2018 Genesis G80 Sport 3.3 Twin Turbo V6 TECH REVIEW (1 of 2)

MotoMan takes a second look at the Genesis G80 – this time, the Genesis G80 Sport. Yes, the biggest difference is the 3.3 Twin Turbo V6 pilfered from the Genesis G90 however he demonstrates a number of other differences between standard Genesis G80, Genesis G80 5.0 V8 and the all new 365 HP Genesis G80 Sport. . . .

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Happy Robins says:

Will Hyundai/genesis ever make a truck to compete with the F150/250/350, Ram, GM’s? I’d like to see them do so

MARL B says:

I was thinking of buying the G80 but then as I Drive around town I’ve noticed that most of Hyundai’s and Kia’s cars look just like the Genesis. Until Genesis can separate them self from those cars then maybe!

Csab says:

I like this car it has a really powerful engine.

wivese86 says:

From Texas, plan to buy used maybe CPO. Drive too much for lease to make sense on value.

MrCarGuy20 says:

For the brand, moving into separate dealerships can’t come soon enough. They need their own network to break away from the Hyundai image. They are facing struggles like Lexus was in the 90s – being associated with cheap Toyota products. They should also really consider their own performance brand. I know they said no to Hyundai’s “N” already, but they may need something. Either way, it is amazing how much better a product this is than a comparably priced Lexus GS (for drivers at least).

I would buy a 3.3t Sport (preferably used). With a reputation for reliability, separate dealer network, and the great warranty, resale values may eventually combat Lexus.

andy vdw says:

tech way behind other brands, like the design but lacks modern technologie. example: the usb, other brands can load ur cellphone wireless (like the new volvo’s)

Dominique Hebert says:

Market research is infinitely easier since we’ve got the Internet. When you comment with you’re preferences, well that’s automatic feedback. In the pas it took weeks to get feedback on any product and that was expensive too. Companies still do all types of things to gain opinions about their products, but videos like this are playing an increasingly larger part.

Jonathan Ward says:

I truly admire these cars and what they stand for. Less is MORE, they have aligned with the every type of driver, there is more than just a little something to consider for those who choose to acknowledge the value. Jahan from Atlanta Georgia and I would do whatever I can to bring value and business to this brand. I would buy or lease. Buy because it is worth keeping, but I would also consider leasing for the trend of trading up and testing out all their new tech for the world to see. I am an individual who actually admires and utilizes new tech as it arrives. Sign me up !

headcas620 says:

Genesis won’t matter until they spend 2.2 billion dollars developing it and hand build it in Korea.

MJ DGI says:

I would buy

ihateshysters says:

Waiting for Genesis crossover.

Dylan Wodrich says:

“It drives the wheels that God intended”. Gosh this guy is freaking hilarious in the most subtle of ways. Writing from Illinois. I’d buy because it’s a phenomenal value, my local dealer offers a lifetime warranty (even on pre owned cars) and they offer an all wheel drive model that would be great for the winters here. And it’s sexy. Very sexy.

N P says:

The BMW 540 is better.

Jaguar F-type says:

Im trying to get on board with your reviews MotoManTV, but frankly i am shocked at how irresponsible you are. At 7:53 you say the most important thing about this car is its resale value is good, forget about lease to buy ratio that doesn’t translate into anything tangible, the Hyundai Genesis has the single worst depreciation of any car, not just cars in its segment https://www.cheatsheet.com/automobiles/the-worst-depreciating-around.html/?a=viewall and that is from an article published on june 26th 2017, this has been going on for years with genesis look at this article from 2015 https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/get-there/wp/2015/01/21/the-best-bargains-for-buyers-looking-for-lightly-owned-used-cars/?utm_term=.0d7a8a1db03a. this car depreciates 17% above average, yet you state the most important thing is the resale value… how in the world does such awful depreciation translate into good resale value? you sound like a car salesman for Hyundai this is not an objective review? On top of that you state all the buttons and knobs are a nice feature, at 4:44 you say its full of buttons and knobs makes it feel retro and is REALLY cool, what in the world is wrong with you, that interior looks like a 15 year old lexus or 20 year old mercedes, people dont want “retro” in this segment, they want modern. in fact the cheapness of all those buttons and knobs isnt for safety, its part of the reason this car is priced cheapest in class, the gear shifter looks to be from a kia optima, and im almost sure im seeing a lot of reused sonata and elantra pieces around that hvac and infotainment units, the interior of the Azera is just as nice as this for much less. Genesis isnt alone with this, others like lexus lincoln and mazerati also use common parts from the parts bin, its cost saving, but it just feels cheep. very disappointed in the review, i hope Hyundai is giving you kick backs for the misinformation, you would make a great car salesman though.

Gil Vietor says:

I buy, eat the loss, trade in when I want something else (I live in Arizona so the tax is paid on the difference in value as well as your registration carries over). Sometimes I do well, sometimes I don’t, but this is my first real tackling at getting a luxury car, and honestly, I am just not seeing myself buy a Cadillac new, slightly used probably.

Csab says:

HI Motoman can you talk about your past meaning how is this channel started and i like to say i do watch and love this reviews also wondering is this job is enough to make a living? (Yes i am nosey)…perhaps your father who was a rocket scientists as you mentioned ,left you with a pile…..

Siwulam says:

did he say resale is good hahaha.  this car will lose half of its value in 2 years.  never buy it new, let someone take the massive hit and buy it with 20k miles

JD Gaming 1050 says:

I would buy. Leasing is the most expensive way to operate a vehicle.

J High says:

A Pennsylvania native currently exiled deep behind Confederate lines in Tennessee. German luxury car badge elitists will never appreciate the value of this car. It has just enough performance and near luxury touches to make it a worthy alternative to its BMW, Audi, and Mercedes counterparts. The included as standard tech features alone vs the overpriced option packages offered by German automakers should entice buyers into Hyundai/Genesis dealers.

mark lo says:

The crown is the Toyota upscale to the Avalon

MIMC90 says:

1) Never leasing. Paying the steep depreciation and end up with nothing in the end. 2) Buying it. Great value and genesis’s warranty is best in class. 3.) I live in florida so rwd and high torque is fine!

Tom Larmondra says:

I enjoy your videos, but if I did a shot every time you said “unpack” I’d be drunk after every video you make! 4x this time. Ok, so I’m a bit of a lightweight these days.

Tafari Boozer says:

Gorgeous Genesis Vehicle!

EuroSpeed says:

They are asking too much money, compete with Honda before BMW them move up.. No points for saying I bought and drive a Hyundai..

Ben says:

Buy! At 16 months old and 8,000 miles my Genesis was well under half price in England! Over here we only have one model – 3.8 with premium pack (incl heated and cooled, reclining rear seats) but we only have the 14 speaker touchscreen radio and the glossy wood. There are no options available here. Just take the Genesis as it is!

Doug N says:

I like the color. So sublime… lol

John Ward says:

Buy, 2015-2016 used. Depreciation is pretty heavy and the base V6 can run on regular gas.

SociallyBrandedMedia says:

Always good input and information from the Motoman! Thanks

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