Just Arrived: 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 2.0 Turbo on Everyman Driver

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J High says:

Is it just me or does the center stack resemble a flared cobra?

Carlos Sepulveda says:

Hi. I purchased one. Could you kindly explain how to turn off the Bluetooth from the car? Thanks

khalid alj says:

Hyundai lacks pay real quad and not Crossover

Ross Miller says:

Man you look like Chris Gailus. He is the news anchor for 6 o clock news on Global in Vancouver BC.

Brandon Brown says:

10 year warranty…. pay on it for 5 years then still have 5 years of warranty! eat that Toyota and Subaru….

Spencer says:

why does every god damn car have to have those headlights that stretch back and try to make it look better, they should of kept the headlight desing from 2005

1100HondaCB says:

I have found Hyundai drivers to be absolute cunts on the road.

Dacey Clarke says:

Wow… did he just say Hunday? Least pronounce it right, that’s really lazy.

Jacinda Smith says:

I believe the rear seats may be like the older models. Maybe taking the headrests off or auto folding option to make flattening easier?

Акакий Пузельшляпсен says:

непонятно нихрена, брат. учи русский.

Alexander Vasquez says:

im planning to get this suv or 2016 explorer

Wes Edmonds says:

I plan to buy this model next weekend. Have you noticed any steering issues over 45mph I’ve read exist in the previous year models?

Kevin W says:

Hi, I would like to know your thoughts for the driver seat comfort. Did you have to lower your seat in order to accommodate your height?

Fish bowl says:

Dave Erickson is such a hottie! I wouldn’t mind being in the back seat with him. Lol or upfront with him while he’s driving. lol

روائع حول العالم - وثائقيات says:

my dream

Enrique Singh says:

+Everyman Driver Between the CRV and the Santa Fe which one do you like more? Thx! Great videos!

robert mark polintan says:

rav 4 or this? please help me decide for my first car. 🙁

Carl Magrath says:

When I picked up my first m/cycle, the dealer said, go home and read the manual, when you finish, read it again. Stops a lot of guessing when trying to present a new vehicle on YouTube, I think this is………………………..the manual will tell you everything about the car

Ricardo Ricardo says:

He said awd? I saw the badge it said 2wd?…. At the start.

Xsoul1000 says:

Hey Dave, that face you make on the thumbnail, you look like Vince Shlomi from the Shamwow add! 🙂

Everyman Driver says:

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2.0 is small for a huge suv like this

1980syoo says:

When is the video for the review coming in?

TimeWithinTime says:

Does the ultimate package come with the all-season tires or do we have to get those extra?

Bill Bee says:

seats in this thing suck. Nissan knows how to make comfortable seats. That’s important when you take 500 mile trips.

depellerinluc says:

That look on your face says it all.

Buy one you love them sooo.

CookieMan0 says:

Even I hv A Santa Fe

derickj1976 says:

Great review as usual, Keep up the great work.

iGotClutch4 says:

Nice review! You help me to choose between the 2016 Santa FE or the 2016 Sorento

Kratoriser 1999 says:

this car deserves bose audio which would be a lot worthed buying it

Kalvin D says:

+Everyman Driver Car Reviews Just an FYI, you don’t have to hold the start button…. Just push it once and it’ll start.

Paul Connolly says:

Dave-  Have you checked out the 2016 Mazda CX-5 GT?  I like it better than this Santa Fe Sport.  Thoughts?

Sierra Nevada says:

Good review, looks like horrible weather tho!

William Robinson says:

Why would anyone take this vehicle off road with six inches of clearance?.

Hassan Ahamad says:

I want to know de frace

Penelope416 says:

Where is the spare tire?

Mohdzaidi Abdulrahmam says:

Can i have this guy phone no please… He’ s more attactive than the car huhu…

khalid alj says:

Crossover impractical. SUV real best

Melody Rolluda says:


userbosco says:

How is the interior materials quaity? Cheap? Hard plastic? Soft touch? – Thanks!

Lexie McCarthy says:

Do you have any reviews of the 2016 Tuscon or SanteFe’s yet?

C0L0MB14N0 & DiegoTM Father & Son says:

why didn’t hyundai reveal the refresh 2016 santa fe already instead making this current santa fe to have a 4 year cycle

Simplice Ribouem says:

wen this car would be arrive in Australia? hahahahah ,i will like to get one ahahaha

cheffy329 says:

+Everyman Driver Car Reviews I’m currently car shopping and considering between this and nissan rogue, which vehicle would you prefer between the 2??? Thanks dave!

Court Mojo says:

I have the 2014 version of this, LOVE IT!!! traded my Escalade and havent looked back since

Kai Hal says:

I’m interested in purchasing this vehicle…still Waiting for the off-road/ snow review..

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