2018 Hyundai Sonata TECH REVIEW (1 of 2)

MotoMan heads back to his San Diego ‘open air’ studio with a Military view to check out the 2018 Hyundai Sonata. There he demonstrates that yes, Hyundai, presents a mid cycle refresh of their best selling car in the US, the Hyundai Sonata, but learns there is more going on than just slapping on a new front and rear design and calling it a day. He starts out by focusing on one major change in the 2018 Hyundai Sonata that you CAN’T see . . .

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Csab says:

Can you please review the Fiat Abarth 124????? I think you would like it

ali abbas says:

i’m currently driving a 2014 Kia optima EX with the 2.4 GDi engine and a six-speed automatic transmission.
i think i does matter, people want to get it all in a single deal, one car that can pick up the grocery and have a little bit of fun with…so yes, it kind of matters.

Jonathan P says:

The fact of the matter is why would you pay 34k for a Hyundai when you can buy probably a year older BMW/Mercedes/Audi if you just are looking at the HP and the bonus is the look and name…. buttttt then again it is cheaper in the sense of repairs like oil change, break change etc. and better warranty on a Hyundai than the BMW/ Mercedes/ Audi so I do feel that’s what will be a factor if you want HP and you actually don’t want to pay more out of pocket due to oil changes and fixes and warranty wise thenHyundai gives you that nice pleasure without the extra spending

TheCarGuyLover1021 says:

Camry has 301hp, sonata has 245 hp

Kawai Sit says:

V6 is the way to go
I drive the Ford Fusion Sports V6 Turbo
They should put the 3.3 twin turbo V6 engine in this 2018 Hyundai Sonata

YTDC exposed says:

hood is just like a fusion

Nick Phillips says:

Presently drive a 2016 Accord EX-L V6 and yes, HP is important however it is only part of the formula; I want quick and noticeable response at any speed. Added note on the Honda V6: I feel that Honda has, once again, missed the boat by dropping the V6 from the Accord line-up, I’d rather they’d kept the V6 and added twin turbos…. but hey, they didn’t ask me and I suppose that I fit into that 3% old-school category. Thanks for the presentation, MotoMan

schmo7777 says:

my car Kia optima hybrid.
horsepower, only need over 200 in a sports car, Canada gas prices are insane. have to save where you can and always stuck in traffic anyways. why 300 horse in a family sedan when you are not going to use it? costs more to buy and more to drive and upkeep? no logic in it.

modern subcompacts and family sedan are as fast or faster than sports cars of 20 years ago . don’t need a ton of power , especially if the thing can’t handle like a champ. miata and brz examples, they are fun due to Dynamics of the car.

gsxellence says:

So strange visually the car is looking better but getting reduced power?

MajoR ReviewS says:

I saw this on the road 2 days ago

Cyril Matthew says:

250nm torque …???? thats not great

Thomas Christopher White says:

I’d pick torque over hp. What are you gonna do with hp on an everyday basis? Really? Because let’s face it, We all live a pretty standard life. We wake up in the morning and we sit in traffic on our way to work. Where on god’s green earth are you hitting top speeds? For the love of god, who are you racing against when you have your wife in the front seat and your child in the back?

All you need is torque to get you in and out of situations on the road. That’s all you need. Swallow your pride and stop talking about your family sedan like it can circle the nurburgring in under 7 minutes.

ronny Brown says:

Eighteen months and 23,000 miles in with my 2015 Sport 2.0T Limited and no regrets. Torque is immediate. It’s fast enough for me when I lay into it. We did a 3300 mile road trip over 7 days last month from Dallas, to Newport Beach, to Sedona, and back. With the car fully loaded I averaged 30-33 per tank with speeds typically 75-85 mph with a few triple digit blasts through the desert. Our bladders, food, and fuel were our only reasons to stop. Power cooled front seats are comfy as can be and I’m 6ft2. The seats and ac kept us comfy with the 105-110 temps. Smart Cruise Control with Stop/Start was great when traffic or construction slowed us down. The turbo was great when we were at higher elevations. Four Hyundai Kia products over the last decade between the two of us and they’ve all been flawless. And I spent 25+ years in auto repair industry. I managed a few ships and was a service advisor for 3 German makes and one British.

Ray Emanuel says:

I sell Toyotas for a living and can tell you for a fact that very few customers care about V6 power in their new Camrys. They care about fuel economy, reliability, safety, comfort, value, and resale value. I can’t tell you the last time my dealership even had a V6 Camry in stock; they simply do not sell.

勃松 Bosong 刘 Liu says:

The drone is more like the size of a stack of Iphone 10+

Rois Ahmed says:

I am actually about buy my first car. I am confused between 2018 sonata or 2018 accord?

Steven Fong says:

I have a 2015 SE. It has 72k on it from Rideshare driving. From about 20k to now they car had a problem with the engine rattle and when about 3500 miles after an oil change there would be brake surging if in Eco mode. Changing from Arco to Chevron seems to give better gas mileage. But dropping to 17 mpg in heavy city traffic during the heat is not good. Since they updated the CPU recently I don’t think the car will have the same problems. But I have to see. The recent CPU update shifted the power band to kick in with significantly less pedal travel and changed the driving dynamics. You guys ever do videos about longevity and maintenance comparisons? I’m new here.

Stereo Typist says:

This car will never be the Camry killer. The pussy turbo powertrains will not last, and the resale will be in the toilet.

