Hyundai i30 (Elantra) 2018 in-depth review | Mat Watson reviews

The Hyundai i30 has plenty to compete against in the family hatchback class, with nearly every major manufacturer offers an alternative. In order to succeed, then, the i30 doesn’t just need to be good, but offer something to set it apart against a huge spread of competition. In my in-depth review, I assess its interior design, rear seat space, practicality, and what it’s like to drive. Should you avoid it, consider it, shortlist it or just go right ahead and buy it? Watch on to find out…

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Kelly M says:

I am Korean and not really a fan of Hyundai (I actually drive BMW). However, I feel a little awkward to see this guy saying “the car looks so European” Does he even know this i30 has targeted European Market primarily, meaning it should look more familiar to Europeans than Korean consumers? and this guy talked about Plagiarism? I am not even sure if this car reviewer from London even does know what his job entails since he must know WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT!

Mars Mars says:

Hello everyone, i need some advice for buying a new car. I want to buy a Hyundai elantra, comfort version, 1.6 Mpi, 128 Bhp, or renault megane, life, 1.2tce, 130 bhp. The price is the same. Thank you for your advice. Have a nice day.

Aero Loco says:

The big fat sat nav screen is a nice welcome I just wonder if they do well when driving against bright sunny day or of there’s glare. By seemingly hating the car he’s giving an unbiased review of the car.

aabidam says:

Interior meh.
Front looks plain.
Back looks great, probably best in its class.

dontbothermewithchannels says:

“Hi un die” OMG please watch your carbrand names video again.

John Kyon says:

Good to see matt in his trademark khaki shirt

Rustam Khasanov says:

Guess my first comment here for Mat …. like ever. But that dirt spot on jeans! ;D Luv it!

Ben Hopkins says:

Omg they put 2018 and it was a 2016

Vasu Puri says:

Please do Evoque vs Discovery Sport

Jacques Pretorius says:

here matt another review saying totally opposite of yours.

xeniosaias says:

Better this than any german BULLSHIT!

Sam K says:

Looks nothing like the Peugeot 308. Hyundai i30 looks fresh and classic. While the Golf looks boring and dull.

Rick C says:

So what is the difference btw this and the 2017 version u did at Jan this year?

Stanley Armstrong says:

Noise invisible behind extraordinary neighborhood combine recession military afraid proportion wild.

a t says:

Very poor english. Can’t understand him

T R says:

Lol mats subscribed to hallal pork

VkRmotorsport says:

Come on Mat, Hyundai didn’t pay you on this? You know germans do worst on therms of practicality. Even those which worth twice than this

Zoe Aubert says:

wealth does anybody understand worse than this vhridnt?

John Kyon says:

I hate that style of infotainment screen, I looks like its been chucked in there last minute with no consideration to how it fits with the rest of the dishboard, the new fiesta has the same problem!

Christian Windum says:

Cancelled carbuyer subscription, subscribed to carwow.

Khutso Doubada says:

Matt, when are we getting the Land Rover Velar review?

Rebel Lion says:

Are u on crack? Slow down when ur talking. Cant even enjoy the review. Jeez

YourEverydayGamingGuy says:

Do you put the drivers seat in your driving position before you sit behind the drivers seat, meaning. Can a six foot person still sit there easily with another 6 foot person driving, as i normally have to drive with the seat fully back to get my legs in to drive properly

Gavin Nash says:

Consider my ass!!! buy it…

paul browne says:

ZZzzzzzzzz. not an EV, not interested.

J Silver says:

I used to work at Hyundai, and I’m a always over there since I have a relative working at the dealer. The Elantra GT’s aren’t selling as fast as I thought. They got 3 of them sitting at the lot and they been sitting there for 2 months. Currently has 3 kinds…super cheap, semi loaded, and fully loaded (tech pkg) with 3 different transmissions (regular auto, dual clutch, and manual), and 2 engine options (turbo and non turbo). Very nice cars. My fav of course is the fully loaded Dark Grey/Black interior – tech package/turbo and dual clutch, pano roof, cooled seats, bigger screen.

Mario Zeppeli says:

You’ve already reviewed a Hyundai now, so when will reviews come for Mazdas, like the 3 or the CX-5? Please, Mat. 🙁

SirGuiles says:

How different is it from the 2017 model? For that review you kinda mentioned the rear room was ok… here you called it generous. Has the car been lengthened?

Also, compared to the manual of 2018, is the DCT in 2017 something shoppers should consider?

hvcshow says:


Aaron Jaggan says:

Looks like a mini Sorento.

Raymond Davies says:

Good job Mat once again,thanks.

Julian Tanaka says:

Mat, with the greatest respect, where does your silly accent come from?

Ufcrahul Humraskar says:

good review, thanks

AstroGaming says:

Tou should do the mazda 3, I’m curious if it’s worth it, it seems to be.

londo0 says:

So, basically almost perfect, affordable family car. All those negatives are just nitpicking and not really major faults.

Konrad C says:

Korean shit, as always

John White says:

it’s like Hugh Grant doing a car review

Petru Lisievici says:

This guy behaves like an idiot and then blames the cars for not accomodating his stupidity. Grow up!

Cromoart Comunicação says:

So boring design, not sexy looking car at all. Looks way like any chinese car.

archechme says:

the clutch may be like that just because it’s a new ish car, i’d imagine with more use/ mileage, it’ll loosen up.

Art Key says:

After all the comments about not being as good as a Golf, keep this in mind. A comparable Golf to this Premium version, with adaptive cruise, active lane assist and full autonomous emergency braking, smart phone mirroring, etc, would be thousands more. You’re also left without warranty after 3 years with any of its European competitors. Hyundai gives a rats about how you think it compares to a Golf. Their eyes are on the Japanese brands, a would not even consider a Coralla, Lancer or Civic over this. That’s why Hyundai are quickly heading towards being the world’s largest manufacturer. Before you say I’m a Hyundai troll, I actually drive a 2011 Golf 118tsi Highline and I preferred it after test driving an SR Premium i30. However my rental a few days after was a Mitsubishi ASX topspec, which was nowhere near the i30.

Vanessa Oelmann says:

Im so glad mat doesn’t like the screen because people in most reviews I’ve seen love it

John mcdonald says:

I used to sell Hyundai. Great car but the gearboxes are an issue. Clutch pressure plates are the single biggest problem . Warranty always covers it but it’s an inconvenience.

Mahin Ahmed says:

I Love the vw golf

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