2017 Hyundai Elantra Sport TECH REVIEW (1 of 2)

MotoMan heads to the Nevada Desert to experience a MAJOR step for Hyundai – the first ever, real US entry into the ‘Sport Compact’ for Hyundai – the 2017 Hyundai Elantra Sport. Prior to our FIRST DRIVE REVIEW, he takes the car to just outside Death Valley, California to present a TECH REVIEW of three major engineering and design changes that differentiate the Hyundai Elantra Sport from the standard versions of the Hyundai Elantra. Along the way, he presents some surprises and some behind the scenes logic of how more power and VERY different suspension set up came to being in a Hyundai Elantra . . .

For more information, check out our 2017 Hyundai Elantra FIRST DRIVE REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIKmgaoAJmo

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chrisjoplin says:

Way to copy a VW Golf GTI interior. Even has a ball shaped shifter.

davidst489 says:

My 2002 Hyundai has fully independent suspension guess they realized now some of us noticed. My wife”s 2014 torsion rear is a real hopper LOL.

richard smith says:

sweet car good review can u show the dash/gauges and interior. BUt can’t wait for the N perf. models to appear. I’m in the US east coast I drive a ’05 Nissan Altima SE-R and I love it. And can’t wait for the Nismo version next year.

Chris Dade says:

dude i just looked up the price under 22k and independent rear suspension

Daniel Deandrade says:

Daniel from Marlborough MassachusettsMods list:- Wider wheels with at least a 225 width tire high performance all season, aka sport comp 2 A/S- A more aggressive brake pad nothing too crazy for a little more bite.- free up the exhaust? At least 2.5″ turbo back a factory exhaust upgrade should be offered.- find out a way to improve shifter feel without being harsh( don’t know how it feels now just thinking of my Genesis coupe) maybe a factory short throw could be offered- free up the intake, dryflow highflow filter ( factory upgrade?)- BloodTypeRacing tune- small drop maybe 1″
All I can think of without driving the car and seeing what I’m working with.
I’m a oil truck fabricator full time and part time performance advisor for friends haha I drive a 2015 Hyundai Genesis coupe 3.8 with an AEM cold air intake, 3.91 rear gears from a 2.0t Genesis, and a 3″ custom exhaust, upgraded shifter bushings, custom torque strut, Upgraded transmission mount, and last custom 4th differential mount.

David Toback says:

I drive a 14′ Elantra Sport here in Orlando, FL. I’d like to see what tuning can do for the car and a high flow or cold air intake. Could see some really nice power increases!

David Santiago says:

I also think that the styling is just right….Honda has taken it a bit too far in all their cars except the accord (especially the acuras)….with conservative styling, appearance mods pop more.

Jenbug0421 says:

Does anyone know when the Elantra Sport will be released here in the USA? I was on the Hyundai website and there was none in my area?

Chris Sorreda says:

Fuck me? They developed an all new rear suspension for this? Hyundai is fucking serious here good job.

고준서 says:

I’ll install a fucking parallel twin turbo system with fully custom built intake&exhaust manifolds to make that shitty 1.6 t-gdi engine to make 300+ horsepower. And I’m korean.

Fuck yeah give me more power

Bcomes says:

I’m actually really digging this car.. made me view the Elantra in a better light

Ozy says:

This guy talks way to much

Adam Konner says:

I’ll have to try it , not sure if i like the body style I think my 2009 elantra gls looks better

hoho hi says:

whatta pussy car is that

Magneto says:

Nice little car.

David Santiago says:

I have the often overlooked Kia Forte 5 Turbo, same engine as the VT and this Elantra sport. I drive about 200 miles a week, usually a bit more, and get about 24.5 mpg…..running average over many tanks. I got it with 9k on the odometer (so no 100k warranty from Hyundai/Kia for me) and is a great car. Steering could use more road feel (sport mode gives it good heft) and car needs sway bars to help it out (a cheap upgrade). Amenities are fantastic and I’m sure will be even better in this car as Hyundai needs to keep their spot in light of fierce comp from every make.

The heart of this brand right now is this 1.6T that is popping up everywhere…the power is fine from the factory but can be modified to get more power out of it and aftermarket support and tuners are coming over to set up shop. These engines can safely make 240hp (auto) or more….

Arin Muhammad says:

too much focusing on talking. show us more about the car and less about the talking men.

D Doge says:

I wouldn’t tune anything. You buy the car, leave as it is.

William musslewhite says:

got the 2017 Limited in April. wish I would’ve waited

Juanito Rogel says:

Red Stitching!!! GTI was known for that. Love the changes Hyundai made and really good review

nolongerinserviceify says:

I drive a 2011 WRX with “stage 2” mods. Im driving 20k miles a year now and am thinking about trading in the rex for this car because I get about 22 mixed driving on 93 octane. I want the manual but am swayed by the autos better mpg….. hmm. I might do like an intake and tune….maybe a dp…. 🙂

KJ DSBDJ says:

Part 2???

Demar Gio says:

Damn Hyundai… good job.

