Hyundai will sell a car that can be unlocked with a fingerprint | Engadget Today

Hyundai has unveiled a new car system that lets drivers unlock and start a vehicle using their fingerprints. The tech is built in to the door handle and ignition button of the new 2019 Santa Fe SUV, showcased at an auto show in China last week.

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Alaa says:

Good luck opening you car in Michigan winter lol

2K D'angelo says:


Norris Thomas says:

Why do people freak out everytime they use technology on a car. Cars are way harder to steal today then they were 20 years ago.

itssmario says:

Comment section full of people scared of the future. Can’t stop progress.

private party says:

Is it electric though….

Brian Anxieton says:

disliked for making apple the benchmark for biometric security

Triplet Galaxy says:

Wait, this isn’t a thing yet?

f00zh says:

just leave the car unlocked unless u like having ur fingers getting chopped off

XSportSeeker says:

Weird… I’m sure I’ve heard of luxury car models already having fingerprint authentication in doors. Perhaps most of them were aftermarket, but still.

Vhsss Tv says:

This is great ! Though face id would be even more convenient and secure

Abdul Gafoor Aakhil says:

Why can’t they create face lock

B 2 says:

Decided to unsubscribe the brain dead loop music over powers the one tone breathless monologue.
DYI productions.

Jacob Westin says:

People will use this to gather peoples fingerprints to plant evidence

never mind says:

I want my girlfriend’s jeans zip to come with a finger print sensor , and finger print to open that zip would be mine for sure.

Alex Jenkins says:

Errr… No. I would rather use a physical key that you have to put in a slot to turn a barrel to open the door or turn the ignition on, as I do with my current car, an ’08 Toyota Aygo (It has remote locking, but I don’t like using it, mainly because of all the remote break-ins and thefts of cars we’ve had in my local area)

Nechemiah seltzer says:

Why didn’t know one think of this before?? I literally thought of this idea when I was 13 and only now some massive corporation has done it!!
Can someone please explain??

Covert Person says:

yeah I can see this being a problem in a few months after being released, ‘Hyundai recalls over fingerprint unlocking issue’

Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

Breaking News: Man gets Finger Chopped Off and Car Stolen

Naser Leo says:

Why not eyescanner…..?

c woolfork says:

Some car company will soon be introducing a car that you can unlock with your face…

Hatake Kakashi says:

Who thinks this will make it easier to break into your car?

Alex Zeus says:

Good luck my favourite brand!

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