Detailed Review: 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT on Everyman Driver

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Everyman Driver says:

@noduleman, from this day forward (not counting the videos I’ve already shot, edited and completed) I will not wear those RED OAKLEY sunglasses anymore 🙂 Dave

Derrick Whittle says:

Used to work with Dave way back in the day. Funny to find him doing car videos on the YouTubes while car shopping!

Nate Littlefield says:

You have the most amazing voice I have ever heard

Joshua Pirelli says:

If you want a reliable car that is technologically new and advanced, get a Hyundai.

zero says:

like the video, but i did not like the car.

HKMediaChicago says:

I’m a s2000 owner but my girlfriend owns and drives a 2014 GT, given that I drive it too, it’s absolutely a BLAST to drive. Great MPGs, fairly sporty, and fantastic reliability!

Levi7011 says:

That’s a great review, very informative:)

Happy Robins says:

not bad for a 2013 model

MooseheadDrinker says:

review for elantra sedan??

ItsMe Cat says:

we got  this for our  19 yr old son so he can have it while he is in college.

theJenan says:

Elantra? this is i30 lol

arekushisu hainzu says:

This video was so pleasing to watch and this man has excellent calves.


GAAAAAaaaaaaa a a a a a a y!!!!

Matthew Decker says:

Hello Dave, what do you drive, your own car?

noduleman says:

Dave, im gonna be honest with you, you look absolutely ridiculous with those red sunglasses. Come on man, you not 15!!

Everyman Driver says:

That’s my goal 🙂 I appreciate the comment – Dave

evolution678 says:

purchased a pre owned 2014 model w/ the appearance & tech package. It’s a great daily commuter, roomier than it looks & feels more expensive than it is. Warranty’s great too.

Jefff says:

I just bought the European i30 Combi 1.6 ltr diesel (wagon version). It’s a EU re-import to Germany and waiting for the title, I was told it should be in tomorrow. Can’t wait

Everyman Driver says:

@jonaswang70, fine, I will ditch the ownership scale – Dave

eliaam ventura says:

nice hyundai gt 

Frida Solo says:

so informative and articulate and specific! i love this review. i wish all car reviews were as informative. i mean, a couple were but this was really good

Ricardo says:

Review the Veloster!!!!

joseph4758 says:

you only reviewed the turbo

Joshua Pirelli says:

The 2014 Hyundai Elantra GT is America’s best designed and most reliable small sedan of 2014. Powered by new cutting-edge Hyundai auto technology, this is Korean manufacturing specialty at its best.

Also, Hyundai cars sold in the USA are made in the USA. If you want to support the US economy, buying Hyundai cars is a good decision.

Hyundai technology is 100% Korean technology so you can expect the newest and most advanced auto technology.


thtkidfrmvab says:

Beautiful car. I drive the accent now. This is next on my list.

knox2613 says:

Love the videos! Keep them coming.

Fabian Calvo says:


Ariel Cordero says:

Great review. I’m planning to get an Elantra GT soon. And this video review helps a lot to make that decision. Thanks! 

supercooled says:

Dave, why are some of your videos only you and some with the other guy? Apologies for forgetting his name.

Good review. What do you drive personally?

H.K. Allen says:

That is by far the most work I have ever witnessed in order to get the back seats to lie flat.  It is terrible and one of the reasons I keep saying Hyundai and KIA are just not ready for prime time.  Nice thorough review Dave!

jonaswang79 says:

Thank you for listening to your viewers. I have always admired this about you. You really do an excellent job with this channel. Keep it up 🙂

Woodcote says:

Great review! I love that panoramic roof and the overall design of the car. Now Hyundai just needs to get brave and drop in the 1.6 turbo from the Veloster and add AWD 😉

Everyman Driver says:

@rcorrea26, already reviewed the Veloster. Please review my video archive before making a request, thank you – Dave

JSChoi says:

I really like the exterior styling of this car. A lot. I just wish they matched its looks with a slightly more premium interior as well as a more sport oriented tuning. Then and only then can I see myself considering this car over the Ford Focus 5 dr or the Mazda3 (2014 once it comes out).

Carlos Pereira says:

It’s not all wheel drive.

PRO ZYXW says:

I like your sunglasses. Just saying lol. Just know that atleast one subscriber is a fan of them 🙂

notshylo says:

Damn, that’s nice. The car isn’t bad either.

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