2017 Hyundai Elantra Limited: Start Up, Test Drive and Review

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Test drive this vehicle and they will give you a $25 gas card!
This video shows a walkaround, review and test drive of the all new 6th generation Hyundai Elantro Limited Model. The Limited is the top of the line model and features the 2.0L 4 cylinder engine. This has a 6 speed shiftabe automatic transmission. The car has leather interior with a large navigation/infotainment system. Also the addition of the Tech Package and Ultimate Package. Keyless entry, lane keeping assist, blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert with the integrated backup camera. Very nice car priced at $27K. The normal Limited comes in around $23k still with leather and Navigation. A huge improvement over the last generation Elantra. I was very impressed with the car, and it did not seem like an entry level vehicle!


airnmorris says:

I just bought this car 2017 Elantra Limited and slow it isnt and this is a very comfortable car and it handles superb in cornering and handling. There was no body roll and have no idea what your talking about performance wise. This car definitely out classes previous elantra models from 2011 on. My car is a loaded leather seated rocket and performs out standing! Especially when I use it in sport mode.

Santhosh Kumar says:

Great review and excellent presentation..

Lb B says:

still better than a Chevy any day of the week as far as reliability

Jimi Hendrix says:

This kid is old enough to drive?

Ponyboy says:

Your fuel is low

kinsarah king says:

Excellent, very nice car

S Zia says:

question: i am torn between the 2017 elantra limited and the ex-t 2016 civic coupe. which one would you buy? i have to make a decision very soon.

Mirza Tariq says:

Nice car bro

Jesse Laughlin says:

looks like mazda now

Maurice Joya says:

Junk cars! Had a brand new 13 Elanatra Limited With Tech package. Fell apart in less than a year, bring it back and forth to the dealership. Got rid of it. Lesson learned, u get what u pay for!

pawelek3xx says:

It s copy of Kia Optima:( My God, the same menu, guages…

Raymond Sánchez says:

Beautiful car, Hyundai made a good job

Kevin White says:

cant wait till the 1.6t sport comes to north america!

Erik P.T. says:

I have a 2011 Hyundai Elantra does the new model have more room?

simple me says:

I rather stick to volkswagen

Karim Sanchez says:

Excellent presentation . I have a 2016 Elantra , nice car but this 2017 There are some thing I really do like , great tech , nice car . Maybe in 2018 or 2019 I might trade my 2016 and get a 2018 or 2019 elantra .

Jeri F says:

Does android auto work with this?

Victor Beltran says:

sad copycat product. Front looks like a Mazda 3, side panels like a ford, etc

ssquareh says:

what is the songs name in starting

UsfanlovesMinho says:

This is very nice but I like the sculpted sleek design of my 2014 Elantra better. But still, this is a very good looking car inside and out.

Steve Franklin says:

the black inside, is actually a graphite color. put something black next to it. you’ll see the difference.

bill smith says:

Bad handling compared to the focus,bad engine too.leaste its got leds…..

Challa Revanth says:

does elantra 2017 gets paddle shifters?

Mahmoud Hamdy says:

what is name of the music in the start of the video

Eric Mcdonald says:

Bought a 16 Civic touring, pretty sure it beats this Elantra.

Bros FOURR Speed says:

2016 Honda Civic Sedan Review. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76MBTXq3FgI

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