Android Auto review

Android Auto is Google’s play to get in your car and make you a safer driver. It’s now available in the 2015 Hyundai Sonata, which is the first car you can get Android Auto in from the factory. We spent a couple of weeks behind the wheel of an Android Auto equipped Sonata to see how it all works.


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ThailandVenture says:

You can now have both apple car play and android auto in your car u have now. Just pick up a 2015 Pioneer app radio unit or AVIC series head unit and walla. Much better than the stock head units that are available or will be rolling out anytime soon. MUCH cheaper also than a factory head unit you can buy from the auto manufacturer. 😉

Wayne Anderson says:

Can you please expand on the statement…”May not charge your phone while plugged in”. Thx!

Nice review!

vikki skinner says:

You are using your hands this is not hands free very unsafe …twitt

Gustav Magnusson says:

Or get a Tesla with that 17” touchscreen 🙂

webcomment says:

What?  So, you can’t create appointments and reminders by voice like you can directly on the phone?

transcendentdrummer says:


walid boukhris says:

pls i need to know if android auto is supported by mazda’s vehicul ?

Michael Smith says:

+1 for Baroness.

SchAkoska™ says:


Brandon Spears says:

Yes, but how do I hack into it?

SooperMikey says:

You can 100% use your phone. shout out to iPhone users making Android reviews.

Tommy Peter Arthur Berg says:

@Norbert Rittel English, motherfucker, do you speak it??

JR B says:

I wonder how this would work if I keep my music on my iPod and do everything else with my Android phone?!

onur erdogan says:


Abiel Zulio M says:

Do search how old is Jared Leto while driving, 8/10.

TheBullshitPatrol says:

>in park
>perpetuating automatic transmission culture

magicspells says:

i love how he say’s through out most the video “they want you to focus on using your voice” while whole time the dude was using his hands. :/

Jake Voss says:

The dude reminds of Doug Gugenheim (if I spelled that right) from House of Lies. Talks like him too LOL.

Andrius Mindaugas Bloznelis says:

Is this video narrated by Chris Griffin?

coolertuep says:

they show this ina hyundai. The typical car the average android user wil drive. great adverstise.
apple will be used by merced, audi, bmw, ferrari and co drivers, so they show their tech in these cars.

DC R says:

Super buggy.. drops on my note4.. yuck

R Yokoe says:

Amazing that the government had to tell us that texting while driving is unsafe. The stupidity of the people makes me think that it is good that we have a big, intrusive government

TheOccTher says:

Once the phone is plugged in, is it mirrored on the car display?
Also, can it be paired via bluetooth or it must be plugged in?

Encore 4K says:

OMG, why my 2015 Sonata doesn’t have it 🙁

Douken says:

Gonna have to pass on this till it gets better than the QNX competition

PaconskY says:

It still lags (
I don’t understand this, you are buying a car for several thousands of dollars, while there is the potato masher PC for $350 bucks that runs GTA 5 on 4k at 30 fps, and here they can not put a comp that will run a simple 3D map app that will perform lag-less…

Abr3200 says:

So bassically its just an android wear divice in your car ¬¬

Ant Eyes says:

does it let you use the pornhub app?

KVPD says:

People will still use their phones while driving because this UI is still clunky and you have to be in PARK in order to use the keyboard.

Driverless cars are the future.

ruzzell907 says:

2:29 Dan being adorable

Gitonga Mwaniki says:

can you shoehorn this into a ferrari 599gto? or an enzo? or a vantage gt? or 2005 ford gt

Aleinux says:

Insane love for Android

J. Martin says:

Cant be worse than apple carplay -_-

Jesse Lee says:

I experimented with waze, Google maps driving mode, and a magellan gps. I prefer the magellan.

Mohammad Afaq says:

Pauses this video on my phone.
Looks up and turns onto the motorway.
Looks back at the one and continues watching video

webcomment says:

Can you have Android Auto read your email messages out loud to you?
I can do this easily using Siri with in iPhone.

tomtebre says:

3:07 wow. That’s alot of traffic lights

Max Colton says:

Good infos but I don’t want to always plug my phone everytime I’m in the car. That would be really annoying when you’re making 5 stops in a day.  I like my phone wireless bluetooth .  Another problem is that if you use a specialty app for your music like Djay2, the voice would not know to play that song for that particular app instead just load a default player.


i think windows tiles is best for car system. it is very lite & smooth. not fuzzy like android or apple ios

Luiz Eduardo says:

Fuck Android! I want that car!

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