Ultimate Review: 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe AWD on Everyman Driver

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Shannon Mizell says:

Hi Everyman Driver, you review so many vehicles and this makes your opinion on the passenger experience valuable. I think it is important for you to share comfort riding level, road noise in the interior cabin while driving, and show the available storage, maneuverability, steering and ability to take a u-turn, etc. I don’t think it will be necessary for me to climb hills off-road in a vehicle like you do in this video unless I need to escape for my life in a zombie apocalypse.

d4t4n0n u53r says:

You make great car video reviews. Briefly You keep a good pace going through the features, however sometimes you do off road tests, which are IMO spirited and fun to watch, but not with all of your videos understandably. Your strong suit is the spirited off road tests. Perhaps you can decide which target demographic your going after?

Mack11721 says:

Personally, I think you’re good.

DrDennis77 says:

Thanks for the review and night view.

stephen yoo says:

VLOG is something different. I don’t think anybody else is doing that. I liked it.

Robert Rosa says:

More of this.

Josefa Galindo says:

Great review Dave. I will be taking delivery of a 2016 Santa Fe GLS. Living down in South Florida no need for AWD. Love the roominess and power of this “RIG” Got a great deal with not too many extras on it, however I’m loving that 40 months remaining on the factory warranty. That coupled with the 290hp on this GDI 6 … oh how sweet it is.

Vick says:

Keep them coming Dave. Great job.

gail royals says:

Thanks.. Question, anyone know how well it will work with a light weight camper? I’m shopping!

Time with Don says:

This is cool

Daryl Chang says:

Would you suggest the Mazda CX-9 in the touring trim or the 3 row Santa Fe with all the bells and whistles?

d4t4n0n u53r says:

EMD will you do a 2017 CRV review?

오늘도무사히 says:

I have a santafe diesel in korea, santafe diesel so powerful and great gas mileage

Jerjerator Tv says:

5″ lcd?

KevX1127 says:

Great review Dave! The Santa Fe seems good but damn the steering wheel looks bland and skinny like cars from the 90s

Stephen Ducar says:

Liked that you showed Night time. Nice touch. Have been looking for a Veracruz replacement and this might fit the bill. Wonder why the captain’s chairs vs normal seats….

Pavan Immadi says:


gworsley57 says:

I have enjoyed your blog …keep em coming

Kurt Washington says:

Nice, Dave – and small world… we worked for a very brief time during your time in Honolulu. Nice work on these reviews… really liked the ’16 KIA Sorento to Seatlle vid – picking-up our gently used ’16 Sorento V6 this weekend! Good luck w/ these reviews…really well done.

Calvin Nivens says:

good vid

Marc Allard says:

more of this excellently presented… thanks

Robert Reese says:

Love the views… common

Chris Armistad says:


D Martins says:

Great review.

Daniel Rodriguez says:

That was an excellent review. If I may suggest….Maybe you can show how easy or difficult it is to parallel park and show how much the panoramic roof opens. And if the vehicle was equipped with the dynamic cruise control, maybe show us how good it works as well as the accident prevention braking. Many ask if these types of crossovers can drive on the beach? But no tester ever takes a crossover on sand. I think beach driving ability would make it a great selling point for many of us. You speak very clearly and unlike other reviewers I’ve watched, you use simple words, without sounding like you’re “a know it all”. You communicate in layman terms which likely keeps people interested like it did my wife and I. We are shopping for either a Highlander or a Pilot but after watching your review, we are now interested in taking a Santa Fe for a spin. Thanks, and keep up the good work…We’re watching you, lol.

Thomas Smith says:

Thanks. I’m looking at one now. I like both the short and long term (vlog) formats. It’s nice to see a short form to get the fast facts and then if interested one can watch a longer form review.

Michael Scaturro says:

nice review, however, I am also considering a Jeep Grand Cherokee and cant seem to find comparison reviews.

Jamaul Pollard says:

Great In-Depth review, keep up the great work!

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