessible price. The five-star rating from Euro NCAP is further evidence that quality and safety are built into our new cars.”
All-New Tucson offers new active and passive safety features
The Euro NCAP test findings demonstrate that the All-New Tucson is one of the safest and most comprehensively equipped vehicles in its segment.
Hyundai’s use of the latest active safety technologies enhances the car’s impressive safety results.

billy fatbowe says:

…Well AH…We got AH…Coming across…Ahhh safety,AHH…wrong,Ahhh…Stop it,Ahh/

David Hume says:

I can’t hear the commentary but the background crappy music is as loud as can be

Hisashi Miyai says:

How about crash safety? Crash safety of the second generation was “poor”.

angerkeeper says:

is that rust next to the logo @ 6:00 mark? :/

Dan Rigsley says:

oh no not dual clutch. Fiat had major issues with that.

JaLaL aZiZ says:

How would you rank these 2016 SUVs/Crossovers & WHY:-
Hyundai Tucson 2.4GDi Sport
Subaru Forester 2.5i Limited/Sport
Kia Sportage 2.4 GT-Line
Toyota RAV 4
Nissan Rogue/X-trail
Ford Escape
Honda CRV

Mikhail Nejelski says:

near train trucks. bad. too much noise.

Vv hese says:

great looking car with all that features especially a 7speed DCT..And always great review by TFL team..KUDOS

kreyton76 says:

u call this a review?

Frank Scarano says:

I Just picked up one of these this past saturday. I do love it so far. It rides nice and quiet and has enough pep to get me where i am going. I got the sport model. Make note that the one he is reviewing here is the most expensive Limited model that is in the mid 30’s. So in order to get the panoramic sun roof you have to get the limited model.

mark williams says:

I thought this was a subcompact cuv. The Hyundai sport competes with the CRV and the Rav4

kyong kim says:

looks good, great value for the money

Mikhail Nejelski says:

near train trucks. bad. too much noise.

Liam Ross says:

Really ???? They have their numbers wrong …. 195ft lbs of torque … not 165 …..

brokenrevisited says:

In this video the Hyundai rep states that they are in the “fully loaded” vehicle and that, fully loaded, the MSRP comes in at $32,320. HOWEVER, when I configure the same vehicle on the Hyundai site the MSRP comes in at $34,945. That’s a difference/increase in actual MSRP of $2,625! Did I miss something? ::scratches head::

Milenko Boljevic says:

This car is more beautiful than Bmw x1, X3, Mercedes Glk, Gla, Audi Q3…..And I can bet Hyundai will serve much longer than many competitors.

Rene Dela says:

turn the music off when you talk please so annoying to hear music in the background Thank you Rene

theRealAV8r says:

A bit annoying when most reviews seem to focus on top spec models, which typically sell the least

N2LADIES55 says:


TheNicknack43 says:

If the car is available in 2015, then how is it a 2016 model? This seems to be common practice in America with car manufacturers. I find it annoying.

aikidoboynj says:

175 horsepower for the upgraded motor…ugh, am i the only one who doesn’t see the point of mid size SUVs that have less then 200-230 hp….

devi1ish says:

More than 10% dislikes, get the picture and sack the loser of a presenter!

Jack Frost says:

wow Hyundai and kia
just keep improving
unlike stupid escape

Chris T. says:

@2:33 Isn’t the 1.6L Turbo 195 ft/lbs of torque not 165?

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