Memories from the Road; 2019 Hyundai Veloster | Talking Cars #156

Summer’s here and we’re ready to hit the road! We share our favorite road trip stories and talk about the cars we drove along the way. The 2019 Hyundai Veloster visits our test track and we answer your questions about new car technology and comparing used roadsters.

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0:27 – Summer Road Trips

1:05 – Mike’s college road trip

2:23 – Jake’s family and college road trips

4:44 – Jon’s college road trips

6:07 – CR Staff reserving cars for summer trips

8:42 – 2019 Hyundai Veloster

14:20 – Audience Questions

14:30 – Question #1: Engine reliability and cylinder deactivation

16:26 – Question #2: Electric cars vs. hydrogen fuel cell cars

19:55 – Question #3: Roadster buying advice

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Hyundai Veloster First Look:

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dwilsonjr78 says:

I agree, I’ll stick with the Miata. They are fun too drive, reliable, and inexpensive to maintain. I like the Boxter also but like any other German car, it’s just way to expensive to maintain.

carrillo100100 says:

Sure love the new veloster
#Hyundai Gang

Luke Hoisington says:

I live in Philly Jim’s is the best

2012bigPerm says:

New Miata did 0-60 in under 6 seconds… You can go to jail just fine.

Alfred D says:

Y’all should review the veloster N once it’s out

Edysin Simon says:

Any auto maker that “needs” some artificial sound of their engines, is hokey to the max!

Jake A. says:

Cylinder deactivation is not as reliable and has vibration problems that have yet to be solved. The new Ram is using vibration cancelling devices on the frame and the 2019 Chevy will be using a balancing device in the transmission.

daphlavor says:

Ahh yes, Jim’s with cheese wiz

GiovanniLACA17XD says:

Parking an expedition is not that tough calm down.

catsspat says:

Veloster finally has independent rear suspension!

Jazmine Thomas says:

While you guys were discussing the Veloster, I heard calls for more speed and a louder exhaust with cracks and pops, but you all never mentioned the forthcoming Veloster N; it provides both, as well as improved handling / driving dynamics.

Dean Clark says:

With all the talk of the Veloster I’m surprised the 2.0L turbocharged Veloster N wasn’t mentioned, especially with the criticism of the lack of rumble and pops (TheStraightPipes did a pre-production preview of the Canadian version a few months ago and were laughing like school girls at the exhaust pops).  As for Hydrogen, I think it might be a good option for clean commercial vehicles but for passenger vehicles PHEVs and BEVs seem more logical to me.

Steve C# says:


Eric Fling says:

A hydrogen car is an electric car with hydrogen as the storage medium. So if people complain about lithium batteries being dangerous, they are nothing compared to pure hydrogen, there is no safety cut off, thermal runaway switch, if the tank is punctured or pipes whatever you will have a HUGE explosion. Now onto the efficiency front. As I said hydrogen car is simply an electric car. So now to get that hydrogen we need to zap (Electrolysis) a bunch of water to separate H from O, transfer the H into your car through high pressure puncture proof lines so it can be used. Whereas with electricity we cutout the middleman, there is no conversion expect from AC to DC power.

Honestly I am simply amazed that so many car companies are still investing millions into hydrogen fuel cell tech. Batteries have already proven themselves and are only getting better. For example the batteries in a model 3 are 50% more energy dense then the cells in the model S & X. It is only uphill from here with batteries.

Trevor Huntoon says:

Hyundai is what Honda was in the 90s

Carlos Moreira says:

Great show.

jeff Lynch says:

Stories weren’t the best guys. I think the show should keep to news and cars

Jeremy Yeater says:

I love these stories!

Mohankeneh says:

wooo hooo veloster <3

simonisable says:

Is this cost effective? 3k views for all this work?

GavinQuacks says:

Hydrogen is honestly much better than electric. Electric has its own pollution problems because of the much-higher demand for electricity, which is created by burning gas/oil.

David Dickerson says:

I want a ⚡

james evarts says:


Michael Cline says:

This car looks too boy racer-ish. I would be embarrassed to be driving this to the office every day. Also, how will this car look in 5 years? Will it age like fine wine? Or will it be a piece of junk that people will laugh at while thinking “can’t believe people actually thought those things were cool.”

Dennis G Mattinson says:

If that Boxster is CPO from a Porsche dealer, then jump on it – the warranty for CPO Porsche vehicles is the best certified pre-owned deal going: “Porsche’s excellent certified pre-owned (CPO) program covers its cars with a bumper-to-bumper warranty for up to 6 years and now offers unlimited mileage from the original sale date, provided that they’re still under warranty at the time of purchase. For cars no longer covered by the original warranty, Porsche’s plan offers 2 years of bumper-to-bumper coverage from the date of purchase. Porsche’s certified pre-owned program also boasts no deductible, and it’s fully transferable to future owners.”

Nobody Important says:

Where’s Gabe? We need a man’s opinion.

Jim Lee says:

Miata is always the answer, but for 60 year old people, roadsters may not be. I am the third owner of a 2012 miata, purchased last year with only 12k miles on it.

The previous two owners were in their 60s and had a hard time getting in an out of the car. Loved the drive, but over time got tired of getting in and out on road trips.

Just to share.

Serge Vivier says:

I always enjoy your show but “gas price is high” get real please, you have the cheapest gas in the world, stop whining.

Christian Ardito says:

I hate the fake sound in cars. I had a 328i with fake inline 6 sound and it was just sad. Every time I lowered the window or had a valet bring me the car, the sound of the real thing was terrible but at least it was real. Car companies should just stop doing this. I don’t know anyone that thinks it’s great.

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