2018 Hyundai Accent • 2018 Hyundai Verna TECH REVIEW (1 of 2)

For the first time ever, MotoMan looks at a sub compact car: The 2018 Hyundai Accent . . . a/k/a the Hyundai Verna is some regions of the world. He kicks things off by presenting the challenge of design in the sub compact car segment that Hyundai and others face then move on to some of the major changes to the Hyundai B segment car, the 2018 Hyundai Accent . . .

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TOTO Cult says:


RojSlade says:

Can we put the 1.6 turbo in the Accent?

blitzbbffl says:

Hyundai did a great job with the Accent. Real buttons, real knobs, a normal shifter shifting an in-house 6-speed Auto or manual. It sounds like the value proposition in the subcompact segment.

Dylan Wodrich says:

For the hypothetical elantra gt n, I’d pay no more than 28k for the performance version with 270hp. 26k for the base model with 250. That’d be a lot of car for the money. But knowing Hyundai, I have a feeling the regular I30 N would be around 24 before rebates. I’d totally pull the trigger on that. And I drive a 2014 elantra gt with a 6 speed manual.

ملك الرويال says:

مجنون اكسنت وين يارس ي ناس

MP says:

I think the more Hyundai/Genesis vehicles I look at, the more I think they look like new VW’s.

Boreas Leonis says:

The tail lights are almost identical to Ford Focus Sedan.

Rashad Ray says:

Motoman, I don’t own a performance hatch but have had the pleasure of driving both the GTI and the ST and I feel that 24-26K for an i30N would be worth it! I want one! I’ve watch reviews from EVO and other journalists in Europe of the i30 N and it seems to be a fantastic hot hatch. Wish we could get it here. What I like most is their philosophy behind the N brand!

atechnoob says:

I would pay around $32 for an i30 N. I don’t think that I would pay as much as a civic type r for the i30 N. I currently drive a 2007 civic si coupe.

Ganso Goose says:

I would buy an i30 N for $27k. Who am I kidding? I’m too cheap to spend more than $20k on a car. I would look hard for one and probably buy a certified used one. I own a 2016 Scion iM.

Gregory Perkins says:

i cant drop a lot of money on the gt or any sporty version because i am poor and dont want to loose gas mileage. i have a 2015 golf s coming from a 2009 corolla le and farther back from a 1999 camry and a 94 escort

amgGaming says:

“pounds of torque” **cringes engineeringly**

skifree says:

I was looking at the sport a just recently. Settled for the 17 civic si just because the sport was a little too soft for my tastes

I’m sure an N Version would be heavily considered in the future. Though I wouldn’t pay over $33,000 cad ($26,000 US). Any more and a wrx would be the better buy for awd up north.

Calimag says:

How do people feel about the lack of a spare tire in these cars? I’ve had to change a tire in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night on more than one occasion. Not sure I’d buy a car that did not come with a spare.

Clay Octane says:

With the weight figures on the new Accent could you imagine if they did an N version? It could rival the Miata for lightweight dynamics

Dragon-cat Motorsports says:

Hyundai definitely step their game up, I’m impressed with the new accent & with a tune/turbo from our good friends at shark racing you could have a very nice turner car!

S G says:

I would drop the change for a i30 providing its quality was close to my gti. On another tact, i enjoy all your thorough reviews but would appreciate you expanding outside your usual hi performance and/or higher end vehicles. More reviews of the regular editions of cars like the golf, accent, elantra, cruze, focus, etc. thnx

TOTO Cult says:

I will definitely would drop a check on a Hyundai GT Sprot hatch and if I could, would like to purchase a European one, i30 N. Jealous we can’t have that one here lol

1guyin10 says:

For Hyundai it is too bad that the market for small cars has fallen off so badly. It is something they do rather well. Most people, if they set their mind to it, could pay off an Accent in short order and have a pretty good little car that would serve commuter duties reliably for many years.

TOTO Cult says:

Hyundai is doing it up!!!

Dizmurth Dazruilga says:

Would you guys go for the 2018 Hyundai Accent or the 2018 Kia Rio 5 door?

Blake Swan says:

I would not write a check for a Veloster N. I only drive RWD cars with manuals. I currently drive a 2013 Genesis Coupe 3.8L Rspec manual. Wished Hyundai would buck the overcrowded hot hatch crowd and make a rwd 510ish sedan like the Nissan iDX sedan concept from a few years back

JUMP23MΔN says:

I think it looks good… Yes I do!

Blake Swan says:

Unlike Mini or VW/Seat, the rear fenders fail the car proportions. There is too much sheet metal making it look like an eco box. The Fiesta and Fit fail in the way as well. Not sure why designers do that. The metal to glass ratio is terrible in eco boxes towards the rear among the wheels diameter in the rear look smaller than the front wheels. @MotoMan TV do you get kind of what I’m saying about the rear quarter panel styling on this segments cars?

C-Wow says:

interior looks like an old kia rio or hyundai accent interior. kind of a step back from the current accent…

Paul Sherrard says:

i30 N?? I’d pay 35k Canadian – it has to be cheaper than a civic type R. Have owned 8 VW Golf variants (incl GTI), currently in a Ford Escape because wife.

Joshua Duffy says:

I would definitely drop $35k on a i30 N if they brought it to the US. I currently drive a Veloster Turbo and would love the upgrade and extra door.

headcas620 says:

This car is garbage and anyone buying a new car in this segment is an idiot. It makes more financial sense to buy a civic for 3k.

Stereo Typist says:

Gotta admit, this actually isn’t too bad all around. Reliability…. probably not so much.

Ty Mac says:

Have a 2017 GTI and I really like the elantra 4 door turbo. So I think a elantra N I would write a check for $27000

KLAL says:

I’d definitely buy the i30 N if it were $30k. I would rather that over a GTI or even the R if Hyundai would make an AWD version especially having now learned about how the company keeps prices low and quality high. Thoroughly impressed by Hyundai since they stepped their game up around 2015

B Bee says:

Can you review the Genesis GV80 concept? and can you ask interior designer Kerrin Liang for a date??

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