Just Arrived: 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport on Everyman Driver

The award-winning Hyundai Santa Fe lineup continues to dramatically improve for the 2017 model year. The improvements span everything from fresh exterior design and LED lighting signatures to additional infotainment, convenience and safety technologies and new Drive Mode selection with Sport, Eco and Normal settings. For 2017, in order to meet increased market demand, production of the two-row Santa Fe Sport model will be added to the Montgomery, Alabama manufacturing facility, alongside the Sonata and Elantra sedan models. The 2017 Santa Fe is arriving at dealers now.

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Yun Sang Cho says:

2:47 heated seats? looks more like a steering wheel heat sign

James Chapman says:

Hyundai resale r coming back up yes I would agree with u that resale value few years ago were very bad but now they r staying about average compare to Nissan and hondas. I traded in toyota and got less than I thought I would when I went back to toyota .

Leonard Cunje says:

Thanks, Appreciate they review…its a nice car, however could have include the remote starter & phone app. its a bonus and a nice selling feature for the cold winter days. the after market installs are not as good as the factory install on the R/starter.

Franklin Bernadina says:

Anybody knows the name of the exterior color?

Carl Magrath says:

When I asked the dealership can I get it in 5 seats, he said they stopped building 5 seaters in 2012, now only 7 seaters since. Today you showed a 5 seater, is this going to be normal, 5 and 7 seaters, in Australia have no idea if Hyundai are bringing out the 5 seater 2017

Lance Williams says:

Hyundai, 2012,2013,2015 CarMD #1 in reliability. All of their vehicles were a iihs top safety pick and have so many awards down the line. Sanata Fe sport 4 years in a row family car of the year and as a company #1 in initial quality. Also 5 years in a row won customer loyalty, and To think the engineers of BMW and designers of Audi went to there company. You couldnt pay me to even sit in a honda or Toyota after living with a Hyundai. Not just a base car these days, actually considered a luxury vehicle in most markets. People don’t live by the old addich that honda and toyota are the best, they have been SEVERLY PASSED by Hyundai and Kia. More reliable and some models actually built in Germany. Best warranty, excellent features and innovative company! Underpriced because of a badge. You don’t drive the badge, you drive the car!

nfa5511 says:

Mines $44,000 and ifs the tip top sport

Julie Janssens says:

Male director heat inflation ultimately excuse his.

bc67 says:

Roof rails AND a panoramic sun roof! Can’t understand why Ford offers only one or the other with the Edge. Mistake IMO.

Sivas Pandya says:

SantaFe. It looks upmarket and has the abilities to compete with big boys.


For the heated stering wheel you said the heated seats

Mati12ful says:

i have a 2016 tucson limited love it

007mrmrbig says:

1 more mile more per gallon as opposed to last year?? Woooohoooo!!!!!!!!!!!

Yasir says:

Great quick look! Thanks!

John Perovich says:

How was the ride quality? I own a 2014 and its choppy on uneven surfaces. I heard the 2015 refined the rear suspension and am wondering if this refresh got it even better…? The ride quality is (IMO) the worst attribute to this otherwise excellent SUV.

nfa5511 says:

It also has 260 hp

brown bobby says:

this vehicle looks like German for some reason

David Zavala says:

I like it. but Dave you should try and review basic trim levels. not all of us have the cash to buy something that expensive. Also the gauges look so boring. All of manufactures have the same boring analogs that have a 160mph? really? my needle will never past half way so that’s a lot of empty space.

Lucky Ducky says:

i just bought the Ultimate Tech 2.0L a few days ago…couldn’t be happier…got it for 38500 OTD during the summer deal sale.

WINGS says:

LOOKS SOOOO PLASTIC! exterior designe pretty good, but interior is just to much plastic everywhere.

Khalid Alfadli says:

Hyundai needs to real suv and pickup

ING. ZV says:

Looks like Acura MDX !!!

Lucky Ducky says:

forget the Santa Fe review, this guy is Hawt!!!!

Matrix Jones says:

I love this crossover!!!!!

wq1299 says:

Kia and Hyundai are the Ghetto brand of cars LOL.

Gabriel Calderon says:

Awesome looking Santa fe!

Kevin Nam says:

Great video! Appreciate all the details.

Dan K says:

$38K for a PoS Hyundai??? Them boys are on crack!

Alejandro Aramis says:

In my opinion this is a mid-size SUV and the most accurate competitor would be the Ford Edge.

advres says:

Haven’t owned a vehicle in over 8 years and your reviews are really helping out in my search for a new ride. Quick question, any chance you are going to do a more in-depth review on this model rather than a walkthrough? Don’t get me wrong, this is helpful for sure, but I would like to know your take on how it performs realistically. Keep killing it man!

James says:

Whens the full review? Ive been searching for an in depth review on this car and there is nothing but crap out there. Can you focus on the braking performance, acceleration, infotainment system and lighting? Not to tall of an order I hope. Haha thanks again.

David Wilson says:

Dave, do you know if you will get a Cadillac XT5 to test any time soon?

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