2018 Hyundai Elantra GT: Review

In this video I’ll go for a test drive & completely review the completely re-designed 2018 Hyundai Elantra GT! I’ll go over the performance, exterior, interior, exhaust, cargo space, tech, safety & much more.. Hope you like!

Big thanks to Jack Giambalvo Hyundai in York, PA for allowing me to check out the NEW 2018 Hyundai Elantra GT! For more information on their inventory please feel free to check out their website below…


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Rudy Tanelo Ruxy says:

More HP, bigger brakes and wheels, better MPGs, leather and all the other goodies. Hard not to spring for the GT sport. I wish the hatch had the same interior/dash as the elantra sport. The 4 door has nicer interior and nicer wheels. The 4 door is arguably a nicer looking car but if your driving a low end, albeit fun and kinda quick car your gonna want practicality of a hatch. Drove the manual elantra sport the MT is the transmission to get. Its very smooth and easy to operate and makes the car feel probably quicker then it is and certainly makes it WAY more fun to drive. I would wait till end of year when they do incentives on leftovers and grab one. Hyundai tends to do better incentive deals then most and when you figure content, reliability and warranty they are hard if not impossible to beat value wise. These cars arent porsches but they are remarkably fun to drive for what they are if you get the MT. Hyundai also came a very long way on interior, the Elantra Sport is really nice for the segment in regards to design and the materials are not bad.

radioactivejap historyfakejap says:

I30 is good

I wont i30N buy one

Nathan Ansley says:

I liked this review cuz I’m actually thinking of getting this car but the standard gt doesn’t get the dual exit exhaust

Vayetsii says:

You definitely deserve more subscribers.

MIKE C says:

Is it desiel?

Schoeffeur says:

GP, only the Sport trim is available with dual exhaust. 4:58

Ian Hazelwood says:

This is an awesome review! Put my deposit on the Sport a few weeks ago, and its arriving September 22. Can’t wait! 🙂

jimmydaves says:

Great review as always! You mentioned in the video that you own a Hyundai. What model?

Benjamin McSpadden says:

Any idea when hyundai will start taking orders?

mfmf100 says:

European style by way of Korea, nice.

Roman DiFranco says:

Love Galore by Sza on the radio, yessss haha

mccali says:

These Hyundais almost looks like the infinities


Good video, thnx for the upload! Buy can you plz confirm one thing for me: Does this car have the same aggressive sounding exhaust that comes on the sport sedan? Everyone posts videos about except the exhaust on this car, that’s all I want to know because it will definitely affect my desicion to get it or not. Thanks!

sportsMike87 says:

Front looks good but back reminds me of dull golf

coo2kachoo says:

Philadelphia much?

Noah Higgins says:

Love the Apple car play

Sizwe Nzama says:

know I am confused the is a elanatra gt and i30 they look the same

Tech Defender says:

Civic hatchback sport touring or Elantra gt sport? I’m split between these two

David X says:

Great review Gold Pony as always
However if you don’t mind me saying, you seem to be describing the car and its positive aspects only. I assume that you must have some criticisms of the vehicle?
Your review seems more like an advertisement rather than a review. Just an opinion given the range of Youtube auto reviewers out there. Hope you don’t mind.
Best Wishes.

Happy Robins says:

Sounds good

JB TV says:

Im either getting this car or the brand new 2018 Kia Rio, you think you will be reviewing that one?

Dylan Wodrich says:

First review I’ve seen of yours. Love the enthusiasm, and I love your no bs approach! You state the facts but make it interesting, and your review flows very well. Excellent job. I’ll be coming back to your channel for sure, and I’m subbed.

Gideon Rouge says:

When will it be available in Californi?

Tom Y says:

The first “real review”. You are definitely on your game. Keep it up and your channel will explode in no time. Great job!

sportsMike87 says:

Ehh looks ok

Ryan Belden says:

tight n right

David Hosler says:

Good review . I picked up the sport with the tech package in white . So clean . Got it the first day it came out

Import Car Enthusiast says:

Really sharp looking car inside and out! I especially like all the red accents in the interior. I just can’t get past Hyundai’s crappy resale value.

John Donnelly says:

Looks like Korean made Golf GT and probably more reliable.

sportsMike87 says:

Tire pressure for each tire needed in all cars

matrix0683 says:

I have 2017 elantra sport with DCT, the only thing I miss with the car is the active cruise control. It was not available as a package as well. When on long drives this is the thing I wish I had. Other than that I just love the way it drives completely satisfied with over 7000 kms driven

Andrew K, Northern Ireland says:

New subscriber here. Great videos and enthusiastic reviews. Fantastic 🙂

Wedow says:

Excellent review, very enjoyable and informative, my one complaint is that I would like to see some spirited driving in the car from a pov camera angle. Just kind off puts things in perspective and helps us see how the car puts the power down, just some constructive criticism, great job otherwise!

sopwithsnoopy says:

Only 32mpg highway for the base engine? O.o

futility of human endeavor says:

Rich Piana Rest in Peace!

Jose P. says:

Another awesome video Drew ! Your channel keeps Rocking ❤️✔️

Allen Chao says:

160hp for the 2.0 isn’t bad. But I’d get the turbo one of course with a dual clutch.

Brian McKoy says:

Great review! I would shop this for my 70 yr old mother. Let me find out you’re a SZA fan…..LOL

gsxellence says:

They need to bring back the tiburon

Dan C says:

Thank you for the review! I had driven this a little bit as well, and I thought that it was relatively fast and fun to drive. The steering did feel a little light and the torque a little lackluster, but the DCT shifting is much more responsive than the 2015 Sonata Sport 2.0T that I have right now.

I’m wondering if I should trade it in (still owe about $16k on it) and buy or lease a GT Sport with tech package. I had put down $4k for the initial purchase of the Sonata, which will be partially refunded $2100. I was told leasing just the Sport without the tech would be $379/month with $1000 down for 36 months at 10k miles a year. With the tech would be $430/month.

Any advice? Btw, the car I had REALLY wanted was the 2017 VW GTI, but it would’ve been too expensive. If I take this car to a VW dealership, I’m not going to get any kind of refund for the $4k that was put down. This car feels pretty close to the GTI and I’ve always wanted a hatchback…

tsamm revag says:

this with tech pack or Civic hatchback sp touring ??? about same price, your thoughts

Chao Hong Li says:

Quick question, was the headliner black or white? Couldn’t really tell with the lighting.

AJ 佐罗 says:

Now that’s a slick redesign by Hyundai! Might get this in the near future!

Illmatic662 says:

It’s mind blowing that a car like this which is an important and all new Hyundai has almost no reviews on the net.

Thanks for one of the few reviews out there.

joe b says:

Please be a .manual

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