2017 Hyundai Sonata – Review and Road Test

The midsize sedan segment is a contentious one. But even in such a stacked field, the Hyundai Sonata has established itself as a serious contender in recent years. Will the latest Sonata mean big things for the Korean automaker? KBB’s Micah Muzio finds out in this video.

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Mauricio Gomez says:

3.79 for gas?!?! JESUSSS 4:02

Guy Good says:

shit korea car

weirdshibainu says:

just rented one for a week long road trip…I agree with your review…the downside was massive road noise. …maybe
not on the higher trims

Jose Ahmed says:

I have a genesis 2012 4,6 , not happy with the paint , midnight blue , infact , I have a 2007 camery and the paint shine more then the 2012 , stuck with the fast fadeing paint Hyundai , genesis , not to tickle .

Tommy Vent says:

Neh. Hyundai, like kia (same cars owned by same corporation. E.g. Hyundai sonata=kia optima) continue to be the generic brand of the car world. They LOOK like pricier higher end cars, they LOOK good on paper but they’re not.

Its like buying an off brand TV, sure it works fine,has tons of feature and looks decent and its cheaper but its still not quite a Sony. My uncle is a tech at a hyundai dealer,works on them all day and he says he would never buy a Hyundai, seen engines blow for no reason and says its good they have a good warranty…cuz your gonna need it.thats all i needed to know.

Yasminee Bisshh says:

Hopefully my parents come through for my birthday

Principe Raphael says:

Rented one this weekend – really nice car. Comfortable and well-put together. I hate having to turn it in tomorrow morning. Micah, you make me laugh with your commentary. You should do stand-up, seriously.

ABCDE 12345 says:

please make a video on Toyota Premio

Shahzeb Sheikh says:

the Kia Optima Turbo is much better


My wife got the Dark Truffle Sport Loaded with sunroof and we love it . 100k 10 yr warranty too.

ivy gaddi says:

I had that car at 2017

ABCDE 12345 says:

please make a video on Toyota Premio vs Hyundai sonata

Brandon Cazares says:

Hyundai sucks

genki2genki says:

Say it quickly: Sonata good car.

MrDariuus says:

Had it for a year, and really loving it.

sasuke1018 says:

anyone else notice video made in 2014? but yet he have a 2016 car?

King Ny says:

I dislike because Im jealous

bmworld says:

it’s a Ford and a Toyota mixed together simple as that fuck Hyundai

Ryu Kevin says:

Sonata or Civic? I know they are not in the same class, but according to truecar value, hyundai sonata has a less price than civic.

Snoata2016 Group says:


Kyle Rider says:

I had a 14 Nissan Altima and I do not recommend. Just saying. I didn’t like the handling it’s pretty and roomy but that’s it oh and the paint job was low quality

Ryan Murphy says:

Had this as a rental car for a week. From a passenger perspective, it was alright, quiet, roomy & smooth. However, from a driver perspective, the nicest thing I could say is that it is a disastrous example of Korean engineering.


how much?

Supreme Etnel says:

Which is better?.. The Sonata or the Accord ?

Codi Go says:

Sonata or Kia Optama??

Jethro Yin says:

Rented one for a weekend road trip. It’s ridiculously spacious in the back. However the rest of the car was not so good. Massive road noise, bad stereo, numb handling, weak engine(I don’t believe it’s producing 180 hp. It feels like 120 hp). That particular car has badly balanced front wheel that wobbles all the time. It’s made for those people who has never test driven another car.

crow33215 says:

This is pretty much a luxury car

Ness Rosenbrad says:

Midsize sedan market Is too competetitve.

Aziz Jurakulov says:

my dad has this car its awsome

Sal Ske says:

Sonata or camry? I can’t decide

Kyle Rider says:

I just bought this car in silver and I’m six foot two and if I put the seat all the way back I can’t reach the wheel lol the most compliments I get is on the roominess and value and quality. It may not be very fancy but I bought this car brand new for 19810 and that is so great to me

L4NCING says:

i want that panoramic sunroof but the package makes the car cost 28k

christopher locus says:

this was made in long Beach,CA just thought I’ll throw that out there lol

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