Doug N says:

When the Sonata looks like an Audi, drives like a BMW, is as reliable as a Toyota, safe as a Volvo, offers the most technology in the segment, gets the best gas mileage, has the longest warranty in the industry and still sells in the mid $20k range… what will you be complaining about?

Ivan Gonzalez says:

I have a 2016 Kia Optima LX and no it doesn’t really matter in these cars as long as there is passing power

TheSlimPops says:

The insight provided here is unparalleled. Continually inspired by the content this man generates.

LifeHacks4All says:

This looks better than the new 2018 Accord But id still buy a 2018 camry over this lol

Jeff Juiliano says:

I drive two kids and a wife around to daycare and grocery shopping, does HP matter then? Nope. But I also drive myself to work and like to get on it a little bit. Is it fun to drive the 2.0t? Yep. And at the current price of about 18.5 I don’t know what else would be comparable.

JCT3 says:

Horsepower is important but so is torque at lower rpm’s. I drive a V6 Accord and I love the 6 cylinder and would liked to see it in more D segment cars. But we all know how that is going to play out, so the time has come to settle down and find a turbocharged 4 that can do some other tricks i.e. safety features, connectivity features, and driving dynamics in order to keep our value basket full. Bang for the buck is important to me now.

The Toyotas are not interesting or exciting to me. Honda’s styling is too fanboy for my taste now (and my family and I have driven Hondas and Acuras for many years). Today Kia and sister Hyundai have my attention.

One last thought about torque–I think the day will come when a dynamic driver’s hybrid might just send a torqued thrill up my leg and tickle my sack. At least I hope so.

pinoyeh says:

Horsepower does not matter for me. Most of my consideration to get another car is the affordable monthly payment, reliability and looks. This Sonata might be my next car after I fully paid my 2012 Sonata.

Chris Constantinou says:

2012 optima turbo. I love that car, trying to turn it into a sleeper sedan!

Carboy 13 says:

Wow it looks so amazing and aggressive

PussMag says:

looks like 2010 still

The Observer says:

Why do the Hyundai Sonata Copy The Toyota Camry Front End. I hate this Car just Because it’s so Not authentic . Camry is a Way Better Quality Car.

Roger RamJet says:

Hey, I like it The car & the video. I owned & drove the 2007 Sonata Limited, 2011 Limited 2.0T, & now own & drive the 2015 Sport Limited Turbo. Yes, in a few Months I think I’m going to get one of these. By what you said, Hyundia upgrades sound great. You did a great job of splainen. Keep up the good work!

Doug N says:

Honestly, if Hyundai offered a V6 in the SE trim, I would have paid the extra $.
But they don’t even offer the 2.0 in the SE. So… economy it is.

Dylan Wodrich says:

I think Horsepower matters but only in the used market. If I were to purchase one of these cars new, I would buy the base engine.

Daniel Sobirov says:

All of these cars in this midsize segment are 99.9% front wheel drive vehicles. With that been said 245 HP is plenty enough for this size of cars. I wish Subaru would offer Camry’s 301 HP with Sonata’s 8-speed auto transmission or 7-speed DCT for their AWD Legacy, then that would’ve been a great story if not the greatest. Nonetheless, Camry’s V6 engine is not much convincing nor attractive simple because it is a family car and mostly driven by folks who live in urban or near urban areas. No one will be able to use all of that 301 HP anyways. Therefore, that 245 HP is more than enough, plus that turbo comes handy when trying to pass other cars on traffic quickly than with naturally aspirated engine. My choice would be Sonata over Camry.

Dylan Wodrich says:

I never thought I’d say this, but Horsepower in a car like this doesn’t really matter, especially for the price. (picking up a used 2.0t from 2014-2016 wouldn’t be a bad idea). Although I daily an Elantra GT 6MT, I have driven the 2013 and 2017 2.4 sonata and a 2013 2.0T sonata with 274hp. My choice for a car in this segment would hands down be this car in Eco trim. Sweet little turbo engine with plenty of torque for passing and merging, seven speed dual clutch for fast shifts, and it’s the second cheapest trim in the lineup. I think it’s the sweet spot for this car.

airobyou says:

yes v6 please

JCT3 says:

Best car reviews on Youtube–you are always my go to first review. Your opinion carries a lot of weight with me. Hyundai has a ways to go to shake the cheap car image, but this car and the Elantra Sport are impressive enough to do just that. Definitely a car company to watch. Like you, I was impressed with the Sport but cannot locate the one I want–dual clutch automatic with premium pkg. The new Sonata might be a good candidate to replace my aging Accord V6.

Marlous B says:

Gawd that is one ugly looking car. Now it looks like an Elantra but uglier.

Ketan Deshpande Minnesota says:

In my opinion horsepower is not the primary consideration for a family sedan. Space, features and overall value are the primary considerations.

ronny Brown says:

I have a 2015 Sport 2.0T Limited. No family lol. Me, my other half, and a dog. Semi retired mechanic and service advisor. You race horsepower. You drive torque. This car is immediate. I find myself unintentionally pulling away from everyone at stop lights with minimal throttle input. Is it a race car? No. But it is fun running down and away from cars it has no business doing so. It was a 5 year cancer free gift to myself as we were sharing one car for nearly 4 years. Back in June, we drove nearly 3500 Mike’s over 7 days – Dallas, to Newport Beach, Sedona, and back. Awesome road trip vehicle.

Statimtek says:

Hyundai has come a long way from the Excel and the first gen Sonata.

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