New Toyota C-HR hybrid review: funky crossover goes upmarket

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Toyota C-HR full review:

Toyota C-HR hybrid review
The head-turning C-HR is a worthwhile addition to the fiercely fought compact crossover class. It’s not quite as practical as its mainstream rivals, but it makes up for this with its distinctive styling, classy cabin, grown-up driving dynamics and decent value for money. However, unless you really want to save on tax, we’d steer clear of the slightly disappointing hybrid in favour of the sweet and eager 1.2-litre model.

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Oscar Lee says:

I think it looks hideous.

stu says:

Sorry but ere the Toyota engineers pissed when they built this thing? Looks like the had a lot of spare parts and thought “lets build a stupid looking “car”. My boss had one to test drive for a week and he gave it back after one day. Uncomfortable, not that economic (my six year old Volvo estate was almost as good), and for the first time in his life he was happy he is short so no one could see him driving it|!!!!!!!

Hiyumal Perera says:

check the seats at the back. You will be seated uncomfortable very low in the car and also the rear window is placed way above the head level of an average person. Anyone going in the back will feel like in prison. They seem to have rushed this model to market and did not the specs right.

Cω Tham says:

Uploader decided to use Youtube’s stabilise enhancement on this video.

kawaii-japan says:


PussMag says:

Juke and Civic mated and this came out

Neo Hideo says:

this is a cool car!

crispybacon says:

Good review by this guy. Insightful and picks up issues with the car without being irritating. Can you have him replace that idiot other guy currently on the CarBuyer channel with the annoying whiney voice?

9a2er says:

Guys Prius doesn’t have CVT but eCVT, those 2 don’t have anything in common except for name. eCVT has planetary gearset and electromotors instead of belts…

Dale Dai says:

good car. such a shame that i can’t buy it in China

john john says:

went to see it in a showroom.did not like it.its very claustrophobic at the back,something they could have taken care of with more wondar sometimes how top designers can miss something like that.

HodsBroo says:

I’d much rather have this baby over the Juke or HR-V to be honest.

Josh Bacon says:

How come we only get a CVT with four wheel drive versions of the C-HR?

Christina Eder says:

Tired research contact cheese buddy may boost.

Ricardo Lourizela says:

Awful sound, guys…

schon74 says:

hate the sticky up infotainment screens in modern cars.looks like an afterthought

david satherley says:


Chance The Rapper says:

cant decide between this and peugeot 3008

ezar howard says:

I’ll just wait for them TRD version.

david satherley says:


Luis F says:

this on big hyundai veloster

stu says:

Oh just to ad, I get a new company car next week, and this is on the list. Think I’ll go for the Jag F-pace instead. At least it looks good

Mario Losberg says:

I’t look’s good but Peugeot 3008 is the best looking car in this class..

TheElixir2 says:

GPS for 800-1000€
It is not a scam? Seems that Toyota is a gold digger….

Haris Mak says:

Honda needs to wake up!

jayrush01 says:

so fugly! its the new nissan juke…. da faq is wrong with people

Idrees M says:

Sounds quite loud inside the cabin!

ewanwallace1 says:

The rear looks like a copy of the ageing Honda Civic with awkward proportions of the side profile behind the rear door

Anthony Duong says:

TRD needs to make an actual performance model of this. Put a 1.8L turbo with 200hp/tq and I am sold. Toyota, you have the reliability/comfort/resale value down packed for years. Can you please put some actual performance back into your brand instead of just “sporty” cosmetics.

hoho hi says:

Do not buy Made in Japan land 70% radioactive contamination

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