2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Review on Everyman Driver

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The Santa Fe is the largest and only three-row SUV offered by Hyundai, positioned ahead of the smaller two-row Tucson and Santa Fe Sport. The Santa Fe has the third-highest starting price in the entire lineup, just below the full-size Azera sedan and Sonata plug-in hybrid.

The three-row Hyundai Santa Fe received a refresh for the 2017 model year, so this model is a carry-over from last year The 2017 model’s powertrain is a 290-hp, 252-lb-ft of torque 3.3-liter V-6 mated to a six-speed automatic, and it will more than likely return as the sole powertrain. Front-wheel drive will be standard, with all-wheel drive available. Available features like the 8.0-inch touchscreen navigation system with Android Auto and Infinity premium audio with QuantumLogic Surround Sound and Clari-Fi Music Restoration technology will return, and Apple CarPlay will probably become standard on some trims instead of a do-it-yourself upgrade, as on the 2017s. The smaller two-row Santa Fe Sport will return as well, retaining its four-cylinder powertrain lineup.

2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport AWD Review: https://youtu.be/EUTXXE1QS08


Gaming Therapy says:


Joel Rojas says:

Mazda cx-9 is the best

Ali Al Malki says:

Really like your reviews.. but if you’ll add the lights of the car in and out at night.. it will be much better and appreciated.. thanks.

RoY ParK says:

Am I the only one that dislike dat chubby steering wheel? If Hyundai makes it like a Mazda’s current steering wheel, would be amazing! Anyways, I appreciate your reviews! Keep it up Dave!

Rich Lo says:

2 different color shoes

Valve Timing says:

I need binoculars to see when I drive lol

V P says:

When you do get your hands on it I hope you put out the review of the Genesis G70 and i30(Elantra Gt) N.. everybody who has no bias against Hyundai seem to be singing praises about them, love to have your take as well. Great revies otherwise.. keep em coming.

Serge Vivier says:

Dont roll that SUV over because with a glass roof who knows what will come in through that glass. Your guess is as good as mine. Stump, rocks, I have seen things go through like traffic lights and transformer.

Joe E says:

This guy is such a geek

Tom Bagwell says:

FWIW… Dave, don’t know how you were able to drive the Santa Fe MpG number into the toilet. I have a 2017 AWD SE “Ultimate” and I routinely achieve much greater than 21 MpG overall number. My highway economy is 24-25 MpG so long as I keep it under 70 MpH. Otherwise, it’s a very nice long-haul cruiser. Yup, it’s boring with respect to vehicle dynamics but there is more than enough other content to compensate. The lighting system is awesome making nighttime driving a pleasure; hope you had a chance to “see” for yourself. Brakes were a pleasant surprise as well as the “emergency assist” braking feature which saved my fat ass last week when one of our Massachusetts black bears ran across the road in front of me. The Santa Fe was not my first choice when I started shopping for the replacement of my 2010 Ford (Eco-boost) AWD Flex last winter. It quickly rose to the top, however, after test drives in similar sized / configured vehicles. There were just no competitors offering the complete combination of quality build, bang-4-the-buck and just overall vehicle characteristics at this price point.

Jank Paul says:

This car will never get the recognition that the highlander or traverse gets, yet I’d say it can compete and sometimes exceed most of the the legacy mid sizers.

Woobin Lee says:

It’s Hyeon-Dae. At least that’s how we koreans are pronounce it.

Mark Whitworth says:

All of that black plastic trim around the fenders, under the doors and the front will look horrible and faded in less than a year. They are doing this on all SUV;s now instead of just painting it.

fanny says:

you are FINE!

Audoyn Villegas says:

Pretty from outside and ugly from inside 🙁

Olivier Pena says:

Great looking outside, but they need to do away with that interior…

joegolden481 says:

Dave. You mixed it up a little! Good job man

Mathis Goossens says:

Drug dance grace absence fully brown basketball wife manufacturing.

Happy Robins says:

Hyundai need a good pickup truck like the F150-F450/GM’S/RAM 1500-3500

Diego Sthanl says:

Santa fe sport?

Kevin Matthew says:

Hey Dave, Can you do a video on a 2017 or 2018 Dodge Durango RT?

Victoria's Dreams says:


Reza Shabanzade says:

I love to watch your videos. They are great.

Aj Strickland says:

We have that vouge knitting magazine here at work lol. Anyway nice for the crash test scores … and everyone keeps saying they need to redesign it. The redesign is coming soon

azera55555 says:

Saw one of these in real person the other day and it looked so nice and elegant. Still looks good even though it’s an old design.

Paolo Espineli says:

I got this bad boy, got my money’s worth plus more I love it!!! Can’t wait for the redesign for the 2019…

yoyoshafir says:

8″ screen driver brother!

CARS AT 100 says:

Great car, like the color, how is the handling on the corners?

hababacon says:

Looks good! I have the 2015 model but will probably will upgrade either 2019 or in 2020.

sofyan says:

Nice car

Gaelque Dead says:



Henrik Koukku says:

(Turbo) engine?.

J High says:

The Tom Hanks movie trivia was unexpected, yet appreciated.

Matt Olfson says:

Is it just me, or does that dash arrangement look like a Dodge/Jeep/Chrysler?

Greg Hines says:

for a 9 minute video, this is pretty well edited.

B Blackwell says:

They need to update it. It still resembles the 2011 Hyundai sonata on the inside and 2015 sonata on the outside. If they are going to change the corporate face then change them all

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