AWESOME Hyundai HCD-14 Genesis Concept Car Video @ Detroit Auto Show 2013 Yes this car does look amazing, please make it now! Autobytel gets the drop on this great looking concept car from Hyundai. Dubbed the HCD-15 Genesis Concept, this futuristic looking ride with loud lines was a hit at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show. Autobytel catches up with Derek Joyce for some great insights on the Hyundai HCD-14 Concept car.

The first thing you notice is the bold and interesting design elements. The lines follow body panels that are undisturbed for the entire length of the car. This Hyundai Concept looks great from all angles, but the best part is the hood that seems to go on forever. The giant rims add to the high end feel and the clam shell doors give this concept a high end feeling.

The interior is equally as interesting as the exterior. Concepts are meant to push the limit and Hyundai gave us a shock. The center console has a topographical feature that adds character. Cutting edge technology is evident in the eye tracking system that responds to your eye and hand gestures. The rear passengers get the racing seat treatment. Overall the HCD-14 Concept looks the part of luxury sports car on the inside as well as the outside.

Mr. Joyce tells us that the Genesis Concept is ready for a bit of spirited driving too! The multi-link suspension handles the bumps while the stiff chassis holds tight in the corners. The HCD-14 is powered by the TAU 5.0 liter V-8 engine. This beast currently powers the Genesis R-Spec and puts out 429 horsepower and 376 lb-ft. of torque. The transmission is a high-tech 8-speed automatic. Hopefully we see the design elements make their way onto production cars.

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PussMag says:

“Shield” Grille, NICE

Awbrfg55 says:


E Al Saba says:

وااااو التحكمات اصحت بالعين

Thomas Rosquin says:

I think its very distinct! But yes the Genesis badge is quite similar

Tockerteeve says:

Looks like it was inspired by Audi. Take that large grille for instance. I think the guys at Audi must be flattered by this. It sort of resembles a modified A7…

TerryFilming says:


김준 says:

best of the best

chltmdwp says:

funny the head light shape looks identical but bigger like the 2009 Genesis Concept! Too bad they didn’t keep the style like the concept one they unveiled =[

TerryFilming says:

I’ve already visited several Korean sites with spyshots of the next Genesis. The next Genesis will have that same grille on this concept. Even the Sonata, someone rendered it (this guy who renders vehicles has ALWAYS been almost spot on each vehicle, he rendered the Veloster, Santa Fe, Optima, etc.). The Sonata will be getting a similar grille treatment, and the lights are slightly similar.

paladain55 says:

so basically if you are going to use this you have to be completely distracted and take your eyes completely off the road

PilottomSim says:

Hyundai, please, please, please use this design for the next Genesis, it looks awesome!

dcx says:


Jaysingh Mehta says:

old school design base love it

박상훈 says:

Fucker is ugly

Louis Win says:

Audi grill, bmw window

Rick Smooth says:

Front is ugly,

Minhas Ismail says:

woowww… i luv this model.. <3

TheDaniel7310 says:

Fucker is sexy

Shane Pacheco says:

interior center console looks like its c7 corvette inspired.

TJ Armstrong says:


Butters says:

The car looks awkward.Hyundai needs to change their logo for their non sports line of model.

AE Lough says:

Why do you think I said “concept bullshit at it’s most useless?”

“this is what they will use as a model for future vehicles” – No, it is a concept car. It only shows a possible direction for the company/model. Reception of the concept is feedback for future models. It isn’t completely useless, but THIS particular model isn’t realistic in any way. It isn’t what the company produces.

김준 says:

hyundai is the leader thesedays

TheDaniel7310 says:

This car doesn’t even look like an Audi or BMW etc XD

TerryFilming says:

This is not meant to go into production, this is what they will use as a model for future vehicles.

Jona Hyun says:

it’s beautiful

Khaled Ibrahim says:

يالهاآ من سياره فائقة الجمال

Curtis k says:


GroupGamerz HQ says:

Wow this just reminds me how old voice control is……..

Thomas Rosquin says:

This car looks freaking spectacular! Maybe my favorite concept car from Detroit!

AE Lough says:

Looks like an Aston mixed with a Mercedes coupe, and COMPLETELY impractical. Concept bullshit at it’s most useless.

Why don’t thy just stick an Aston badge on the front and be done with it. The badge looks very similar.

Interior is interesting though.

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