2018 Hyundai Sonata 2.0 Turbo FIRST DRIVE REVIEW (2 of 2)

MotoMan drives the 2018 Hyundai Sonata fitted with the 245 HP 2.0 Turbo engine and immediately learns the biggest change for 2018 to the Hyundai Sonata has nothing to do with the engine but rather something Hyundai is NOT known for . . . From there, he digs a bit deeper into driving dynamics as well as some connectivity stuff and learns not just how Hyundai is changing but the overall car industry . . .

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Lodger says:

yes, love my 2016 sonata hybrid! 45 mpg is common just going to work and back

John jay drott says:

I have a 2012 and my steering feels to tight. If you turn the wheel you can almost feel the tread moving in the road.

Andrew Lennane says:

Given similar street prices, would you buy the Limited 2.0T over a Camry XSE 2.5? Seems like the Sonata has the better value proposition but which is the better car?

Stevie G says:

when it comes to a “driving review”….how do those paddle shifters shift? What is the zero to 60 time?  Its the car rear or front wheel drive? How did you like it when pressing thru a turn? And as far as trunk space….how do those golf clubs fit?

Peter Gilbert says:

My dad just got a 2017 Sonata Limited 2.0T due to a huge $6000 rebate and the more and more I look at this the more I wish we got a 2018.  No wounder why the rebate on the old model was so high, because this generation is just so much better!!

Steve Wise says:

Is it quiet? Are the seats heated and ventilated? My wife wouldn’t be canyon carving or racing around an a track. Are the seats comfortable? Do the seats have good lumbar support? Come on.

kille6525 says:

Mpg matters to me which is why I like their hybrids

DHH says:

This is a competitor to the Accord, Camry, et al?

Will Clemons says:

Why not put an access button on the trunk istead of having to using remote. I currently own a 11 gls. Im not a big fan of these interiors espescialy in a sport model☹. I love my hyundai’s but this along with the 15-17 models, they went backwards. This interior layout is more from the Genesis line.

Nick Phillips says:

When comparing competitors’ wheel-base length, why did you not mention Accord?

pontiacGXPfan says:

240 horsepower is lame and with no improvement in MPG

1guyin10 says:

Better mpg is a plus, but in most cases I wouldn’t expect it to be the deciding factor. I also think that anyone considering this 2.0 turbo model will expect somewhat lower mileage as a tradeoff for the improved performance.

Simone Lazzerini says:

The Sonata has been Optimized (pun intended)!

Raw and Uncensored says:

2.8 million sold…and 2 million were bought where I live. They are everywhere.

ke.ux says:

Something no one ever mentions is the tight turn radius of the 2018 Sonata. I can make a 180 degree turn on most streets. It’s really nice to have a car that turns this tight.

Dylan Wodrich says:

While I love the pano roof in my elantra gt, if I were to buy a 2018 gt I would avoid that option at all costs. While I like how it looks, I rarely use it and I worry about the long term durability of it. For me, the real deal breaker for this car is it not coming with a manual. At least offer one on the sport trims like the accord does. And the Mazda6 for that matter

kille6525 says:

Did they get rid of the panoramic moon roof?

Steve Wise says:

The top of the line Kia Optima and Sorento offer the same exact infotainment, plus the pano roofs.

UltraSupra says:

This car at least doesn’t look like an automotive cockroach like the new Accord does. lol.

Nasty FingurZ says:

Another 2018 piece of garbage. The roof are low way to low the car feels a lot smaller than the 2009’s. The cars power horrible and the styling is ugly.

Lawrence Feldman says:

My Honda Sport is okay. But this car offers way more for $$$!

JR Kinard says:

very impressive I’ve always liked the Sonata but what happened to the panoramic sunroof?

Roger RamJet says:

Again, you did a great job in this, part 2. You convinced me in part 1 & here, you didn’t screw it up! You put both together quite nicely, thanks.

1969cmp says:

Hooray for the steering wheel. The current model and the last couple of years look like it was from the spare parts bin from the mid 1990s. Not a bad design but it just seemed a bit lazy.

Ariana Buxeda says:

F. Vcccc

J Trager says:

I don’t care about apple car play or android auto, I want the treble control to work as it should!

Blaine Burris says:

Why do you start with your feet touching?

Tony D says:

Anyone have a good recommendation of what I should pay for a 2018 Sonata Limited. Seems like the dealers think we don’t know that the Mfr suggested retail price is not the true price. Any ideas?

JCT3 says:

Best car reviews on Youtube–you are always my go to first review. Your opinion carries a lot of weight with me. Hyundai has a ways to go to shake the cheap car image, but this car and the Elantra Sport are impressive enough to do just that. Definitely a car company to watch. Like you, I was impressed with the Sport but cannot locate the one I want–dual clutch automatic with premium pkg. The new Sonata might be a good candidate to replace my aging Accord V6.

John Grabowski says:

You really don’t like little kids, do you? 😉

D N says:

The CD player is gone.

1969cmp says:

I like your reveiw style. Nice work. Cheers from Oz.

J Trager says:

They should have never lowered the HP from the 2011, 2012… models. BIG mistake! You always want to INCREASE the HP!

D Doge says:

Yes it does.

Steve Wise says:

Is the cabin quiet?

Peter Galbraith says:

Why do you exclude the Honda Accord from your comparisons with this car?

D N says:

MPG does matter. Price matters even more. Combining lower MPG with the higher price of the turbo… for most people it will mean buying the 2.4 non-turbo. Hyundai knows that and that is why the 2.4 is available on 3 main trims levels. The Eco is an oddity.
Another added benefit of the 2.4 is long term reliabilty. The turbo is going to be higher maintenance.

이대성 says:


Talo199 says:

Did I miss something? Did you like it, or did you hate it?

Waylander says:

Nice car but I think I would still choose the 2018 Honda Accord. They both have just about the exact same base price.

MackyG says:

dam.. i was looking at the Kia Optima 2018 sxl… the difference I believe with the two are, the leather seats, the pano roof, the blue link, the 360 degree camera, and the lane keep ( for hyndai only?)…. Anyone shed some light on if the Optima is worth it?

Neil Covers says:

Looks nice in the front like an audi.

JCT3 says:

MPG just needs to be reasonable. It is one of the least important features to me. I want reliability in a car with European driving dynamics, mature styling, up to date electronics, with a certain amount of comfort especially in the seats and driving position plus a decent warranty and all at affordable price. It sounds to me like Hyundai is moving in that direction.

Corvette Garage says:

You must be in my hometown of San Diego.

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