Hyundai – The Empty Car Convoy

Hyundai wanted to demonstrate its driver assist features like its Smart Cruise Control, Lane Keeping Assist and Auto Emergency Braking. So it put together a convoy of empty cars…


Karl Heinz says:

still prefer to drive it manually, for safety reason like broken sensor etc etc.

geehump says:

Awk highfivehugclusterfuck at 2:15

Nicole H says:

it wasn’t the technology that got my attention it was the new seats look sooooo comfy & luxurious, !!, I just bought  a 2011genisis, so much car for what I paid it was a steal, thank you Hyundai, I doubt the resale value trap is going to last much longer, my car brand new was $55,000 including tax,  it only had 65,00k or appr 30,000 miles, it is so clean it still smells like leather all for $16,500 plus tax the car is practically brand new, the only bad thing people had to say was it had little resale value ( I never would have considered a  Hyundai until I discovered this awesome car) the pony was last century get over it, made a smooth transition from Cadillac .This car is  very impressive in every sense .


This car is bad ass

Steve Bukosky says:

How can you not like this?

Vvoroshilov says:

Супер!!!!!!!! Эмоции!!! Неужели правда???!!!

Terrence Jaylon Macdonald says:

The video is really awesome. Thanks for the upload.

Aryeh Yohan says:

You can get your fuck on in the back seat! Haha

Erick Gennady says:

Nice Move Genesis 🙂

pr. telis filho says:


Trevor Harley says:

I am a certified Hyundai auto tech. It works, I’ve let the car drive itself before. Super weird and scary but it works.

Adam Dang says:

Uh oh here is the new competitor for the self driving car

George Waweru says:

And remember,
Genesys is Skynet.

우주 kim says:

korean car

Erurainon Elder says:

This is a pretty awesome technology combined with good marketing. Though it does present the issue of possibly causing drivers to be less attentive while driving. If something can go wrong it will go wrong given enough trials. People seem to forget this. Still fun video to watch.

Sumedh Nandedkar says:

they used aston martins for the test! 😀

رعد الربيعي robaie says:

الجينسز روعة الهونداي

LoophaR says:

1:47 that’s cgi as shit

lolitsvictorr says:

The only problem is that this will encourage drivers to be texting or sleeping while driving. These features may not respond quick enough for it to work, making it still dangerous. I just hope drivers will not let it control their cars, just assist them.

jackjjang # says:

i wish i could…

Minjae Kim says:

ya….. but airbag doesn’t work

bored1980 says:

That’s amazing! It’s almost like a Tesla!

TheOkisyauqi1 says:

don’t trust the system too much. Its electronical, sometimes, something go wrong

Ryan Yuschock says:

I don’t like how fast and close they break to danger. If I’m driving behind a car with auto-breaking, I have to react faster than their cars computer or I’ll be in their trunk. It should be a slow breaking, not 60 – 0 mph in 4 seconds.

95thRiflesOCI says:

LOL stupid FORD gg brazil

Etzki1 says:

I love this company.

YaoiMastah says:

Are these features also on the Ioniq?

GamerRusith says:

Just remember one thing everyone, Genesis is Skynet.

Alexsandro Ferreira says:

Muito bom a tecnologia

Syed R says:

wow! it’s true.  I test drove one and it does work. No wonder the car got 5 star safety ratings.

George Waweru says:


And gay.

Mr. Cala says:

Mercedes S class had this technology like 7 years ago and has it still now

MC Quttaro YT CHANNEL says:

this is very dangerous thing to do

الاصيل خويلات says:

روعه هونداي

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