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We attend the 2017 Hyundai media launch to evaluate and enjoy the new more refined Elantra. The new car is in the same vein as the new Sonata and Genesis G80, refined, smooth full of tech but how does it compare to cars like the Mazda3, Ford Focus and Honda Civic. This quick review is prelude to a full review coming soon.

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SavageGeese is:
Mr. Goose – World Champion Ice Cream Eater

Guest Star:
Claudia – http://trendylatina.com
Sax Man – Imperial Beach

Thanks to: Christine J, Lori S, Dean, Brandon and Miles, HMA

Intro – 0:00 – 1:00
1:00 – 3:50 Hyundai Presentations
3:50 – 6:37 Driving and other Tech
6:37 – 7:20 Interior Impressions
7:20 – 10:30 Engine, Trans and Fuel Economy
10:30 – 11:40 Final Thoughts

Full Review Coming Summer 2016


Dominic Sobreo says:

Entertaining video as always!

Alberto Valdez says:


j0hnjaydj says:

Great review and background shots of San Diego. Stay classy.

ZircoBen says:

This or the Civic?

maximus9401 says:

That Christine Jew, yowzah!

If you liked this, I can’t wait until you review the new Civic. Hopefully they’ll be bringing out the manual for the 1.5 turbo model soon

ruzzell907 says:

This car blows its competitors out of the water

Gregory Perkins says:

id say the civic is better

victor bozzo says:

THOSE SUNGLASSES DOE! LOL! Kind of a shame that they left the driving dynamics mostly intact. The exterior looks more interesting to look at than the prior gen. :/

jtorres1486 says:

Great visual review @savagegeese

Confispect says:

Goodness gracious life has taken many different turns I have not been here awhile. It got boring the channel views are looking iffy. I guess it’s what your reviewing or either present humans have shorter attention spans. I came to say you suck you rock keep trying for improvement as usual. Oh and one last thing get in contact with TheTruthAboutCars Mark Stevenson I think you and the garage fella might like it. Good day.

Bosco Butterbear says:

Nice review and surprisingly snark-free. But it would have been hot if she did smack you. Hope Turbowski isn’t jealous.

Mr Troll says:

“quick review”.. haha i love this channel. top quality, details and information..it shows how much he put in to give us viewers a good car review video..thank you sir

Ed Kelly says:

Great as always. By the way, Elton John called, he looking for his sunglasses.


Carlos Malave says:

The previous generation had a more modern /high-tech /upscale look to it that trenscened into the interior. The previous generation was a bit loud (engine) and with a structure that didn’t feel solid. I would prefer this generation but the interior and exterior are lacking emotion.

MrDJCue says:

Something about the rear-end of the Hyundai is lacking. It just looks basic and unfinished.

Konan Kun says:

nice car, what kind of Camera mount is that? looks awesome


What ?…….did the more major car-moguls ‘have a talk’ with Hyundai, so that the designs are deliberately dead-looking compared to last model’s………..once a car doesn’t look fantastic, the desire for it takes a major dip.

carzzi says:

“What would a Latina woman like?” I thought she would like the Hyundai Accent, no? Probably the funniest press-ride-car-share interaction in a while. Typical reviewers pretend that the person from peer publications are simply mannequins allowing the legal use of HOV lanes. “[H]ow tall are you?[…] taller than average!” looks like you’re really trying to win a slap :’-D

Daniel N says:

love watching your reviews. from the awesome HD video, narration and details it’s hands down the best channel in my book.

CarnorJast1138 says:

This iteration of the Elantra may be all the “solid” and “high tech” upgrades that they state, but styling, which was a huge factor of the previous Elantra’s, is lacking. My 2016 Elantra may not “drive” as well as this new model (but is fully/plenty equipped), but the difference is not enough to make up for the bland exterior and interior design cues. The previous model was a far more “fancier” looking and visually stunning car compared to this version. The 2017 looks like a squashed Sonata, with the same interior, and the exterior takes cues from the Sonata and Corolla……that’s NOT a good thing, especially for a car that stood out from the crowd in so many ways visually! The older Elantra’s, like my 2016, are still very well made cars, but they just had a few areas that needed refinement, and Hyundai could have addressed those areas, and added all the features we see in this car, but kept the exterior and interior “uniqueness” that made the Elantra SO popular! I guess Hyundai wants to unify their design and make all their cars look similar, just like the other car companies. And that is a shame!

Kalani Ruiz says:

Can you please do a full review on this car.

Patrick Edwards says:

Bruh, I’ve literally quit watching everybody else’s reviews and wait to watch yours simply for the genuine comedy and truthfulness lol

noduleman says:

I really dont like that Mexican board at all!

Patt C says:

You seem to give really good honest non biased reviews , you seem to judge every make fairly, keep it up:)

Robby.Izaak says:

Its funny how she says “its not different from the older one” and he is like “yeah” …dude you just said the opposite.!!!!

JurisKankalis says:

what did you do to the girl? why is she so grim? is it maybe your …….. great sunglasses?

Brian Bautista says:

Looks like you’re in Chula Vista

Shanti Sheela says:

not trendy enough for me

geosh10 says:

I’m disliking how a lot of manufacturers are now making their interiors similar to other models in their lineups. It’s like they’re clicking “copy” & “paste”!
GM was really notorious for this back in the 90s. Okay, stepping down from my soapbox!
Nice video!

Sonic Hedgehog says:

Nice looking car. They did a good job.

LAC32Griffin says:

love your channel savagegeese

Scott Pricker says:

Great video. Thank you!!

Khu NoPie says:

I hope you got a second date

noduleman says:

What’s with that angry puss face on that chick all about?? Shes looks nasty.

Genkoup says:

Just discovered your channel and I don’t understand why your subscribers number is so low, because it looks like an high budget video review. Keep up your good work!

Patrick Sorrells says:

Hey, did you do a review of the previous generation Elantra?

SANYUR says:

The New Civic is Way Better

alexander1485 says:

those asians wearing the orange nike shirt was pretty damn cute, made watching the video worth it.

FrederickGFX says:

Haha, I love Latino Lady’s face at 7:34. She’s just like… that it?

Carlos Choy says:

That was a great one again. You made that appliance seem interesting even.

LFTD says:

I would never get this car, but it’s quite handsome. Looks way better than the Corolla but doesn’t offer the performance of the Civic.

JR S says:

for $10,000 less than this limited, you can get vw jetta with standard gdi turbo engine , dsg auto trans, independent rear suspension and rear anti-sway bar
elantra gt has gdi engine, better rear suspension, less hard plastic interior, and costs less. having lotus tune a cheap beam rear suspension is like putting lipstick on a pig. cosmetic changes with downgraded engine. a huge disappointment. shame on Hyundai USA. Hyundai Europe has better cars than this.

Aleks Ulmer says:

I loved the different dynamic of this video because of the “co-driver” (I also couldn’t help cracking up at the glasses switch at 8:38)… As always, the humor makes the video that much more entertaining!

Brian Bautista says:

Yanny Pyo is beautiful

yasser aboamoud says:

I need to buy a car in a week so this or mazda3 ?? both at the same price , mazda3 gives more specs and technology . but downside is the exclusive car dealer have 70% less service centers than Hyundai’s + you wait 45-60 days to get your car + you need to reserve for maintenance two weeks before you hit your next 10.000 > so my question is how much mazda3 better than this ?

Luis Luis says:

I prefer the previous body style.

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