2017 Hyundai Elantra Review – First Drive

The new compact has a lot of substance to back up a new style. Full story, photo gallery and specs: http://www.autoguide.com/manufacturer/hyundai/2017-hyundai-elantra-review


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AlohaBiatch says:

30k for a car that starts at around half that price? Ridiculous.

I thought the main appeal of compact sedans was the price. At almost 30k I would rather get a mid-size sedan with more features, better engines etc..

craig doss says:

Alright Sami. Welcome back to the world of video reviews….thumbs up.

misantroop says:

Funny how Hyundais used to be ugly and now are probably the best looking in their respective classes.

gallyun1 says:

Looks a little like a Audi A3.

Tommy Le says:

Lol designer of this model needs to go

Edward_Arzadon /Games/Vlogs/Reviews/ says:

In 2016 released but in year 2017?!?!!!

torrid94 says:

The interior spoils it a little for me.

christopher hernandez says:

I lovths the the new elandthra

Jay R says:

this would have to be the cheapest car i ever driven.. perfect for people who dont give a crap about cars and just want to go to point a to b

Josh Kim says:

Eating this Korean’s leftover kimchi…really? Clever.

D Doge says:

lmao eats the leftovwr kimchi hahahah

Jake Holtz says:

th th th thhhh..you’re thirty, the speech impediment makes your reviews unbearable to watch, which is unfair to the viewers, I’ve known many with the same issue and it be resolved before their twenties..so I’m guessing you’re blackmaling them or something because why else would you have a job as a reviewer

stop asking me to change my name! says:

Old version looks much better than this new one. Sales are way down since they changed the styling.

Chauncey Get-Yo-Bills-Up says:

Sufferin succotash!!!

CDXXIX says:

Seriously nobody involved in the making of the video knew how to pronounce Elantra?

Alex Maddox says:

The Mike Tyson Of Car Reviewers.

Zanisha Harrysingh says:

my father has a 2017 elantra and it’s fully loaded

GooseMeister says:

Do they have samples for the kimchi? I bloody want some.

Experiment Eks says:

Too many hissing noises when he speaks.

thweepz says:

the front end looks like a ford fusion or focus. im not a fan. its step back from the previous generation.its bland and looks less sophisticated.

Everett Kim says:

It just really bothered me how he said elantra the entire video

Ayman Ismail says:

Thuffring thacatash the way he pronounces his “s” lol

マックス Man says:

i can tell this car is a P.O.S. if you want a proper sedan, go buy a mercedes-benz s63 amg.

Eli Kang says:

that lisp is something else

Mind Mind says:

Elantrash !!!

enemay says:

Why anyone would buy this over the Civic or Mazda 3 is beyond reason.

xovux says:

have you waged war on the letter S

freezor80 says:

I like this guy. But he really needs to learn to pronounce the car names correctly.

P-O Veilleux says:

Love that new grill!

fabio john says:

You are the champ

spikeclux says:

Interior looks tightly fit. Reminds me of Audi car

DogDaybreak says:

$27,585 as tested?? Did I read that right? I hope that’s not USD. Anyone who pays that much for an Elantra in ANY trim should live the rest of their life in solitary confinement. That price is absolutely hilarious. A 170hp fully loaded Jetta SEL which will run circles around this car are around $25K.

Kevin O says:

Hot car, hot reviewer! I’ll take both.

Jake Holtz says:

..I really try to be patient but seriously

Machupichu0609 says:

27k for an ELANTRA. A base model WRX (with has an IIHS Top Safety+ rating, AWD near to 250 bhp and 0-60 of around 5.5 secs) costs that much

abc says:

This car is 5 years behind the new civic.

muzictherpy says:

interior front mask is not as good as previous..

JR S says:

for 10 grand less than this car, I can get VW jetta with standard gdi turbo engine, plus independent rear suspension with anti-sway bar. this car has downgrade non-gdi engine and cheap beam rear suspension. if you want a new Hyundai, buy the elantra gt, better suspension and engine and interior, or the Tucson or Sonata. on a grading system, I would give this an “F”. inferior car to Mazda 3, Focus, Jetta, Scion im, and especially civic.

dean2663 says:

2017? I thought they would have the 2020 model available by now.

tricia fe parrenas says:

sssss ssssss ssstttttooppp talking!

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