2018 Hyundai Elantra GT Sport • Hyundai i30 FIRST DRIVE REVIEW (2 of 2)

MotoMan drives the 2018 Hyundai Elantra GT Sport in and around San Diego, California to learn if a Compact Hatchback can work in the US and simultaneously be fun to drive. Along the way, he shares some insight from the people at Hyundai behind the car and takes it to some roads that most 2018 Hyundai Elantra GT buyers will NOT drive to determine if Herr Beirmann of Hyundai’s rear suspension works with an extra door strapped to this Hyundai Elantra . . .

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For more information, watch our 2018 Hyundai Elantra GT TECH REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_03Cgvtdci0

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Charles Chabria says:

@MotomanTV You mentioned that this GT was made in Korea. Did you notice any difference in materials or build quality when compared to the US made Elantra Sport?

Nick Vega says:

For the i30N I would pay 28 thousand dollars of my earned money. That would be the true GTI Slayer and the perfect everyday practical and reliable family that I need.

If the i30 RN mid engine car was available I would be willing to pay 45,000 for it.

inphluence says:

my girlfriend was in the market for a new car. she test drove many cars and i told her to check this out. she was skeptical at first. guess what happened? she absolutely loves it and we most likely will be getting the car. i personally have a mini cooper s 6 speed and i love the thing except when those critical plastic components break on schedule. thank you bmw!

i test drove the car after her and the 7 speed auto wasn’t bad at all. shifted smooth and the power was there when needed. it comes with the gimmicky paddle shifters, but it can be fun for some. i agree with the composed comment. i pushed it hard on a turn going about 70 on the freeway on ramp and i felt that composed feeling. this car has no comparison to honda. maybe the natural motor.. but not the sport. as for gti, that car has better driving dynamics, but the comfort level of this car beats it. chances are high she will be buying it this weekend. hyundai and kia have been doing well with their releases past few years and the warranty offers extra piece of mind. yes the turbo components are covered as well under the 10 year warranty. i am looking forward to the stinger and g70. hopefully a stick option will be offered one day.

thanks for the great, unbiased review. ::subscribed::

Beach Lovin says:

I would never get a hatchback. I love my pickup truck too damn much, lol

wb5704 says:

the car isn’t moving because you’re in neutral you fucking retard…..

Kevin Vilorio says:


Robert Simmons says:

So much useless talk. This dude really likes to hear himself talk.

Fintech says:

Damn I am comparing this to civic hatchback and I really want the elantra. The problem is the road feel and steering feel just doesnt even compare with the civic hatchback. I am going to try and give it one last test drive

Mark Gilpin says:

Like for the cringe

Brad hambrick says:

What about the N model will that come out in the US

tionicho says:

I have recently driven both the Elantra Sport and GT Sport in 6sp manual…Wow, what a surprise. I also drove Mark VII GTI and Civic Si And Sport also manual. Hyundai may not quite be at GTI or Mazda 3 levels..but easily 85-90 percent. Both Elantra Sport Turbo’s could easily show tail lights to a Mazda 3 2.5 and have a Good time with a Civic Sport or Si. I found the 1.6 to be both torquey and responsive and quiet on the FWY. The Wow also came from the standard leather interior, blind spot monitoring and Hid/LED lighting as standard. If you actually get out and drive them your opinions could be swayed..I have owned 4 Integra’s, 3 GTI’s, and 2 Mazda’s..So I don’t believe I have any loyalty bias to 1 brand or another..just looking for cheap driving fun…I also drove the Kia Forte 5 turbo.. nice content but not the same chassis and suspension of the Either Elantra 1.6T’s. My test drive of the Mazda 3 revealed the well respected chassis but in comparison to the turbo power plants of the others here left me wanting for more. With more power I might have thought differently..both the 2.0 and 2.5 are good..but, I experienced better in the others mentioned….Enjoy the Drive!

JCT3 says:

The GT obviously is not a car to be driven as aggressively as a GTI and probably the ride dynamics are probably a tad softer without being mushy, but not being a GTI with a crappy reputation for reliability and service is a good thing. I think the GT might be a better overall daily driver than the GTI when all things are considered. Plus the warranty is the best out there, and the price is better.

CGS Sir says:

When will this car be available

derfdswed says:

This will be a great buy for a 2nd vehicle in a couple years after some depreciation 🙂

katanamast279 says:

Why are we not getting the I30 N here in the USA? That car is sweet

TVinmyEye says:

I just got me a Elantra GT sport with the 7 speed auto. Coming from a Genesis Coupe this car is amazing! The driving dynamics, the handling, and all the gadgetry surpassed my expectations. Also the stock exhaust sounds incredible! Hyundai really paid alot of attention to detail in this car.

imds123 says:

A budget GTI with much better reliability. Love it. Will it hold a hockey bag with some sticks, and can I put a hitch on it to pull my little trailer? Of course..

catsspat says:

No way this Elantra GT Sport can compete with GTI in *un*reliability. Hyundai would be way more reliable.

Rudy Tanelo Ruxy says:

I wish it had the same interior/dash as the 4 door and not the tacked on looking tablet mess. The elantra sport interior is quite nice

Funnycat says:

I’ve always liked that kind of car. It combines practicality and driving fun. Not a lot of contenders in that segment but it’s sure nice to see some newcomers.

Jay Glascoe says:

I just bought one of these. From my recent car-buying experience, the Elantra GT Sport is a direct competitor to the Civic Hatchback Sport and Sport Touring. I felt the huge $6,200 (MSRP) chasm between the Sport and Sport Touring was very nicely filled in by the GT Sport without the tech package. Unlike the Civic Sport, but like the Civic Sport Touring, the GT Sport has: leather seating; keyless entry and startup; a full size infotainment display; cross-traffic and lane-change warning; full LED headlights and taillights; Apple CarPlay and Android Auto; Sirius XM and HD Radio; dual zone climate. Plus it holds more stuff, it’s more of a stealth hot hatch, and I prefer the DCT to the CVT.

$22,100 = ’17 Civic Sport (CVT) MSRP
$24,350 = ’18 Elantra GT Sport (DCT) MSRP
$28,300 = ’17 Civic Sport Touring MSRP

A Yates says:

Hyundai’s have come a long way, but I consider them knock offs.  Therefore, that is why I would never choose this over a Mazda3 or GTI.

A Yates says:

Motoman!  That RPM float when your driving it semi-hard.  It sounds horrible.

Herc O says:

Long drawn out video with not much useful info.

zhppilot says:

Kudos to Hyundai for offering a manual on a sporty model.

Ben Haze says:

nice paint.

Eric Haynes says:

I’m a hatchback guy but this Elantra GT Sport does not impress me very much. It’s neither a competitor for the Civic Hatch or the Golf GTI. I do wonder if this Elantra hatch rides higher than the Civic hatch, which seems to be way too low for my taste. Like I said I love hatchbacks but they have to have something exciting about them, and I’m not seeing/reading/watching any standout from this Elantra. Nice car, but not worth the money and why would I wait a few years and buy a used one? I don’t expect to see many of these on the road either, people will just buy Civics and Mazda’s instead.

In other words, there’s no reason to buy an Elantra GT Sport since the Civics and Mazda’s are much, much more value for the money.

IsolestiK says:

I30 N can compete with golf gti, not i30 sport.

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