LamborghiniReven1000 says:

They are definitely making headway here as far as building a better car goes. They have to work on the suspension and tech first, I’m just waiting on more power from the factory. Personally, I would not tune this car because of the amazing warranty that comes standard! I think I’d be far more interested in an N Type Veloster Cabriolet, with over 300 HP 🙂 I currently drive a ’97 Ford Escort LX and I’m from California 🙂

Duncan McLellan says:

For tuning ideas… The suspension seems to work well with the car, so I’d focus (predictably) on the drivetrain. The 1.6 makes 201hp on 87 octane, I believe. I’d give it a 91 octane “tune.” Intake/Headers/Exhaust to go with the tune. Then I’d take a look at the pulleys and manifold. And then, if there’s money left in the budget, I’d go with a short-shift kit (the throws are easy, but longish), upgraded brake pads and take your suggestion to swap out the carbon fauxber trim for something aluminum-looking or even piano black. All in, I’d look for 240hp (150hp/L) and a high 5-second-to-60 time. My current DD is a 2012 Genesis Sedan, but I’ve played amateur tuner with a Dart GT and have had fun in the past with an ’05 GTO and V6 Genesis Coupe. Currently residing in Iowa.

D Geiger says:

Wish you tested the Dual Clutch. 95% sold will be that.

Aguyfromdubjay says:

If you’re considering this, you might as well get a veloster turbo

Abhishek choubey says:

seriously, in terms of look better than Audi a3

Envy Sam says:

Sure I’d tune this car. I currently own a 2014 elantra sport. Has intake, header, full custom exhaust, coilovers, bigger brakes, and a handful of cosmetic mods. Stock makes 175 hp probably over 190hp now.

Robert Simmons says:

And Hyundai has added more horsepower and taken away emergency braking?

Ulieq says:

I would like it if it got +30mpg but its a 25mpg car, not interested.

mugenspike says:

if the drive is awesome i’m buying one

tsitalon1 says:

Easy, currently drive an Evo IX.

I’d approach this vehicle the same way as an evo.

small turbo upgrade, peak hp ~275 & 275tq. peak torque targeting 2200rpm.

small injector upgrade, fuel pump upgrade (if needed) maybe dual tune utilizing e85.

intake & exhaust only if absolutely needed, want to keep it quiet if possible.

Caezar SomethingWicked_F5_Turbo Martinez says:

I currently own a forte5 SX and have a supportive tuner . So the car has had a lot of work done to it . From what was done to my car ends where this car can move forward! I would swap the turbo to a upgraded super stock unit . Pushing it to 300 at the wheel . Full exhaust tuning . Upgrade 3.5 ” intake and a remapping to take full advantage of the new turbo . Suspension would be coilovers . Bilstien is available for the i30 overseas and I’m sure they would swap over to the sport . UR racing tower bracing lower bracing and rear bracing to tighten control. In the end one fun fast track car ! We are excited at the shop to see the first Elantra sport to pull in cause we have a ton of ideas thanks the the forte and velosters

RandyJM21 says:

id make it mid engine, rear wheel drive with a  current z-06 engine and 300 shot of nitrous.

hoho hi says:

pussy car get lost

jason tyler says:

200hp? pass. up the HP and make it all wheel or rear wheel drive

sleepybird09 says:

I would tune it. the very first mod I would do is add a LSD. aftermarket shocks with stock springs. intake and a tune, and tire upgrade (once originals wear off). that’s it really. ideally I’d wish hyundai would drop their 2.0l turbo into the elantra 275hp and same mpg. really its a no brainer. I drive a 97 z28 a4 and a 13 sonic rs manual.

Ulieq says:

The rear suspension was developed at the same time the 2017 model was made, it just was not implanted because it was not quite ready.

Dvin Azizian says:

power: 6th element engineering cold air, 845 front mount intercooler, 845 downpipe, muffler/second cat delete, tork motorsports tune, catch cans obviously.

handling: pierce motorsports race handling package, BFG Gforce sport comp2 ultra high performance summer tires 235/40/18 insted of the 225/40/18.
i live in Glendale CA drive a Forte 5 turbo

Honesty Counts says:

Its basically the same engine/transmission as found in the Hyundai Tuscon 1.6T, except the Elantra Sport has a LOT LESS WEIGHT to carry around than in the Tuscon crossover.

Woobyung Chae says:

intake, exhaust, LAP3 Uncle Chip Tune, catch can and new tires.

killertek78 says:

Called my local dealer soon after this video was watched. I have an ’11 Elantra GL 6AT. Great car with a wobbly rear end that I only like on the ladies. Naturally I’m very interested in how this car is improved with proper rear mechanical, and a DIY gearbox. They emailed the rep for Canada and will let me know when one is available for test. Manual and Black please!

If I get one(pretty cretin at this point), all that chrome needs to get blacked out, tinted glass and wheels dipped. Then see what the aftermarket offers for exhaust and intakes. Better rubber (Comp 2’s) and better pads, and maybe some added sound refinement materials. Wheels down the road for sure from XXR or something.

FUN FACT: My dealer JUST called me as I was commenting on this video , and December seems to be the date when they will be putting in orders/getting deliveries for them, and wanted to know my preference on colour and tranny. Crazy.

Seth Glenn says:

Needs a limited slip differential. Needs to take to Mazda and Honda about shifter feel. Could do with dual rear exhaust.

I drive an 02 Hyundai Santa Fe in the US and this will likely be my next car.

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