Driving Sports TV – 2012 Hyundai Veloster Reviewed

Our exclusive first drive of the 2012 Hyundai Veloster, an innovative 3-door coupe with sportbike-inspired lines, and advanced tech features.


Driving Sports TV says:

@Poler777 Thanks for watching! The starry eyed reviews kind of bug us, too. 😉

Bailey Louque says:

first off
does this car look good in the blue
is this car for guys or girls

theedge508 says:

I bought this in manual transmission i live it And i drive 66 miles to work every day i am average 39 miles a galon, veloster is not a cooper s i use to Own but still fun and i regular gas not premium i love minis but this veloster gain my attention

Connor Olivardia says:

what makes me not think of this car seriously is the fact that they didnt put a hidden door on the other side , for the average buyer , the a-symetrical design wont make much sense and i feel they would sell may more if they just put in another hidden door and follow the foot steps in something like the nissan juke

wichertj says:


please PM me also if you get a response thanks

JoshJW11 says:

I love Velosters!

MJake77 says:

I was sooo sure that this was gonna be another “easy” car review, from one of the newer youtube reviewers. Where every cars handling is a revelation and the engine is peppy.
But no,..you guys actually REVIEWED the car. Thumbs up for an insightful and (most of all) truthful review.

82raptor says:

test drove one…….. STILL a piece of crap!! a twenty some thousand dollar pile of crap that is…….. ill stick to REAL cars not recycled scrap metal thank you very much!

Dick Cheney says:

@kens97sto171 Yeah but you are still stuck with an Accent or Sonata body… Its not as if they dont already have an engine for it. My point is that its clearly designed to look like a compact sports car. Just drop a decent engine and this could be very competitive against the likes of the Civic SI, Sentra SER and Mazda 3.

Richard Rogers says:

wheres the turbo version?

kens97sto171 says:

Korea has not built garbage in the last 5-7 years. You should read some car magazines. They all love the new Hyundai and Kia. Consumer Reports pulled the CIVIC from it’s recomended list, and the Elantra is ON the list. That should tell you something.

Renil Ravindran says:

Whats the music at the beginning?

82raptor says:

@94cvalle if and when you can explain “under steer” to me ill be more then happy to listen to your hyundai talk….. they are cheap for a REASON dude!!

TheARJ15 says:

its not supposed to be fast, its supposed to be a sporty looking green car and thats exactly what it is and its great for the price range.

John K Lindgren says:

kiitos. kool dudes.

nikemac84 says:

@007texan Ask and you will receive>>>>>This summer this car will be available with a 1.6-liter 201-hp intercooled twin-scroll turbo engine………..

Driving Sports TV says:

@FeelTheAir1 @wichertj the music is called “Urban Myth” by Peter McIsaac

Iron883Man says:

Americans: to stupid to program their own GPS. Not enough skill to shift a naturaly aspirated car at the right rev counts.
I drive one. It’s faster then the average Ford or Toyota driving next to you…and expecting to be as fast as a hot hatch for 20.000 EUR…dream on. The GPS is the best I’ve ever had (I drove a Mercedes B 200 Cdi before, It wasn’t (noticably) quicker and had a bad gps system (one of the first built-in). Price vs Value: best coupe you can buy at the moment.

trustfire says:


dmcpopp says:

I will have to say..I LOVE OREGON!!!!!!! AND VELOSTER!! 🙂

Andre Z F says:

This is a fake name VELOSTER, the correct name: SLOWSTER. A beautiful desing but a shit engine

dkkd123 says:

@94cvalle agreed!

ivreed says:

nice car but no spare tire!!!!

madzikud02 says:

really retarded car

DoctorMiracleTDRPS says:

Sounds like a paid ad.

kamzcool says:

only the pick up is slow…. once you’re over 3rd gear..then you can push this car to the limit.. .. but if you really need speed…go get yourself Nissan 370z….

82raptor says:

…yeah that’s because you have shitty taste in cars… and don’t insult me as i have likely forgotten more about cars then you will ever know!

cheaterninja says:

@94cvalle i totally agree, people r so under the misconception that hyundai r the crap cars of yesterday wen infact they r now one of the top manufacturers, i have just purchased and iload, it outperforms its competition in everyway, just as the veloster will, good on hyundai, suck shit hatters, oh yeah

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