Android Auto tested in the 2015 Hyundai Sonata FIRST DRIVE & TECHNICAL REVIEW

In this deep FIRST DRIVE technical review, MotoMan tests Android Auto in the real world using the 2015 Hyundai Sonata in Los Angeles traffic. After a hardware demonstration, he uses the major apps like Phone, Google Maps as well as third party apps like Spotify & Joyride in everyday use cases as well as toggling between the Android Auto environment and Hyundai OEM UX . . .

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Monkey D. Luffy says:

apple is for sheep.

shopwithaaron says:

Looks like some cool ways to interact with the car….any news how the Windows smartphone plays into what’s next?  My Nokia windows phone is so easy to use in my 2012 Kia Optima EX premium (even though not all those features even seem necessary)

Dennis Morehouse says:

I did not know that you were a car guy and a Geek (plus you like Apple), nice. I loved your review, the quesiton I have is how come car companies don’t make it more universal. So I buy this car, but I’m an Apple guy, all I can use is the OEM apps. If they (any carmaker) could make it universal for Windows Phone, Apple or Android….to me that would be the winner.

Cue the Critic says:

The ' is an apostrophe is ascii code.

overall, I love android auto.

trigolis says:

Would like Android Auto to include an option that just duplicates my phone’s screen and just run all the apps regardless if they are Android Auto apps or not. When I say duplicate I mean exactly what I see on my phone would be displayed and controlled on the enlarged dashboard screen.

Also it would be nice if the next version of Android Auto can be wireless. No need to take the damn phone out of my pockets and plug in a wire.

walid boukhris says:

i have a mazda 6. is android auto is compatible with it ?

jose cobian says:

what phone and version of android is it?

ZarlockGE says:

Quite nicely done, but this horrible voice would drive me out of the car within minutes.
Siri is the one and only. 😉

ktrotter says:

Android auto is utilizing the “material design ” they introduced last year. It is in line with the Google now look and the Android wear interfaces.

Andrei Strukov says:

It would be helpful to see GasBuddy app in Android Auto: it shows gas prices at nearby stations.

ronny Brown says:

I took delivery of my 2015 Sonata Sport 2.0T Limited in March 2016. Built June 2015. My Android Auto voice is definitely not as mechanized as the one in your tester. Not an Android or Apple fanboy. My first smartphone was Android and I just stuck with it. I never saw enough of a difference to switch, but you yourself put it best, Google Maps was a good enough reason to stay Android. I have a Galaxy Note 4. They mesh beautifully. The Apply Car Play update along with a navigation update was just made available at no charge. I downloaded it a week ago and plugged my better half’s IPhone 6S into it. Voice recognition is nowhere near as good and the Apple Maps suck in comparison. The stock nav worked better. Otherwise it’s ok. Also, I never used Google Music. In fact, I disabled it on the phone because I found every time I connected my Bluetooth headphones, I always found Google Music automatically turned on and was running in the background when I looked at Active Apps. After watching this review, I decided to try it free and fell in love with it. I wound up subscribing. I’ve has Sirius XM – well XM – pretty much from the beginning – 2001. Even with the selection of stations – I have all 18 presets filled, you can still run into NOTHING to listen to. Google Music is GREAT for those moments. I still give thumbs up to both systems. The tech is incredible.

geosh10 says:

The weather channel app with weather radar. I have an iPhone 6 Plus, do you know when Apple car play will be introduced on the Sonata?

Comeonmanlol says:

I like the android auto cards interface more. It’s the same as three Google now interface on android that I’ve been using for over a year now.

sonicwii24 says:

icons, contact list and WAZE

keith tq says:

Manufacturers will need to build cars with both modules. We should be able to plug in an apple or android in any car, anytime.

Andrew Owendoff says:

WAZE!! I want Waze on android auto more then anything.

As for the layout, I am cool with it. It reminds me of Google Now.

Ronald Suizo says:

Ughhh, as a motorcycle rider, i am very scared of this technology. Eyes on road please.

shady1080 says:

Waze! Waiting for an Android Auto version!

Twin Imaging Technology says:

You can change the voice quality in your phone’s settings.

IceDree says:

“Pass Gas” bahahahahahahahahaha

I’m with you on this one, I prefer the big icons layout of Apple’s CarPlay (just in different more unified colors) … The Lists layout is a bit distracting & the teeny tiny Hamburger button & Mic button could be hard to seereach… Especially if the Panoramic roof is open.

One thing I don’t like though, is the System Tray design…. I hated it in my android tablet.

What apps I’d like to see? Just Cortana (windows guy here) & the Music App …. Maybe even Pocket app integration. I use the service a lot & it’d be cool to hear the saved articles while stuck in traffic.

rjmari says:

I think the question on everyone’s mind is, does Android Auto indeed remind you when you pass gas?

Golgo 13 says:

scary tech ;s

usernamefromhell says:

I’d rather have a car specific UI.

MNTech says:

Waze app would be great on Andoid Auto

Berklee12 says:

Interms of apps I would like to see the waze navigation app instead of google maps or at least make it an option

ZarlockGE says:

Regarding apps (Apple person) – mostly music streaming and podcast apps.
Navigation and calling people my Audi MMI can do well enough itself.
Oh and dictating text messages also seems to be a nifty feature.
And getting my mail read to me.

