Review: 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport on Everyman Driver

The award-winning Hyundai Santa Fe lineup continues to dramatically improve for the 2017 model year. The improvements span everything from fresh exterior design and LED lighting signatures to additional infotainment, convenience and safety technologies and new Drive Mode selection with Sport, Eco and Normal settings. For 2017, in order to meet increased market demand, production of the two-row Santa Fe Sport model will be added to the Montgomery, Alabama manufacturing facility, alongside the Sonata and Elantra sedan models. The 2017 Santa Fe is arriving at dealers now.

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James Ritenour says:

As always, excellent and comprehensive review. I have this car ”ordered” (as much as Hyundai does factory ”orders”). Pearl white/grey leather, 2.0T Ultimate Tech AWD. First week of August is latest estimated delivery. After 6 Silverado LTZ Z71’s for work I am switching to a much smaller vehicle in retirement. Your videos on the various vehicles were a huge help in deciding. Thanks!

Abhishek Dinakar says:

Could you please give a fair comparison of this SUV with the CRV. I am finding it difficult to decide between CRV and Santa Fe Sport.

nargis zahra says:

i am looking to buy a new car. i love the new lexus rx,could u tell me how does it rate compared to this car and the bmw ×6? I will be test driving the lexus rx next month.

Danny says:

Great review. I definitely recommend going into greater detail over the design/function of the headlights/taillights according to the different trim levels as well as discussing more about the trim levels themselves.

Clayton Hoskinson says:

I can’t get over the fact that the wipers wouldn’t return to the park position.

Lin Hunnicutt says:

The only way I would consider the ultimate turbo is without all wheel drive, the gas mileage with it is terrible. The Outback 3.6R is better and the all wheel drive system is better.

KleePietro says:

I do have a 2014 Santa Fe Sport and it is and feels more spacious and heavier than a RAV-4 or CX-5.

ralph_libinski says:

Odd that they still haven’t put adaptive cruise control in this. That’s the only thing I wish my 2015 AWD Ultimate had, so I’m glad I didn’t wait for the refresh. Great vehicle otherwise.

John Kirton says:

No mention about side mirrors .Do they electric folding mirrors, if not why not .I don’t want to get out to fold when going in garage.

Leave the gun, Take the cannoli says:

bad audio

Ehgus Rnjs says:

Hyundai’s nailing it!!!! loving my genesis

mushy213 says:

i dont know what i want to look at more. the stylish car or the hot daddy!

tykebe says:

Is the whining sound just in the turbo?

soflaav8r says:

You never say anything negative about the cars you drive.

Christopher Walken says:

Looks like the ford edge….which looked like the subaru forester…

James Hicks says:

We leased our new Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Ultimate AWD Turbo and love it! It has a great stylish design and with the Tech package and all the bells and whistles it’s a great vehicle.  Northern Utah has lots of snow the AWD will come in handy.  This is our 3rd Hyundai SUV and we love this one the most. Great job Hyundai!

Shionn Christian says:

Does it have wireless charging for samsung/Android phones like the kia sorento??


Great review. Love your groove at the end!

bikephil says:

I think the crv and rav4 are more in competition with the Tucson, at least in price. this is more in the range of the Pilot, explorer and highlander.

Ivan Vojt says:

Price gets stupid in higher trim levels. Lose the plastic trees. I did like the ’15 Santa Fe.

WtrDogg20 says:

What about the spare tire?

PEPE Cabrera says:

what color is ?

Nicholas Suryathyo says:

This model is the 3 row in Australia. We don’t get the grand Santa Fe

Sorta sucks

JJ PP says:

You need to get a solid mic.

endocry says:

40,000+ for a compact seems pretty ridiculous.

Derek Jimenez says:

Your mic is distorting.

JL 103 says:

Thank you for the video, my wife and I are looking at buying a Santa Fe sport. How is the ride? And will the back fit a wheelchair without lowering the seats? Thank you

Lucky Ducky says:

I got the Sport 2.0L Turbo Ultimate with Tech Package…top of the line…for 38500 Out The Door. No one should pay more than 39000 for this car…if you are you might as well get a Lexus, Mercedes, or BMW comparable lines.

tkyim says:

There are two deal changers when comparing the Hyundai SFSport and the Kia equivalents….the SFS has rear seat vents and memory settings for the driver power seat.

Koehn Herbert says:

how do the led lights above foglights come?

riverracerx says:

I am looking at this, the Lexus NX and the Discovery Sport for my wife. Yes, I know the price points are all different. I have had 2 Hyundai’s recently and love them. Best bang for the buck. Lexus is a Toyota, so should last awhile (I had a 2006 GS350), the Disco has a Ford engine, but not sure about reliability on the rest of it. Still undecided. But I love this refresh.

Erik yoo says:

5:05 whos dog is that?

Lucas Hash says:

So I have this exact model (same color too), and I’ve been averaging 24.6 MPG, which is quite impressive compared to what the sheet says.

Also, I would say that the Sport is larger than the CR-V/RAV4 size. It is more comparable to the Ford Edge in size.

Herc Zeus says:

Did you lose weight? You look much slimmer in this video.

Didi Atthas says:

where’s the spare tire??

JackyGAA says:

Great Review Mr. Erickson!

Augusto Lugo says:

Great review, thanks for sharing, how come yo uare getting such poor gas mileage if it is a 4 cylinder car? Thanks again, just subscribed.

AntsAfan301 says:

Dave dancing lol

viyau says:

Practical and good looking. Pricey though for the average person. Payments on this car will be high, resale low. hmm

AK K says:

wow…look at those calf muscles 🙂

civiliansheepdog3842 says:

21mpg is terrible for a 4cyl. Car look nice though.

advres says:

Thanks for your reviews on this. Just pulled the trigger on a loaded sport ultimate.

Moses Arreaga says:

Can you review the Dodge Durango

Just The Vest says:

hate the single sided exhaust.. if only the 2.0t had dual exh pipes

Billy Sou says:

Dave – I think the Santa Fe Sport is a midsized crossover, the Tuscon would be the compact crossover.

noduleman says:

What kind a an adult man shaves his legs???..very feminine.

Gilberto Solorio says:

I wish i could just punch your perfect teeth

Jeffry Sanchez says:

this is the standard version?

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