Hyundai Kona (Kauai) new SUV PREVIEW – NAIAS 2018 – Autogefühl

In today’s Autogefühl’s episode, AJ checks out the Hyundai Kona for the first time. Soon we ll also present you the full driving review.

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mad says:

I don’t like the design, sorry.

{Motor Mafia} says:

Im disappointed kia, it looks like a concept car from the 90s…..

senorgato70 says:

Does Hyundai not know how to create original designs?  Those headlights/foglights are straight from the pre-facelift Jeep Cherokee.  Like a straight-up ripoff.  That shit should be criminalized.

DeviLee221 says:

Who was going crazy about this ugly piece of … ?!

Chris Till says:

I like the exterior quite a bit even though I’m usually an SUV hater. I even started thinking about a Kona EV to replace my Renault Zoe. But I think it’ll be more expensive and it’s not what I really want. Just need more manufacturers to do B Segment EVs. Suzuki Swift, Mazda 2 would be ideal if they happened, but they won’t happen any time soon. Which angers me massively.

atc kildare says:

Presenting the all new Pontiac Aztec!

Sara Xarepe says:

Cona is slang for vagina in portuguese lol

Younes Tennoussi says:

I like kona

ACS607 says:

I don’t understand why car manufacturers like Hyundai and Toyota insist on placing the rear and front indicators so low down that they risk braking in a light supermarket car park shunt. They also look ugly. Light clusters are getting more and more expensive to replace and i wouldn’t want to replace them every time an old lady in and old car accidentally crashes into the corner for the sake of aesthetics. Replacing the indicator/reverse bulbs looks to be a pain. I guess Hyundai dealers can rake in more money from their customers. On the subject of aesthetics, less is more and therefore the Kona would look far better without the silly useless features such as the fake vent above the grill.

Gurbetçi Türk-67 says:

Boring car like most crossovers and it looks like its made from cheap plastic which looks ugly.

No Sleep Pete says:

This might seem a little trivial but the thing that jumped out at me is that I couldn’t believe how horrendous the hand brake looks. Please continue with your more constructive comments folks.

Cesar Castillo says:

The rear of the car on the side view looks a lot like the Mazda CX-3

nemanja milosevic says:

9:50 how does that seat looks that old already!?

88detox says:

What’s up with Hyundai? They r missing a trick with the design lately…. the lower half of the Car looks hideous…. especially compared to the Toyota CHR.

David Shekelstein says:

ugly…exterior and interior…

markmd9 says:

It’s all about value for the money, I don’t think you can get a better 4wd for its price

Flo Yo says:

damn those leather at 10:00 its a showcar and its scratched already??? Designwise hmmm ?!?!? that slot in the front? Is it a moneybank on wheels? Whats up with these hardplastics these days?? i m not willing to pay 20k+ for such cheap plastics just like the TRoc car companies should restart their thinking about the Materials they use

MegaCJ25 says:

what an exquisite piece of crap, just kidding

Tim's Auto World Tv says:

Watch “2013 Boss mustang vs 2017 gt350 Shelby mustang” on YouTube

Ronaldo Roda says:

Full electric version coming in October

Left Shark #TheRealMVP says:

Who’s going crazy about this car?

Tadeu Ferreira says:

after the gorgeous i30, why hyundai build this aberration? that slot over the grill is awful, the daytime running lights are cool but the headlights are awful too.

omar rashid says:

AJ Autogefühl team loving the coverage of NAIAS 2018, keep up the excellent work, I’m spreading the word on Autogefühl how awesome your channel is and enjoying your video’s. Love Autogefühl. AJ the Hyundai kona suits you.

Cesar Castillo says:

Outside looks amazing. Inside you see where they made the cuts in budgets. Looks too cheap. They could make it super sharp inside without spending too much…Hopefully other trims or interior colors will look better

Amadou Beydi Diabate says:

looks like an uglier cheerokee

Opha says:

Not a huge fan of its exterior design

Zooks says:

the front and rear lights need work. they are too busy. otherwise i think its ok.

Euan Weir says:

whats the story with hyundai putting the headlights below the drls, citroen introduced that in 2013/14 now jeep and a few others want to do it, but in my opinion it only works as a design feature on citroens


I saw the cona in Korea. it more good looking on the road.

Chris Rabis says:

how is it compared to the Kia Stonic ???

markmd9 says:

How do you think, will this car be attractive to thieves?

manygaga says:

max load 60kg?? my dog weights 60kg…

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