Mostly that. 🙂

Why All The Fuss says:

Pass gas!! LOL! I almost choked on a donut when I heard that.

It looks like you found another bug!

Cid Homer Imperial Pneulemen says:

I’d rather have a mirror of my android phone, and have all my apps available.

Tomasz Skwarek says:

I’d definitely prefer the familiar icon look from my Android screen

Juan Sutton says:

+MotoManTV you said android auto doesn’t port over the icons that apple did and is not familiar ui. But android did, they moved over the google now cards that are very familiar to android users. Android auto is built around google now with only makes sense the android auto ui is google now.

Valeri Karastoyanov says:

Android auto is not ready yet.I wonder why hyundai is offering it

Jorge Aldunate says:

It would be awesome to have Waze maps on the screen, both on Auto and CarPlay

Bushboy says:

As you pointed out, the voice feedback sounded robotic and unpleasant. I believe you were using a samsung device which uses their Text-To-Speech service.

If you go to Settings>Language and input>Text-to-speech output and choose Google Text-to-speech engine, you might get a better voice feedback.

Rade Narancic says:

List format all the way. Simple, elegant and it works. Hope they fix those bugs and it is going to be pretty good.

IceDree says:

Quick questions regarding CarPlay & Auto,

1- Do they require an internet connection to work? or for the voice commands?

2- Can you ask em play your music playlists like Cortana?

3- will CarPlay influence your decision if you are shopping for a new car?

Outstanding demonstration M & as always excellent video.

SpaceG95 says:

Yes definitely the icon display would be great. I understand why the usb cord must be used. Due to the fact that while using the apps you use a lot of battery. So you can stay connected and charged. What would be the best is a Google Maps in the vehicle itself, but when the phone is connected it makes the updates automatically.

scy1192 says:

The voice is a Samsung thing. For some reason, the TTS engine that Samsung phones default to is kinda bad, but you can go into the settings and change it to the much better Google TTS. You can even download other TTS engines from the Play Store.

flybriur says:

Thanks for the look into Android Auto — will be interesting to see how it evolves over time.  On a side note, you’re totally right about the parking at the Culver City Costco — it’s so bad, I ended up cancelling my Costco membership.

SkiddingMouse says:

That was a good insight on the Android Auto. I will be honest…. i want to play that game of translating stuff while driving 🙂 , people around must think we are nuts while laughing all alone inside the car. Which apps i would add…. probably none for me. If i have Google maps, music and an easy way of calling like on any android phone, that´s pretty good to me. To be honest, cars are getting too complex. When new everybody sees them like an advancement, the guy who buys a car with so much stuff after 8 years will have a nightmare-ish time hoping something doesn´t go wrong. Specially on the powertrain/electronic side. 
If you are in the metal fabrication side like i do, there is a simple rule, “more number of parts, more probabilities of failure”. Cannot even imagine how that much of that can apply to all these new tech.

Zi Cong says:

The interface for Android Auto is same as Android cellphone interface. Those cards thing are called “Google Now” cards. i think the Google Now is perfect for auto interface.

usernamefromhell says:

Android > iOS

undifini says:

17:28 wow the german voice of this thing is actually really good!

Sheldon C. Dingle Jr. says:

Pocketcast is the app I’d most like to see on android auto. Followed closely by SoundCloud.

dportal844 says:

Very good review. Android Auto looks very promising.

Israel Gonzalez-Cruz says:

“Notice, this doesn’t look like Android”… Well if you were an Android user you would have noticed that it looks just like Google Now and if you have been using Android in the last 2-3 years, you should have used Google Now and should be very comfortable with this UI language. Just like iPhone user are comfortable in the iOS like UI language of CarPlay.

Jonathan Parham says:

Thanks for showing spotify and android auto

Jacob Frey says:

Thanks for the review!  Go Android!

1. I think I like the menu – It looks like the apps are grouped into the basic functions, like nav, comm, music, etc., and they are available from any screen.  It simplifies the interface I think, as opposed to just having regular icons spread out over 2 pages or more.  Is that a major difference between the two interfaces?

2. The most important question with Android Auto and Carplay is – Do consumers have a choice?  If you want a Sonata but you’re a diehard iPhone user, will Hyundai be able to load your software preference onto the car’s electronics?  Not sure if this has been covered.  

Thanks MotoMan!

Greg Millard says:

When will Android auto be available for retrofit on 2015 genesis

NIAtoolkit says:

The Spanish and German voices sound much better than the US English voice.

traxxasslash26 says:

Just seeing this makes me want to get a headunit capable of android auto. But to answer your questions… 
1. I think the layout is very nice, and IMO doesn’t need to be similar to the phone. Also, I think it would be nice if the navigate buttons would disappear after a finite amount of time, and would reappear after taping the screen, so we can use the full screen. 
2. The only app I think Android Auto needs is Waze. Also, if google play could read messages from facebook messenger, that would be an added bonus!

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